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September 11, 2012

too legit to quit

For once I have a legit reason for my silence! It looks something like this…

This, my dear friends, is my new home-away-from home. This is my classroom!

I am still a bit in shock over the whole being a student again situation. I’m not going to lie, I am a month into it and I. Am. Tired. My eyes are burning as I type this. My mind feels ever so slightly like mush. And the worst part, we are just now getting into the hard part. Which means my eyes? They have lots more burning ahead. My tired? It’s about to reach new levels, I am sure. The 50 minute drive one way? It’s a bit much. Putting 400 miles on my car in just four days? Not too much of a fan of that (the gas payments are worthy of the middle finger). I am now in school four days a week and doing two 12-hour shifts at work. *yawn*

But oh my god, I am a student again. And if I am being honest, even though it all scares me quite a bit, I am loooooving it! I am finally taking an active role in my path. And that? That feels really, really, good.