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April 27, 2012


You may remember a while back that I mentioned a little photo shoot that I signed Tinsley up for.

No? Well, the condensed version goes something like this: one of my favorite blogs is The Daily Puglet. The “thumbs” behind the blog belong to Amanda of Frolic Photography. I adore her photos. I never thought this San Francisco-based photographer’s camera would ever be pointed in the direction of one of my Floridian dogs.

And then she came up with a very ambitious plan. Shoot 1,000 pugs. In one year. Donate lots of money to lots of Pug rescue groups. One of her stops was Miami. Obviously, I was staring at the clock, tense hand on the mouse, waiting for registration to open.

And Tinsley became pug #290. Her shoot was this past Sunday.

Before the weekend started, there was a turn of events, a flurry of flaky (on my part!) emails, some frantic searches for pet-friendly hotels and doggy daycares, and somehow I found myself able to take a tiny little role in this incredible project. I was about to be a 1,000 Pugs helper!

Our weekend was awesome. Amanda was awesome. We got our feet dirty. Our hair wet. We stepped in questionable substances. I learned what it means to truly “make it work.” I heard touching rescue stories. I learned it is silly to get so nervous 🙂 I spent two days with a ridiculous amount of pugs. I met a photographer that is not only incredible at what she does, but also incredibly generous with her knowledge and the farthest thing from a diva 😉 *I also learned that doing Jillian Micheals’ 30-day Shred comes in handy when you have to hold a diffuser up over your head for insane amounts of time!

A peek at our weekend, via Instagram:

I walked away from this weekend knowing that the result of a random, tentative email was a spark newly ignited.  Thank you SO much Amanda! I know I was your helper, but you helped me so much more!


April 13, 2012

hello, my name is kristie.

hi there! Do you ever wonder who is behind that blog you are reading? Yeah, me too.

This is me…

I like when photos of me are slightly blurry…they make me look younger 🙂

I think my smile is a bit sarcastic looking…yet that is the one I always give.

I am afraid of the dark. I’m convinced monsters live in the closet.

There are a bazillion things about myself that I would like to change. That saddens me.

I am learning to be more content with my life.

I was really skinny. Then I was quite fat. Now I am on the road to just plain old healthy, if not a little soft around the edges 😉

I am convinced that people who drive white vans are kidnappers. This seems like a rather obvious conclusion to make.

I have a horrendous memory that sometimes makes me cry when I can’t remember the important things in my life. This worries me for when I am older.

My favorite meal is by far breakfast. I will never lose as much weight as I could, because I refuse to quit my habit of going out for breakfast two days a week.

Music has always had a profound effect on my mood.

I sometimes paint my nails. And then pick the polish off within a day. I much prefer natural nails.

I love love love physical labor. I can admit that I can be quite the princess, but there is nothing like putting your body to work, aching muscles and sweat pouring down your forehead.

I devour books. I hope this never changes.

My mother has an incredible ability to calm me down with just the sound of her voice.

I have been obsessing over the color gray lately. There are six different shades of gray painted in squares throughout my house. I am beginning to hate the color gray.

I have been plotting and scheming how I can afford my next tattoo (and how to break it to hubby that I want it NOW).

I love the sounds of pugs snoring, rain when I am laying in bed, bamboo leaves in the wind and the sound of thunder in the distance.

I have a master’s degree in Procrastination. I am working on my PhD.

I have to go pick up my dog from the groomer…

April 5, 2012

four scores and seven years ago…

ok, not that long ago. How about just four years ago…

While looking for a photo in the archives I sneezed a whopping sneeze, blew some dust bunnies aside, and discovered some old favorites. The funny thing is, these were taken exactly four years ago today. Maybe it was serendipitous that I found them when I did. I have been feeling incredibly uninspired. I have a desperate urge to go out shooting….but I see nothing that inspires me. I am the first to admit that I have become quite the picky shooter. These images remind me about how passionate I once was about this hobby. I reminds me how easy it was for me to see beauty. How eager I was to shoot, even if I was uninspired, knowing eventually it would come to me. It almost always did.

and a blast of color to send you off with…

April 3, 2012

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