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August 31, 2006

Marriage Counseling Rocks!

Seriously! It does! I think that some people imagine going into marriage counseling and there are harsh words and tears and accusations. Leave it to me and hubby to do things differently! We seriously enjoy going to see our therapist…do you think that is a sign of how far gone we are?! It is amazing that we go into this little room for an hour and spend out "therapy" laughing and telling jokes, and even talking about South Park…yet we somehow come out with issues resolved. We were discussing our upcoming anniversary (5years) and how we never really celebrate. Therapist said "you need to this year! you have made it through a rocky time! you did it!" You know what? She is so right! We did do it, and through this journey into the dreaded therapy we have learned so much about each other, and we are communicating sooooo much better and we are just loving each other better. Yay for five years!!!

I am thankful for my husband and my marriage counselor *and this should be noted that this is said with NO sarcasm, I really am thankful for them both! 🙂

August 30, 2006

No Wind

Yay! Guess what I am grateful for today…NO WIND! No wind means no hurricane, always a good thing in my book! You know what else I am grateful for? My daddy-o! He is the first one to actually look at this little thing called my blog and gave me a bunch of good advice…plus he is just the best anyways so why wouldn’t I be grateful for him? I wonder if technically I am sucking up since I think he is the only person in the whole wide world that even knows about this blog…hmmmmm 😉

August 29, 2006


I am grateful that I actually figured out how to put a picture in my post! Watch out world of technology…I am on the loose! Pc040217

This is Boca Grande…a place I am beyond grateful for! This place is like Prozac for me!

August 28, 2006

Being Grateful

Okay, so perhaps I have been a bit pouty in these posts. Yeah, I have been stomping my feet and popping that lower lip waaay out there. What can I say? Computer stuff really wears on me! I hate feeling dumb, and technology definitely has that effect on me!  However…I do not want to fill this thing with my ranting and raving. I actually have a purpose here (I think). Along with a desire to share my photography with the masses…okay, my one friend-whatever-I need to remind myself to bring it down a notch. I want to not be so pissy and moody and unappreciative of my surroundings. One of the most surprising things I have gained through my growing phography passion is that I am constantly noticing the smaller things in life. I like that. It has reminded me of a gratitude journal idea seen on Oprah -yes, I watch Oprah, what do you have to say about it?!-and I have decided that I need to start documenting my daily gratitudes since there are lots out there-big and small. So starting tomorrow-I am a procrastinator too!-I will begin documenting all the things I am grateful for. See you then!

August 28, 2006

I think I can, I think I can, maybe not!

Okay, seriously! Who thought this was a good idea??? I don’t even like technology…what the hell was I thinking. I don’t want to play anymore!

August 27, 2006


Frustration…that is how I am feeling with this stupid blog today. I hate it! *insert the noise of me stomping my feet like a 5-year-old* Why did I think it would be fun to play with technology?! As my husband so endearingly says, "I would rather have a coffee enima". Yup, that pretty sums it up.

August 25, 2006


I saw a sign that said "JUMP HERE" so now I have this blog. Yeah, I’m a follower, what of it?