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June 29, 2012

then there was that one time I was too busy guarding my breakfast….

We were merely eating breakfast. We were fueling up for the weekend. We were preparing for two concerts. The excitement level was up there.

We were just finishing up a conversation that went a little like this:

April, I love you, but I need to break some news to you…I can’t stalk the band this year. Let’s enjoy the weekend, and not cook out in the sun outside of a hotel. We don’t want to risk ending up in another first aid station. We have been so very lucky with all the cool things that have happened, so I am content with nothing crazy happening this time around.

April agreed.

And then the conversation went a little like this:

April: Look, it’s Rashawn (DMB trumpet player)
Me: No it’s not
A: Yes it IS. Look!!!
<two girls staring and pointing at Rashawn as he walks towards us>
K: That is SO not him! He is way too skinny. You are wrong.
A: That is him. It is Rashawn
<Rashawn pausing at our table to give two pointing and staring girls a ridiculously hilarious smile as he walks by>
A: SEE?! It’s HIM!
K: psh, you don’t know what you are talking about.
A: But that is Daryl (DMB manager)
K: I see Daryl, but I am telling you, that is not him! He is so itty bitty!
A: PSH I’ll show you!

Up she goes, heads over to “Rashawn” and Daryl, and has a conversation.

I casually sit at the table watching. Phone in one hand, sausage speared at the end of my fork, dripping syrup. Waiting for the sign that I should leap up and race over to get a picture.

April comes back. Sits down.

A: See? I told you it was him 🙂
K: WHAT?! Why didn’t you alert me?! A head nod? A hand wave? Scream “IT’S HIM! COME OVER HERE!!!”
A: Oops.

But really, my breakfast was gooooood. I would have hated to have left it all alone, at risk of someone stealing it for it’s deliciousness.

The next day, we went back to breakfast. Because we have dumb luck, it so happened that we once again stumbled upon our new best friend, Rashawn Ross. We waited for them to finish breakfast. Then we waited for them to pay. Then we waited for him to get off the phone. Then we raced after him.

Rashawn: Didn’t I already meet you?!
A: So sorry, but I am kicking myself for not getting a picture with you. Would you mind?
R: No, not at all.

<snap a picture>

Rashawn begs to have his picture taken with me. *sigh* I suppppppppose. But could we please make it quick? I have places to be.

Ok, so maybe that isn’t exactly what happened, but if you listen to the story my smile is telling, it is pretty close 😉

I promise you that I am exploding with joy on the inside. My belly is flip-flopping. My head is spinning. I want to dance all over the sidewalk and scream. But there were these other times, when I met famous people, and I happily got in front of the camera………and……..made the most ridiculous smiles known to man. It’s a work in progress people. A work in progress. I need to have it nailed for when I get my photo opportunity with Dave 🙂

The next day, this may have happened to happen as well…

This is Boyd Tinsley (yup…this is who Tinsley the Pug is named after! He’s my favorite band member after Dave!)

We had an incredible weekend. We had good seats on Friday night. The show was pretty fabulous. And then Saturday night came around. And we had better than good seats. We had the pit. We got there early. We waited in line in the heat.We waited in the pit in the heat. We waited. And waited. And waited. It was hot. Did I mention that? But all the waiting was worth it. Because we were CLOSE.

This is the lawn crowd. We have spent a lot of time in the lawn, but we were happy to be out of it 😉

The view from the pit…

yup…only two pairs of legs between me and the stage 😉

and now, allow me to flood you with some photos…..

and my most favorite of the night….

so that’s my story, and I am sticking to it 🙂

If you actually read all that, and looked at all these, well thanks!


*and just a reminder…these photos are © Kulik Photography…they belong to me, not you, so please do not steal them. Ok? Ok.


June 15, 2012

nature tour

So back in January *cough* 2011 *cough* we trekked down to the Everglades. It seems odd that in all the years that both of us have lived down here we have never found our way down to explore this part of our state.

Turns out it was one of those “been there done that can do without it” kind of experiences. But it was an experience just the same. And honestly, we were slightly unprepared and uninformed so I am sure we could have made it a better experience all around if we had spent a little more time researching first. Lesson learned.

The point is, I have photos from our trip to the Everglades from back in January *cough* 2011 *cough*


and obviously, there were gators 🙂 babies too!

June 14, 2012

pug overload

I have issues with decision making. When I go to buy deodorant, I stand in the aisle staring at all my options for an embarassingly long amount of time. I am sure the security cameras are staring at me, trying to figure out when I will make my move to steal some Secret. And then, I grab the deodorant that I buy every time. For the past five years. It is hard to even make a decision when there is no decision that needs to be made!

All that to say, this may be one of the reasons I hate editing so much 🙂 The decisions! What to show? What to cut? Oh the horror! And there are times when the anxiety of it all gets the best of me, and I just have to flood you with a stupid amout of photos. Why not make this post One-Of-Those-Posts?

