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June 6, 2007

And some more….

  these are my fave! The wedding was fun, but this, well THIS was fun!

Mazzonibridaljpg_89web Mazzonibridaljpg_113web

Mazzonibridaljpg_123web Mazzonibridaljpg_145web

Mazzonibridaljpg_174web Mazzonibridaljpg_155web                                                                                  

Mazzonibridaljpg_186web Mazzonibridaljpg_192web


                                                                                                                                           Mazzonibridaljpg_222web_2 Mazzonibridaljpg_215web

Mazzonibridaljpg_226web Mazzonibridaljpg_237web

Mazzonibridaljpg_252web Mazzonibridaljpg_262web


Mazzonibridaljpg_308web Mazzonibridaljpg_398web

Mazzonibridaljpg_400web Mazzonibridaljpg_423web

Mazzonibridaljpg_436web Mazzonibridaljpg_439web_2

June 6, 2007

my most favorite little model/bride/cousin has been soooo incredibly patient, even though she has ants in her pants and has been dying to see these! Here they are Jami!!!!

Mazzoniweddingjpgweb Mazzoniweddingjpg_26web

Mazzoniweddingjpg_37webMazzoniweddingjpg_93web Mazzoniweddingjpg_71web                                                                                                          Mazzoniweddingjpg_96web      


Mazzoniweddingjpg_224web Mazzoniweddingjpg_256web


Mazzoniweddingjpg_358web Mazzoniweddingjpg_388web


June 5, 2007


These sessions are bridals….with a twist. I call these sessions Unbridled for a reason…and you can find that reason in the word’s definition:  unrestrained; uncontrolled  These are not your typical bridal sessions, and if you are looking for images of you in stiff poses, the standard smiling bride shots, I am probably not the photographer for you. My Unbridled Sessions are fashion inspired. They are modern. Unexpected. Stylish. Simply put, these are the images that you dream of.
I prefer to do these sessions after your wedding day. Why? Well, for many reasons; when trying to get bridals right before, or immediately after your ceremony, you are rushed and not able to spend much time getting these shots. You are still suffering from the stress of the big day. But a day, two days, a week after? You are relaxed, calm, and glowing. When we are not tied down to the time constraints of the big day we are able to spend as much time as necessary to get some amazing shots. We are able to go to unique locations that would just not be possible on your wedding day. Oh, and we are able to get your dress a tad bit dirty without having a panic attack.
Let’s talk about the dirt-factor for a moment, because this has a tendency to scare some brides, but it shouldn’t! It is important to realize something….to get those amazing images like you see in the magazines, you are going to have to get a bit dirty. You may have to sit on the ground, or a step. Your dress hem may drag on the ground while you walk down a sidewalk. Am I asking you to roll in the mud? Absolutely not…though if you want to, I am all for it! I had a client take her wedding dress into the Gulf of Mexico, and the end result has got to be one of my all time favorite images. Do you need to go to that extreme for an Unbridled session? No. Not at all. But you can. And I will be right there with you, photographing it all.

June 4, 2007

one of my faves

this haas got to be one of my faves from this session 🙂 LOVE IT!