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October 29, 2008

Who’s a Bad Blogger?

Me! Me! Me!

I am heading off tomorrow for a lovely little vacation in tropical Indiana. Some people go to the rainforest. or the beach. Not us. no way jose. I am all about corn land 🙂 Ok, technically, I could do without cornland, because honeslty, Children of the Corn scared the living bejesus out of me and scarred me for life, so I find the stuff a bit creepy. However, I happen to LOVE what is hiding in the land of corn, and that would be hubby's cousins.

So off we go tomorrow- me to enjoy the heck out of the cold weather, poor hubby to miserably wonder why he is vacationing in Indiana when he could stay home, where it is warm. I figure I will tuck him up into a nice little snowsuit, give him a cup of hot cocoa, and he should be fine.

I promise that when I return I will pick up the pace here at the blog. *ok, so technically, I break promises, so what I just said there is sorta a lie. BUT, I don't break pinky swears- I know, retarded, but such is my life 🙂 SO, I pinky swear that when I get back I will pick back up. cross my heart ♥

October 21, 2008

Woobie x 3


I love my woobie project. I love capturing the essence of a woobie, that safety they give.

Light was fading fast, and with three rambunctious girls, I had an impossible tast of trying to get all three of them to sit still with their woobs. It didn't happen. So I decided to get a quick shot of just the woobies together, and I am so happy that I did! I love the way that this came out. I hope that though it is not exactly what mom wanted, this shot will still be special to her.

October 21, 2008

This & That…

a random post.

  • PUGMUFFIN <— click on this link. I dare you. I double dog dare you. The pugcake got a few moments of fame, and it makes me smile, so I want to share that with you. Plus, I cannot believe I did not share this sooner, because it makes me ridiculously happy to know that she is on the only blog that I faithfully blogstalk. I would like to be like Erin when I grow up, she is my dog-photog hero 🙂
  • I put our ballots in the mail today. I am beyond excited. I am wicked excited. I am dance on my desk and scream to the world excited. I am break out into song and dance excited. I have a rule- don't talk religion and politics, even with people that you may be close with. It is a dangerous thing and can make people like my dad red in the face and exclaim that I am agitating his condition (for the record, I have spent years trying to figure out what his condition may be, but he keeps it top secret- I think he thinks he has more leverage that way 😉 ).  But I will say this- this is my first time voting. This is the first time that I have felt 100% confidence in a candidate, the first time that I have felt so strongly about a candidate. This is the first time that I have felt passionate about voting, and understanding the importance of this priviledge that we have.
  • I love seeing my mom on my blog, commenting away, it makes me smile 🙂

  • I think I really need to bring the word wicked to Florida. I miss it.

  • That is all for my randomness today. Thanks for listening 🙂

October 20, 2008


and last but not least, Miss Lauren. Oh sweet Lauren, the hardest of the sisters to shoot. Shy of me, even shier with the lens in the face. She was a tough one, though I won't say the toughest, because I think that if time & light permitted, I could have cracked her. I think!



She has the kind of cheeks you just want to pinch! But I restrained 🙂

and you will note that of the three sisters, Lauren has the least amount of images. She was quite elusive, and as I said in a previous post, I cut it way too close with my timing. But there was also another reason…

mmmmmmm, berries! I need to be honest though…I was shooting one of the girls, and looked up and saw Lauren nibbling away on the berries, and I thought oh sweet jesus! My cousin has trusted me with her girls, and now one is going to die a horrible death from poisonous berries!!!! yeah, I am a worst case scenerio kind of girl 🙂 they were blackberries. and once Lauren found them, there was no geting her away from them…and I can't blame her!

October 19, 2008


meet Sarah, otherwise known as Sarah Boo. Her eyes….*sigh* her eyes kill me. They leave me speechless. Sarah is serious and curious and was unsure about me. I think that as much as her eyes left me speechless, my lens in her face left her equally speechless 🙂 I look forward to the day that I can spend more time shooting her, when we can have more time for her to warm up to me, to get comfortable with me, and I can capture more of this beauty.



really?! LOOK at those peepers, just look at them!



Doesn't this pose just kill you?! Sarah rocked this pose out with no direction from me, and I think it is just the sweetest thing ever.



October 18, 2008


I am a slacker, and should have had these done by now…but that is the price you pay when you hire your own family to do a session ;p! This is my cousin's daughter…one of three. I have decided each girl should have their own post, as they are each so different.

I will say this again- I wish that I had had waaaaay more time with these girls. They knock me off my feet with their looks and how they come through in these photos. But because of my wham-bam-thank-you-maa'm vacation tactics when I go back to New Hampshire, I cut things super close with losing the light, and only had about 20 minutes with them. There will definitely be another shoot with these cuties, next time I go up there!

And so, here is miss Madison. She was the cheeser i.e. the girl that gives the big fake cheese smile when the camera is aimed her way 🙂 I love cheesers! They make me work. They make me cut through the cheese and try to get the real deal.


I love the attitude here. I know she was struggling to keep the cheese down, and instead gave me this 'tude. I love it.





I know I shared this shot in a previous post, but I had to share again because really, I cannot get enough of those lashes!!! I envy those lashes!

October 8, 2008

Random Girl….

