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April 2, 2014

hobby hopping

I love photography. You know that, right? You might not, especially if you have been along for this little ride here on the blog. It is a confusing relationship I have with photography. I love it. I hate it. I avoid it. I devour it. I really, truly do love it. And let’s just throw some honesty down here…I am good at it. I can say that. It is not easy for words like that to come from me, I am realllly good at knocking myself down, it’s a little harder to lift myself up. But yeah, I am pretty good at photography. But here’s a little secret- just because I like it, and/or am good at it, does not mean I have to do it all the time. Or that by not doing it, I am wasting it. I do not have to do it all of the time. I do not have to make money at it. I tried that, and sometimes I think that is where we can pinpoint where my relationship problems with photography began.

I don’t like being told what to do. I am bratty like that. And the more people that push my own art on me, the more I find myself pushing it away. Just imagine me as a teenager 😉 Plus, honestly? I haaaaaaaaaaaaate the whole process of photography. I adore creating the images. Getting lost in my own little world when I am looking through the viewfinder. But after that? uuuuuugh. Sitting in front of the computer. Culling images. Editing images. And then what? I used to love sending film out, and the excitement of opening that envelope to see your images come to life. Now? I finish up on the computer………….and there they sit. Pffffft.

Photography will always be a part of who I am. But I find that throughout the years I have pushed it to the side to hop around to other hobbies. I used to make jewelry. That was kind of fun. And ahem expensive. And then all those beautiful beads sat in boxes in a closet. And then I hopped on the scrapbooking train. That was fun for about 5 seconds before my ocd kicked in. Scrapbooking + OCD = nightmare. And then one year, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. And then I started buying fabric. And then I started making little things. And then. And THEN. I realllly wanted to make a quilt.

gutermann thread | quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

You guys…I hobby hopped and then landed on the jackpot. I. Adore. This. Hobby. ADORE.

But let’s be clear on something…I have no idea what I am doing! At. All. But yet I enjoy almost every moment. Even the moments that freak me out and I avoid, once I start doing it, I am so very content. My mind is a very busy place, and when I am in the midst of a project everything just quiets. I just focus on the task at hand, and there is nothing else in the world. I love that. And maybe that is why I love this hobby so much.

quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

I also am learning that I REALLY love making things for people I love. I finally got the confidence to make my first gift quilt, for my mom. I am terrified to send it her way. What if she hates what I created? What if the whole thing falls apart?! But what if she loves it? I currently have a nice long list of gift quilts, and that makes me smile. Hopefully, they will all stay in one piece 🙂

Quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

And what I find the most ironic bit of it all? I find myself thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to get so good at this that one day I could sell my quilts? :p LOL

And so, there you have it. My new hobby. I will always take pictures. Always. But it nice to step away from my camera and not feel like I have to take pictures. In the meantime, I will be sewing 🙂

I’ll leave you with my favorite thing I have made so far….

Quilting | Chevron Quilt | SW Fl Photography | Kulik Photography