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November 30, 2006

Don’t Forget Your Sunblock!








November 28, 2006

Who You Calling Odd?!

More scavenging has been done!


     Okay, this takes a little bit of get the heck out of that box- kind of thinking. I totally see my birth control as a stop sign…who keeps the little guys out? Who keeps the raging pms at bay? A stop sign if ever I have seen one ;D!


     What is so odd about cds? Well, according to hubby~lots. Apparently the types of music I listen to…more specifically the HUGE differences between some of the music I listen to…is a strange phenomenon. If you actually look at the selection above, which is just what happened to be sitting at my stereo today, you can see there is some weirdness. Case in point: Barenaked Ladies…Type-O Negative…Christina Aguilara (oh come on…you know you like her too!)…Bebo&Cigala(absolutely amazing cd)…Dixie Chicks…John Mayer(I swore I wasn’t gonna buy it!)…Gym Class Heros(looove them!)…Mana…Harry Connick Jr. Christmas…I guess maybe hubby is right. But I still loooove my music!

Now, as a special treat…a little more oddness for you. It has been brought to my attention that I happen to be full of little surprises…surprising little tid bits about myself that are apparently unexpected. You gotta keep ’em on their toes~that’s my theory! So do these things really surprise you?

  • I love Oprah…think she is so freakin’ amazing!
  • I am painfully shy…until you get to know me~then watch out!!!
  • I was sooo addicted to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • Yup…I love Christina Aguilara (that is some top secret information right there!)
  • I love nature and getting my hands dirty.
  • I have an obsession with latin boys…hollllaaaaaa chicos! (Don’t worry—hubby knows this!)
  • I cannot get enough of MSNBC Lockup shows…where they go inside the prison systems.
  • I would loooove to be a sociologist.
  • Love watching ESPN cheerleading competitions. Weird, I know!
  • I absolutely, positively CANNOT stand being around loud eaters.
  • I have OCD-obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • I love-love-love watching UFC on pay-per-view.
  • I always pick the scary movies.
  • I am afraid of the dark (works out well considering the previous!)
  • I collect Buddha statues.

Okay, that is all you get for now. I think I have sufficiently supplied you with plenty of embarassing tid bits! Enjoy!

November 26, 2006

Scavenging away…

is scavenging a word? I am not sure, but that is what I have been doing. It may sound easy to photograph some of the items in this little scavenger hunt…but really, not so much. For one, I am piiiiicky. I know, I know. It is hard to believe, but sadly true. While on the hunt for the elusive alley hubby kept saying "hey, there’s an alley" and I would say "no". Then we would walk by another one, and he would say "hey, look! Another one." And I would say "eeeeew, that one is ugly." Yeah, at that point I think I got "the look" in which without saying a word my dear hubby was saying…are you freaking kidding me? it’s ugly???? It is an ALLEY, what do you expect little princess???? Well guess what? Sometimes it pays to be picky cause I finally found a pretty alley. Take that! We spent the day out on Boca Grande, my favvvvvorite place (actually, it ranks #2, but whatever). I didn’t get as many pics as I expected, but like I said, I am pretty picky. I either feel it, or I don’t, and I wasn’t really feeling it 😦 But the few shots I did get I am really pleased with. For now all I have to show you is my scavenger hunt finds, but sometime this week I will post the other stuff I got. Hope you enjoy 🙂


      This was actually taken in my backyard. This is our banyan tree…one of the coolest trees on the planet.




November 23, 2006


Happy Turkey day! The joys of not being a cook…I don’t have to cook big crazy turkeys 🙂 Guess what our meal will consist of? Marinated steak, asparagus, squash, mashed potatoes, and spinach dip to snack on throughout the day…mmmmmm. Untraditional, but oh so good! You gotta break the mold sometimes, ya know?!

So, on to the wonderful world of photography. On the MB that I live on, Two Peas In A Bucket, us photo girls have taken on the task of a scavenger hunt. Very fun way to get your creative juices flowing! So we have 26 items on our list that we need to find by the end of December. I finally was able to start yesterday, and got some shots that I am actually really happy with. So whenever you see a photo posted here that has a number and word in the bottom right corner, that is an item from our list. Wanna see what I got so far? Oh, of course you do!


     So, I am sooo indecisive it makes me sick! I can never just pick ONE, so bare with me with the multiple pics 😀








     Isn’t my angel sooo pretty? I love her so much, can’t wait to get more!

So that is my finds so far. I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed finding. Hopefully with this long weekend I will be finding lots more. Now go unbotton those pants and pig out!!!

November 19, 2006

snow bunnies

we are trying to get into the holiday spirit around here…not always the easiest thing to do with palm trees and sunshine. I think we are officially in the spirit…



I bet you are wondering where the star of the household is…mr. kodabear himself. well, it just so heppens that koda has some pretty strict rules that he has set for himself, and apparently he and his daddy got together for a little conspiracy~~~I have been forbidden from putting him in anything that could be construed as cute. However…I am mommy, afterall. I get my way when necessary. stay tuned for one mr. koda~the forgotten reindeer.

