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February 18, 2012

one year

I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you. ~Author Unknown


February 16, 2012



February 13, 2012

when the back up plan needs a back up…

Right about now my heart should be beating stupidly fast. My hands should have a slight tremor in them. My mouth should be dry and my thoughts should be racing. Right about now I should be sitting in my orientation class for my surgical technology class.

But I’m not.

Right now, I’m at work, frustrated that I have another ten hours before I get to go home.

It seems my back up plan had a slight glitch and has been put on hold for 6 months. I’m not gonna lie…there was an internal temper tantrum when this news was presented to me. Because I have scrubs in my closet. And glowing white sneakers still in the box. I have a mountain of school books stacked in my spare room. My lovely new school bag has been patiently waiting in my closet. I have name badges and parking tags waiting to be put to use. Everyone’s work schedules were completely rearranged, for me. My calendar is clearly marked- I should be in orientation right now.

But I’m not.

And while I wish I was, I’m officially ok that I’m not. Because I happened to be with a best friend when I was hit with the news. And because she happens to be pretty good at playing the pros/cons game.

So because my plans have been put on hold, I have a pretty little list of pros and only one lonely con.

So I’m not in orientation right now. So I have to explain to a lot of people why I am at work, and not in school. So I am a little disappointed.

But I kind of really like the way my pros/cons list looks. 🙂

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February 12, 2012

being a pit is the pits

Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.  ~Merry Browne

Explain to me why this face induces hate and fear. Explain to me why when you see this face, you cross the street. Explain to me why you will happily approach this face until you ask the breed, at which point you will frown and take a step back. Explain to me why the actions of a small minority of this breed (and more importantly, the actions of their owners) have caused you to hate the breed as a whole.

Explain to me why it is ok for you to judge an entire breed on a few, but you would never dare to judge an entire race on just a few.

February 10, 2012

product love

Sometimes I come across products that I love. And when I love something, I want to share it!

So let’s talk about Fetching Tags. These tags for your dog are handmade, super lightweight, and just awesome. I have been eyeing them for awhile, and finally decided to order.

I have dealt with the owners of the company through their other company, By & By Memorials, and loved their customer service. They were awesome to deal with and incredibly patient with me, and this experience with ordering a tag was no different.

Tinsley’s new Fetching Tag:

It’s Pug Tinsley on the water booooowl!!! Who can guess how that tag line came about???

February 9, 2012

crap(py) shoot

You know when you take pictures. And they suck. And you banish them to the dark corners of your computer and vow to never let them see the light of day?

Maybe I should have done that with these. But for once in my life behind a camera I have come to appreciate a series of crappy, out of focus pictures that I just want to carry in my back pocket and take everywhere.

I would like you to meet Vinny. He’s one of my unofficial nephews. And I adore him. He loves me (primarily for usage of my iPhone) and misses me when I leave. I love him (primarily for his curls) and I miss him when I leave.

He also avoids the camera like the plague.

While visiting last weekend, he came to my room to entertain me while I got ready for the day. He gave me 12.8 seconds to snap as many blurry photos as possible before he decided being a cute model isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

and the blurriest (and my most favorite of all)…

thank you curly headed boy for reminding me that pictures don’t need to be in focus to be perfect! (and also for reminding me why I despise child photography :D!)

February 2, 2012

we get formal up in here

Most dogs have multiple nicknames.

Somehow, Pug Tinsley demanded a higher level of respect and insisted that we get all formal up in here.

Her nickname is not love muffin or sweetie pie or world’s most adorable pug. No. Her nickname is ma’am.

When I am trying to get her attention it is “excuse me ma’am.” When she is in trouble it is “no ma’am!” When I want her to follow me it’s “come on ma’am.” There is your random fact for the day.


p.s. we went to a Pug Fest last weekend and I had a startling, most definitely NOT biased realization; my pug is one sharp looking little pug! Not biased, I swear 😉