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March 31, 2009

doing things as only I can

So I left on the jet plane. a day late. oops. I have issues with being on time for things. I have major issues with understanding the distance from my house to the airport in Tampa. There is no reason for this, since I have made the drive more times than I can count and can practically do it blindfolded.

So there I stood, tears in my eyes, as they told me I could not get on the plane (which I think was a lie, just for the record.). But oh well, I was the one that was late afterall. So I went home, moped. cried. moped a little more. pouted. and then I bought another ticket. and back to the airport I went the following day. on time.

I had fun. I shopped. I ate. I gossiped. I had girl time. I had fun. and then it was time to leave :(  and the night before I left, one little chicky of the house got hit with a stomach bug. the following day, I did what any smarty-pants would do….I knocked on wood. yup, I don't get stomach bugs knock-knock-knock. Fear not, I can't remember the last time I got a stomach bug knock-knock-knock. idiot.

So onto the plane I went. I settled in and pouted briefly that I got stuck with a window seat. I got teary-eyed that I was leaving. and then I remembered I had peanut m&ms. mmmmmmm. all is well in the world now. We took off. I munched on the peanut and chocolate goodness. I read my book and rocked out to my music. I attempted to not smell the very bad perfume sitting behind me. and then oh sweet jesus I don't feel ok. oh no. no no no. NO. please don't let this be happening to me. puh-lease. I can't be that passenger. I can't. I won't. Please don't let me be that puking passenger. I counted the rows to the bathroom. I stared at the puke-bag. I weighed my options- and none of them looked good.

I propped myself up with the tray. I covered my nose with one sweater sleeve and my eyes with the other. I turned my music off, but kept the ear buds in. My senses were officially shut off. And then I did what any good OCD person does. I counted. I distracted myself with numbers and counted and counted and then counted some more. And we landed. oh my god, we landed and I was not that passenger.

I sat next to the restrooms while I waited for my bags. I called my husband crying. Begging him to come rescue me. I threatened to sleep in the back of my car. I vowed to never fly again. I treked what felt like miles, and finally made it to my car. Thank god I am lazy and still have a buttload of gear in my backseat from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago, because otherwise, I would have curled up and proceeded to die a slow death in my backseat.

Needless to say, I had a very long drive home. I got to know the side of I-275 very well. I will never eat peanut m&ms again. and I will never knock on wood again….because apparently I do get the flu. And I just did a week on the couch to prove it.

So I got my trip off to a rocky start, and ended it on a very puke-y note….but the stuff in between? SO worth it.

March 18, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

I am leaving for a short vacation tomorrow, and it seems only appropriate to share this. I heard this on the radio last night and thought it was hysterical. There is a reason that I always try to fly Southwest, and this is why my friends:

I could whine that I am not flying Southwest tomorrow….but I won't because I am flying directly into Fort Wayne and avoiding a two hour drive- so no complaining from this chickey.

everyone should leave on a jet plane every now and then. I am looking forward to having some fantabulous girl time with two of my favorite peeps. I am looking forward to taking a step back from my crazy little life I have recently been living. I am looking forward to getting out of Florida and going somewhere that has trees, real trees. and I am looking forward to just some plain 'ole relaxing time. Because really? who doesn't need that once in a while?

March 13, 2009

julia…one more time.

a few more of sweet little Julia.





look, just look, at that eye contact up there!!! You can't ask for anything better.



March 12, 2009

the exciting life of me

wanna see what I did this evening? of course you do.

Pug Foot Bath from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

My poor pug. She always seems to have an ailment. This time around, it's an infected toe. How does a pug get an infected toe? I have no clue…but infected it is. And so I have been directed to give her foot soaks. hmmmm. sounds suspicious to me. I suspect that she may have put a phone call in to the vet before we got there, offered up some sort of irrisistable bribe, and voila! now she gets foot soaks on a regular basis.


March 7, 2009

Meet Julia

attention world…please stop what you are doing and turn your attention to this most perfect little creature otherwise known as Julia.


personally, I like to call her peanut, because that is just what she is- an itty bitty little peanut. I had the pleasure of photographing miss Julia at the young age of 12 & 15 days old. At such a young age, she already is very sure of the things she does not like- not being wrapped up, and being on her belly 🙂


Though Julia is a bit on the "older" side of what I prefer for a newborn session, I can't complain- we had fate against us for this session (and against the maternatiy session too…mama went into labor the day before our session!), with belly aches and bad weather and a day job getting in the way. But we finally made this session happen, and I am SO happy we did!



March 2, 2009

today I said goodbye to my website. that's right- me + website = no more. I should be sad about that I think. It was nice having such a pretty website. I loved it, if I do say so myself. I put a LOT of work into that baby. But here is a secret…………….I also hated it. with a passion. I am one of those people that can be reduced to tears when encountered with certain technology. and my website was a tear jerker. well…not the website so much as the making my website go live part. me + ftp = pure unadulterated tear jerking hell. I cannot, for the life of me, master that art of ftping. I have had friends show me. I have had friends of friends show me. I admit it, I even paid my office computer guys $80 an hour to give me a lesson, and guess what? I still couldn't get it. People said ftp is easy. people lie. just sayin'. So I am now website-less. I am ok with that. My site went to a very good home. it will be fed and watered and given big squishy hugs.