Grab some water. Maybe a granola bar. We may be here a while…

It was her gotcha day. I wanted to celebrate. She loves whipped cream (don’t ask me how I know that, it has to do with frappes and theiving pugs and bad habits created…). I have a camera. And ideas. After my weekend in Miami I was filled with inspiration and some new tricks I wanted to try. And so we stepped out front for a quick little modeling session.

sigh. seriously? it’s my gotcha day, I don’t WANT to have my picture taken.

what’s that you say? you’ll feed me? OK!

geez, that sure looks good.


give me a moment please, I would like to savor this tastiness

nom nom nom

oh my pugness this is delish!

nom nom nom

wow that was GOOD!

oh my word! another one?! TAKE IT BEFORE SHE CHANGES HER MIND!

This. Is. So. Good.

nom nom nom I think I have something stuck in my teeth nom nom nom

But wait!!! There’s more! That was just our warm up session for the final prize!

Whipped cream………

please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it.

what? WHAT? do I have something on my face???


June 9, 2012

tree hugger…tree cutter

Back in January we cut down our banyan tree. It was not an easy decision. We knew when we bought the tree that the day would come that we would need to cut it down. However, we did not expect that that time would come a mere nine years after we planted it. Nine years! When we bought it, it was maybe 12 inches tall. This thing grew like a beast. It survived Hurricane Charley, a category 4 hurricane. This tree was awesome. But it grew awesomely fast.

Sadly, about a year ago, we discovered a sprout growing out of our seawall. We had to sit down and have a serious conversation. You would have thought we were discussing having a beloved pet put down, for how serious the conversation turned. This tree hugger was not a happy camper…but I would have been MUCH less happy to be replacing a seawall, our plumbing, our foundation….

So in January our tree came down.

My most favorite thing about this tree was how it looked in late morning, standing below it and looking up at the light coming through the leaves….

I am pretty sure my karma cup drained all the way to empty by the time we finished cutting.

June 8, 2012

just a random photograph

hello, I just wanted to drop a random photograph right about……….HERE

It’s embarassingly old. I thought I should let it see the light of the internet.

Carry on with your day…

June 7, 2012

bug obsession

There’s this bug. It has created a slight obsession in me. I saw it years and years and years ago. It was beautiful. And elusive. I tried photographing it. The shots were not great. It flew away- imagine that. And I didn’t see it again for years.

I found another one. My veterinarian happens to have a side hobby of collecting insects. I got some advice from him, and was able to capture my obsession. I put it in the fridge to slow it down (I know, I know). And then I forgot. I”M SORRY BUG!!! I FORGOT YOU WERE IN THERE!!!! and I let him slow down a bit too much. Yup. I killed him. I felt terrible. And then I still tried to photograph it. For real. I still was not a fan of the shots.


And then one night, hubby rushed inside, told me to grab my camera, and dragged me outside. Right there, on our screen, was my obsession. Just enjoying the end of a day. The light? Horrible. The location? Horrendous. I should have had hubby steal a shot of me trying to steal a shot of this bug…it was uncomfortable and very much on-a-ladder-leaning-precariously-far-out-on-one-foot-bent-at-odd-angles-and-holding-the-camera-with-one-hand-while-trying-to-balance-and-cursing-the-light-and-the-iso-and-and-and

and this is what my brief moment with my obsession resulted in…

In case you were wondering, yes, I am very happy with these photos 🙂


*p.s. if anyone can tell me what this bug is, I will be one happy girl! I have looked at wasp moths, and oleander moths, and they both look similar….but I don’t think either is right.

June 2, 2012


Today is Tinsley’s GOTCHA! day.

Two years ago today, this strange little pug made her way to our home. She walked in, scared eyes, ears tucked back, nervous and confused. And then, settled right in. She wasn’t supposed to be a keeper. Really, she wasn’t. But we failed at that little detail. We kept her. My best failure to date 🙂

She came in with a weird personality. A weird name. Weird bathroom habits. A very weird aversion to kisses. But she has a way. A way of wiggling right into your heart with her snuggle tactics. We kept a dog we didn’t mean to keep and two years later, I know that it was the best decision I made.

Punky was, without a doubt, what I call my “soul dog.” She has a special little place carved out in my heart that no other pet, or person for that matter, will ever be capable of getting near. Tinsley is, without a doubt, my meant-to-be-dog. She came exactly when she was supposed to. She acted as my medication to the grief I felt after the loss of Punky. She has managed to carve her own unique little spot in my heart.

She makes me laugh. She is such a little weirdo, and I wouldn’t like it if she contained anything less than the weirdness that she curently has. She made a name for herself in obedience class…though not necessarily in a way that would make a mom proud 😉 She thinks she is a tough little thing and has no issues with standing up for herself. I love Tuesdays because she comes to work with me, and every Tuesday we have lunch together. I have declared Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl as Her Song. It fits her, I promise.

She sleeps against me every night. She loves to chew bones and chase lizards. She is learning it is ok to be pet by strangers. She dances for treats and tries to steal sips from my drinks.

Two years ago today we got a strange little itty bitty pug. I love her and will celebrate her today ♥