November 16, 2006

yucky yuck

You all should be pretty aware by now my tendencies towards bugs. I really don’t like them though…they just happen to make pretty cool models. So the other morning my little tinker found me a bug…a big yucky one. Anyone who has a dog should be familiar with this; I was sitting outside while the kids took care of business. Tinker took quite the interest in the dirt under the banyan tree. She was seriously mesmerized by something…and then I quickly realized that whatever was so exciting was about to be eaten~~~really not a good thing. You know the body language: the tail goes straight, the back arches, you can see the preperation for the most perfect pounce. I go investigate and discover the biggest, weirdest looking thing. I shoo the tink away, get a stick, somehow manage to capture this thing, plop it in a spare bait bucket and tell the creep-crawly to sit tight until I get home.
So I get home. I open the bucket. Where is it??? I cannot see mr. yuck through all the leaves I put in with him. I am not putting my hand in there. No way. I find a stick, poke around. Aha, there he is. I think he is dead though. This is not good…I don’t like bugs, but I don’t want to kill them either. I am feeling really, really bad and trying to figure out just how wrong it would be to photograph a dead bug. Then WHIP! it starts whipping around, ewwwww it is definitely alive. So after all of that…




Did you get the heebie jeebies? I was completely creeped out while shooting it…remember "Tremors"????

November 14, 2006

People scare me :(

Taking pictures of people scare me! I am a-ok with shooting away when it comes to my pups, the weird critters, landscape. But go ahead and throw a person in the mix, and I don’t like it! It complicates matters! Suddenly there are skin tones and poses and expectations. I just don’t feel like my photography skills are up to par when it comes to people pics. But then I saw these.
We went to our good friend, Angel’s, wedding a couple of months ago on the beach. I figured this was as good a time as any to break my people fear, so instead of bringing a cute little purse, I dragged my camera bag along. I have to say I was very proud of myself. Not because of the outcome of the pictures, but because I stepped out of my comfy little zone. I was afraid of stepping on the toes of the photographer, but I grabbed a seat in the back row so I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way, and began shooting away. I definitely got some looks from some people, you know, like…who the heck is this girl with the camera???? I went into the aisle and started shooting away. I wandered about and kept shooting away. And I am soooo happy I did. It turns out the Angel and Kim were very unhappy with the pro shots and ended up loving what I did. Yay! I love when things work out for the best! I hope you enjoy them as much as they did!











November 10, 2006


I’m back! Yay! Did you miss me? Oh, come on-don’t be shy…you can tell me! You did, didn’t you?! Well I sure missed you 😉 Life with no computer sucks…ask hubby! I think I may have driven him a bit crazy. Well, the suckiness of life is finally turning around in my world. And if I do say so myself-it is about damn time! Basically, photography grounds me. It is a piece of my sanity. And unfortunately when you are dealing with digital photography it sorta depends on the computer. I can take pics…just can’t get ’em out of the camera. And that’s where things got poopy. However…I am back. I have a brand spankin new laptop. It is sooo pretty, and shiny, and pretty. Can you tell I love it? And my goodness do I loooove the person that made it possible for me to get it…you know who you are~and THANK YOU. So I am officially back up and running. And guess what…I have taken barely any pictures. What the-??? Apparently you cannot just snap your fingers and suddenly all of your stuff is installed in the new computer. And here I thought technology was such a wonderful thing. Go figure. So I have been busy installing all of my programs, and then reinstalling since I had a bit of a problem with one of my photo editing programs. And then I had to install all of my fonts. I am a font slut in case you did not know this about me already. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a wide variety of fonts? So now I am officially ready to become the mighty blogger once again. And since I don’t really have any new pics to share I have wiped the cobwebs away and broken into my little vault. I hope you enjoy!

By the way…make sure to check out the post below this one…awesome artist alert!


I love this picture…this is little Tinker’s faaaaavorite toy. I had to take this one for a challenge titled "the games we play"






November 10, 2006



Through all of the craziness of life this past month or so I have discovered an amazing artist. His name is Augusto Sanchez and he creates the most amazing paintings of angels. When you view his work you want to run your fingers over it…it has amazing detail and he adds three-dimensional accents. Sadly…I am one of the poor folk       😦 But I managed to convince hubby-okay, technically I suppose the right verb may be ordered-to buy me a print. So many to pick from! But I settled on "Butterflies in the Stomach", which is on the poster above. If I was rich I would have bought every piece he had on display…but, as I said…poor folk. Oh well, this has become my new reward system~~~lose the weight and I can buy more prints…skinny here I come! If you get a chance go check out his site… ANGELS