Meet Julia

attention world…please stop what you are doing and turn your attention to this most perfect little creature otherwise known as Julia.


personally, I like to call her peanut, because that is just what she is- an itty bitty little peanut. I had the pleasure of photographing miss Julia at the young age of 12 & 15 days old. At such a young age, she already is very sure of the things she does not like- not being wrapped up, and being on her belly πŸ™‚


Though Julia is a bit on the "older" side of what I prefer for a newborn session, I can't complain- we had fate against us for this session (and against the maternatiy session too…mama went into labor the day before our session!), with belly aches and bad weather and a day job getting in the way. But we finally made this session happen, and I am SO happy we did!




2 Comments to “Meet Julia”

  1. These are without a doubt, “Your Best”
    nothing but Professional, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos and baby! I love them from the first and the second set!!!!! Especially the ones where she’s all wrapped up and the one on the table and the one with dad…..oh darn, I think I love the all!
    Great work friend….and ps you owe me a call! πŸ˜‰

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