My computer is "in the shop". I don't know what you really call it when your computer is getting all fixed up, but I think "in the shop" sums it up. I am going through withdrawals. It is sad. I am excited that it is finally getting all fixed up, but in the meantime I am left with limited computer access, and no access to my images. What is a good blogger to do? Bore you with random facts about me, that is what! So I am hoping that in spite of no images to share, I can still entertain you with the ridiculous randomness that is my life.

– I really am quite random, I change conversation topics before you know what hit you. We have summed this behavior up in our household as the "look, a butterfly!" syndrome.

– I have an obsession with Chuck Norris Facts. It is a sickness really. I exchange facts with one of my    favorite people daily. Daily people. I need help.

– Every night, I eat two atomic fire balls. Not one. Not Three. TWO. Hi, my name is Kristie and I am SO OCD. 🙂

– I make up my own curse words.

– I once dislocated my knee…….while standing still. I have talent, that's all I'm sayin'.

– I saw turkeys in the woods and immediately exclaimed "oh look! Peacocks!!!" no, really.

– I listen to Dave Matthews Band all day long. Hubster speculates that I would be okay if I never listened to anything other than Dave…I suspect he may be right.

– I am a counter. I count things. My favorite number is 11. Hi, my name is Kristie and I am SO OCD.

– If I am signing my name in a super hurry, I have been known to mis-spell my married name. Sure, it is a doozy, but still.

– If you do not respond to my emails after numerous attempts, and I am missing you and want your attention (*AHEM* Elyse and Jesse) I will begin rogue email tacticts and send you lots of annoying information until you finally acknowledge me.

– I think my feet are cute…even though they clearly are not.

– Speaking of feet, I still have a pair of Doc Martens from high school that are in amazing condition. I love them.

– I felt more at home than I have ever felt before while in a foreign country.

– I cry easily.

– I always drive with my car doors locked. Always. If I get in your car, I will lock the doors when I get in.

– I have a fear of being kidnapped. See above 🙂

– I always end up soaking wet when I do the dishes. I am awesome and full of grace.

– My mother wanted to name me Tara. My dad saved the day. (no offense to the Taras out there…if you knew me, you would know that I am just not a Tara.)

– I celebrate my birthday for a full week. I have tried to push it to two weeks….it didn't go over so well.

– I once got locked in a gas station bathroom. It was disturbingly icky. I now have issues with public restrooms.

– Speaking of restrooms….I have bad bathroom karma. I once slacked on bathroom guard duty at a party, and ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, sortaletalotofpeoplewalkinonmybestfriend. It has come back to haunt me.

– I am officially out of randomness for the day…I am sure you are relieved 🙂

October 2, 2008

Sticks and….well, just sticks.

I miss my bugs. I know that is weird, but there you have it. I absolutely love shooting macro bug shots, but the bugs have been scarce lately. I thought I hit the jackpot when a new butterfly laid eggs on our parsley, and I watched as the itty biity eggs turned to itty bitty catepillars….and then I watched as wasps (or maybe hornets….I love shooting them, but don't do so well with identifying them!) started showing a lot of interest in the parsley and milkweed. And then all my catepillars disappeared. I have my suspicions. So there went my only bug prospect.

So I was excited when the hubster called me one day and told me that he had some stick bugs for me. Yup, most women would love to hear that their husbands are bringing home flowers for them; I get excited when he calls with bugs! So when we got home, he handed the container over, I opened the latch…and was absolutely horrified with what was looking at me. These were SO not stick bugs. They were little scary aliens. They were creepy. I was not okay with this. I stomped my feet. I squealed. I think I even wimpered. Hubby insisted these were indeed stick bugs….just not the kind I am used to. I am from New England…the bugs are clearly much cuter there than here.

I tried so hard to shoot these guys, really I did. But they really scared me. I always try to find the beauty in bugs…that is actually one of the reasons I love shooting bugs so much, the element of surprise with their unexpected beauty. I could see no beauty here. I just saw creepy little eyes glaring at me, preparing to pounce at any moment and squirt their scary juice on me (becuase yes, these stick bugs squirt scary juice….ponder that one if you will). So I gave up. I know, I know. Quitters never win and winners never quit. But you weren't there. You don't know. It was quit, or be abducted by a stick bug.




October 1, 2008

Long Time….

It has been a long time since I have forced you to look at the cuteness that I call my puppers. I know that you have been sad, missing their cute little mugs, and really? I couldn't live with myself if I had to make you suffer any further, so here you go 🙂

I whine often that I do not have a wide angle lens. I won't buy one (though that would make total and complete sense) because I am planning on jumping ship and abandoning Olympus for Canon, so I do not want to invest any further into this camera. So I do what I do best. I whine. And then I realized that I so live up to being a dimwit. I have a 14-45mm. Ummmm, can you say wide angle?! My 35mm very rarely leaves my camera body, and I never pay much attention to my kit lense. Poor lenses. And then one day I had the dimwit lightbulb go ding! So I decided to hang out with the pups and play at 14mm.


He is king of the courtyard. I love my boy, and his eyelashes too.


the pugcake. the smooshy face gets me everytime.


she makes me giggle. I look at that silly face, and the smile that she always seems to have…she makes me giggle.


I love this imperfect face. the crooked nose. the snaggle teeth. he is mine. he is the dog that took me years to get. the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for. he is moody and grumpy and aloof. he is a punk. but he is mine and I would not trade him for the world.