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July 30, 2010

My Deepest Apologies….

I have been missing in action for quite some time, and here I am, returning, and I am going to irritate you with another one of "those posts". Yeah. You know the post I am talking about….it's Dave time people!


For most people summer means going to the beach, baseball games, cookouts and fireworks. For DMB fans, summer means one thing: concerts! I am fortunate to be able to go to a couple of concerts in the summer, and this summer has definitely been my best, with an eventual total of six.

On Wednesday I went to Tampa for a super special up close and personal kind of a concert. This Wednesday I got to experience Dave from the pit. I stumbled upon some pretty dumb luck and ended up with these tickets. I checked the computer numerous times for weeks confirming that I did indeed have such amazing "seats". I was still not convinced until I received the tickets a week or so ago. In hand, I was able to confirm- why yes, yes they did say pit! (pit is a general admission spot RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE- work your magic and you can be ridiculously close).

We arrived not super early but definitely not late. Once again, our special ability of non-planning paid off and when we strolled into the pit area we were dumbfounded to realize that we had a spot CENTER STAGE, 3-4 rows back. WHAT?!


This is the opening act's set. Carter's drums were set up behind these, but the microphone stayed in the same spot for Dave. CAN YOU SAY CLOSE?!

Anyone that has spent time in Florida in the summer can understand my next statement….it was not easy to stay in this one spot, for hours, too scared to move for fear of losing your spot. It was well beyond hot. I had moments that I didn't even think that I would make it through the opening act, let alone the actual concert. I was nervous. Very nervous. But I was also well hydrated and determined. And I survived!!!! And it was worth every single drop of sweat because I have never experienced anything like this.



To see every single facial expression. To not miss one moment because it was not on the big screen. To see them smiling at each other. To see the sweat running off Dave's guitar. TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH DAVE (I super duper swear I am not delusion…for real people, EYE CONTACT!). I always knew being up close would be awesome, but I never understood the actual level of amazingness such an experience could hold.

Some guys in front of us had these sunglasses. They threw them up on stage. Dave snatched them up and rocked them out. The sunglasses? The guys actually got them back at the end of the night!
*this photo is from a Facebook friend that was there as well

DAve sunglasses-CROP


This is my most favorite moment of the entire night. I love the jamming that happens during these shows. I love the way the band interacts with each other. And this moment? Effing amazing. If you watch no other vieos that I post below here, please watch this duel, it is so awesome!

I introduce you to Tinsley's namesake, Mr. Boyd Tinsley.  Super awesome violin player!


Video time…..

 I should point out….this is a very short moment…..this duel went on for EVER!

Dave & Boyd Duel- Tampa7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

The sunglasses….


Dave Sunglasses- 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

One of my favorites that always gets the crowd going *LANGUAGE ALERT- don't play with little ears around)


Dave Sexy Motherfucker Tampa 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

look at him looking at the camera!!!


Dave- Sister from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

Why I love this man so much….


Dave Dancing- Tampa 7-28-10 from kristie kulik on Vimeo.

That's all. 🙂 Thanks for tolerating all this!

And a super special thanks to my friend April for getting all of these photos and videos!!!! She is way sneakier than I am and there would be NO photos if not for her!





July 17, 2010


Just a little something to assure you that I do still exist 🙂


July 2, 2010

The Post You HAD to Know Was Coming…That’s Right, The Annual Dave Post!

You knew it was coming. You had to have known it was bound to appear on the blog eventually. Here'e the deal….I know you don't really care about my Dave Matthews Band adventures. And that's ok. But I still need to blog about it. For me. So I don't forget any of it :) If you have some time to waste, keep reading. If not, I understand. Really, I do.

If you are a regular here at my little blogland, you may remember  my Dave adventure from last year. Needless to say, I desperately hoped for the same sort of experience this year as well. Lesson? Too much planning can lead to some disappointment 😉

I got into Indy on Thursday afternoon. Into the city we went to waste some time before we could check into our first hotel. We parked and peeked over the ledge of the parking garage. It was a fabulous view of fabulous buses.


After lunch we of course were forced to get a touch closer to the buses. What?! YES it is even exciting being near their transportation.


A street vendor tried to convince us that these belonged to Tim McGraw. When you are a fan girl, you can't be fooled. You know what to look for 😉


After dinner we opted to fan girl it out and hang out outside the hotel with a few other fans. And we waited. And waited. Sigh. Where were the boys?!?! Oh wait! There's one! Jeff Coffin on the saxophone!


Time to call it a night. I should mention at this point I am on my sixth week of being sick and trying to beat back bronchitis. Time. For. Bed.

Friday comes along and we wander the city. We shop. We eat. We waste some time before we can check into Hotel #2. DMB hotel. otherwise known as the lap of luxury. I have made a decision. I like the lap of luxury. I want to spend more time in said lap. I now truly understand the gloriousness of high thread count sheets. And t.v.s in the bathroom

Dave and summer 2010 110-WEB

Sticking to standard procedure, it is now time to scope out the hotel pool. We head out to locate the pool and discover it is located within the spa, which is on our floor. We head in. We look at pool. Inhale the chlorine. Turn our heads to look into the work-out room and attempt to lift our jaws off the floor. We are looking at the back of Boyd Tinsley as he shows the elliptical machine who is boss. Boyd Tinsley people!!!! My new pug's namsake! This is the man that forces me to uncontrollably shout YEAH BOOOOOOOYD when I hear him play. Right. There. As any fangirl would do, we calmly (hyperventilating) make our way to the work-out room's doors. And try to open them. And try again. We swipe our room key card. And try again. And again and again and….and then the lovely lady manning the spa reception desk informs us that we are swiping our card backwards. Oh. Reverse card. Swipe again. Pull door annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd OPEN. It is us. And Boyd. In a very small room. US. BOYD. US. BOYD. BOYD TINSLEY ON THE VIOLIN!!!!!!!! ok, he wasn't on the violin, he was on the elliptical. details details. So we tested out all the machines. Made sure we really understood how each one worked. And we did lots of peeking. Out of the corners of our eyes. In the mirrors. Lots of glances were stolen. But we did some serious reigning in of our fangirl instincts and left the poor guy alone. We needed him in tip top shape for the concert after all!

Speaking of the concert…..

the evening started nicely enough.


and then there was a sliiiiiiiiiight change in the weather


We were kindly asked to leave the venue until further notice. This was our lovely view. It got dark. And very cold. Oh. and windy. And wet. And two hours later, at 10:05 a lovely little golf cart came through informing us all that the show would begin at 10:15. When we finally got out of the car, the music informed us otherwise. The concert had already begun!!! WHAT?! As we ran through the rain, slipping in ridiculous amounts of mud, song #2 came and went. Again, I say WHAT?! We finally made it back into the venue in time to hear song #3, and rocked out in the rain and had THE most incredible light show nature had to offer, complete with a few shooting stars.

A two hour delay equals two tired, wet and muddy girls. It was beyond late when we finally returned to the hotel. We still had a party to attempt to weazel our way into! Onto the elevators, off the elevator, into the room. And then the discussion begins. "Did you notice there was no floor 2?" "No floor 2?" "Nope, no floor 2" Back to the elevators we go to investigate. Ummmmmm, where did floor 2 go? WHERE DID FLOOR 2 GO?!?!?!?! How in the world are we supposed to weazel our way into a party on floor 2 if floor 2 no longer exists? Did it ever exist? YES!!! Last year- onto the elevator. Press floor 2. Elevator door opens. Music is heard. Party has been found. Floor 2 is real. So where did it go?!?!

We make a decision. Ridiculously high thread count sheets are waaaaaaaaaaaay more appealing at 3am than trying to locate a missing hotel floor. Goodnight.

Hello Saturday. I had a little talk with myself. I am ok with floor 2 being MIA the night before. I am convinced we didn't miss much. It was far too late. In my mind, rock stars need sleep too 🙂 Hey, it makes me feel better about the situation. Besides, breakfast needs to be consumed. And if the breakfast is anything like the sheets, I am ready!!!! (fyi…breakfast IS like the sheets! High thread count breakfast!) Onto the elevator. And what do you know?!

Dave and summer 2010 151-WEB

We eat. We park ourselves outside of the hotel. And we wait. and wait. Ummmmmm, and wait some more. Hmmmmm. This is odd. This is nothing like last year. Where is everyone? It is us, and three highschool kids. And that's about it. We wait. tick tock tick tock. I'm hot. Are you hot? Do you think it is ok that I am standing in the sun even though my antibiotic instructions told me not to stand in the sun? I'm hot. I think I feel the tops of my feet melting. Are you hot? I'm hot. Random man walks by. "Dave is around the corner in the alley. He is getting ready to leave." Please don't mess with us. "No really, look" and he proceeds to show a picture on his cell phone that was just taken. Hiogh school boy is torn. Does he go look, or stay here. We decide he should go, and then call his friends to let us know if Dave really is there. He goes. Their cell phone rings. And then all I see is hair flying in the wind, flip-flops flying and woosh! I am left in everyone's dust. Damn you bronchitis! I have faith that if Dave is really there, April will throw herself to the ground, wrap her entire body around one of his legs and not let him go until I mosey my way down the block.

We missed Dave. Just like last year, by a fraction of a moment. Highschool boy? Got to shake his hand and got himself an autograph. SO happy for him!!! Jealous, but seriously ridiculously happy because he was an adorable uber fan, and to toally make myself feel old, it was sort of awesome to see someone so young so into the band! Crap, that really made me feel old. I don't want to talk about it anymore!

Have I mentioned how hot I am? ohmyhot!!!! I'm hot. Are you hot? I'm hot. The decision is made. The towel is thrown in. We quit. We quit people. The fangirls GAVE UP. And we went and got ourselves an ice coooooooold drink. Ahhhhh. Heaven. And then we headed back out into the heat. And directly into the path of Rashawn Ross. WHAT?!?!?!?!


Well, I guess I need to pick that towel up off the ground and reclaim it, huh? We are back in.

We wait somemore. We keep an eye on the important people. Like Mr. Cop there in the background. So when we see security talk to him, here the word "side" and see him go inside we know what to do. Book it to the side Residence entrance.

And capture…………………………………………………………………

the back of Carter's head


sigh. and so then we wait. some more.


April takes sneaky portraits that make me giggle

Dave and summer 2010 184-WEB

And then another fly by sighting……Tim Reynolds! (seriously, if you have an opportunity, listen to this man play the guitar. Grab yourself a Dave & Tim CD, play a Tim solo and be prepared to be knocked over. He. Is. AWESOME.) ok….because I can't stand it and really want you to hear him….

and I seriously dare you to listen to it! I know it is long, but at least listen through to the 6 minute mark- I promise it is totally worth it!



And Mr. Reynolds……

Dave and summer 2010 179-WEB

Back to the front of the hotel. Deductive reasoning (and ok, the fact that only one bus was left) led us to believe we were waiting on Boyd. We waited. And waited. We corraled Daryl, Dave's security, and asked him if we were waiting for nothing. "No, no you are not." Daryl, you are pretty awesome.

After more waiting, we finally were met with serious success. Out came Boyd. To the other side, the other group of people, he went. He signed. He posed. He walked away, looked to our side, started to wave and looked suspiciously like he was headed to his bus. "NO BOYD!!!!! PLEASE COME HERE!" And what did he have to say to that?

Dave and summer 2010 204-WEB

"Why didn't you guys say someting?!" Boyd, you are pretty awesome!

Guess who he came to first? Go on, guess. Guess!


That's us. Talking to Boyd (!). (this is also why I loooooove the fan base of this band. photos taken by random stranger. Emailed to me in less than 24 hours!)


That's us. Wrapped in the arms of Boyd Tinsley ♥ look how happy random guy is off to the side 🙂

fun side story. While waitingfor Boyd, we asked a guy next to us if he would take our photo with Boyd when he came out. He looked panic stricken. Actually commented on the pressure. Oh. ummmm, ok, nevermind then. So I was surprised when he grabbed my camera to take our photo. But the pressre got to him. "How do I zoom out?" he said. What? How do you zoom out? THERE IS NO TIME FOR THIS!!!!!! So I told him what any good photographer would say….Just back up!!!! And I made Boyd laugh at that. I made Boyd laugh. 🙂 ♥

side story over.

Adventure can be considered a success….photos? check. Autographs? Check.


Except the adventure is noooooot quite over. We still have a second concert to go to after all.

A feast is had. Excitement over upcoming concert is had. A mad dash to get to venue is most definitely had. And then, welllllllllllllllllllll. We decided to not end this crazy weekend on a quiet note.


We decided that we wanted to enjoy the concert in a different kind of way 😉 I will preface this with saying that there was no drinking involved here lol. Long story short. Things didn't go so well while waiting in line. After lots of concern, someone noticed, let us cut in front of an awful lot of angry people, we got about 5 feet into the venue, I hunted for overpriced water and medical help, and we were whisked right back out of those lovely gates. To our own personal venue! No we didn't get to see any of the concert….but we heard it all. AND we got to watch COPS: The Concert Version the whole time! While signing the release form we rocked out to the final encore song, me daring to open the little trailor window to hear it just a bit better, apologizing to the crying girls next to use while I bounced around on the cot to the music. And most importantly, April is A-Ok.

And I will leave you with some very lovely irony…..I took this photo on Friday night from the lawn. I was attempting to get a decent view of the buses (which are just crew buses….lesson learned- these are the things you learn when whisked away by the EMTs!) and instead I unknowingly got perfect documentation of our Saturday night location 🙂


Did you actually read all the way to this point? I feel like I should have some sort of prize to hand out. At least a brownie or something. But yeah….I've got nothing. Sorry.