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August 13, 2011

dog’s best friend ; saying goodbye

We had only had Koda for about six months when we headed to Maui to be married. As much as I wanted to it obviously wasĀ not a possibility to let my new puppy tag along on the trip. Being a protective “new mom” I was horrified at the idea of leaving behind my new baby. Where would I leave him? Who would watch him?

My husband quickly put a stop to my worries and fears. Obviously, Vinnie & Dolores would watch him. Duh. They were the epitome of animal lovers. And since moving to Florida and deciding to no longer have a pet of their own they always jumped at the opportunity to be the Dog Sitter. Ok. I felt better. Koda was about to have a vacation of his own.

Being the kind of person that I am (obsessive and controlling šŸ˜‰ ) I of course made a little itty bitty list that I sent along with Koda’s overstuffed suitcase. The main points of the list were pretty simple and, I thought, clear. A sampling;

1. Koda does not get many treats. Please do not give him too many!
2. DO NOT give him people food under any circumstances.
3. We do not allow him on our furniture. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.
4. Koda sleeps on the floor by our bed.
5. Please watch your socks! He has shown an interest in socks lately, so be careful he doesn’t chew yours!

I handed my list over. I cried a little. If I wasn’t blinded by tears, perhaps I would have seen as that list was tucked into a special spot, probably the garbage can, never to be read šŸ™‚

Approximately ten days later I was beyond excited to drive to Vinnie & Dolores’ house and pick up my sweet pooh-bear. I rushed into the house expecting the most amazing, Hallmark movie kind of reunion. In slow motion my beloved puppy would slowly realize his mom was back, and would charge towards me, barking wildly and tail wagging. Yeah, ummmmmm, notsomuch.

Koda was happy so see us. I suppose. But thrilled? Definitely not. I was sad and confused. And then, I quickly saw exactly why (I suppose the ginormous bags of Beggin’ Strips and Puperoni snacks on the counter should have been a clue!).

As we sat down to talk about our trip Vinnie asked, “Did you know that Koda likes Cheerios and oranges?”

“Oh! And watch this!!!”….as he slapped his hand on the recliner and UP! Koda jumped, snuggling in between Vinnie’s feet.

“Every morning when I would get up to go to work he would stay in bed and snuggle with Lor.”

“Oh yeah, and look at this toy we made him!” as he whipped around a sock tied in a knot.

It seems while we were fishing and and sightseeing and soaking in the sights, Vinnie & Dolores were sitting up at night, giggling as, one by one, they crossed off each rule on my list that they had successfully broken. They instantly became my dog’s best friends.

Over the years, Koda has had lots of special visits with his two favorite people. Sometimes he stayed with them because we had somewhere to go. Sometimes he stayed with them because they requested a weekend with him. Sometimes they held him hostage and a weekend would turn into a week. And one time, after bringing Koda home, we feared that perhaps his tail somehow was accidentally broken because he would not raise it. For days. Because he was moping about being home!Ā If Koda could have traded us in for Vinnie & Dolores he would have done it in a heartbeat, I am sure. When he stayed with them, he got undivided love, junk foodĀ with horribleĀ namesĀ like Snausages, was blessed with meals consisting of prime rib, numerous walks, and did I mention that undivided love thing?

Sadly, Koda will no longer have any visits with his best friends. Yesterday afternoon, we said goodbye to Dolores. And this morning we said goodbye to Vinnie.

After a sudden and quick decline in health, they both found themselves in the hospital. And then they both found themselves in a rehab center. A little less than two weeks ago Dolores was brought to Tidewell HospiceĀ House, and on Sunday Vinnie joined her there. They were an amazing couple and their love for each other was palpable. To say that they will be missed would be a ridiculous understatement. I take so much comfort in knowing that neither had to suffer the other’s loss, and instead they are together, side by side, as they always were.


August 12, 2011

checking in

type. delete. type. delete. type. delete. rinse and repeat.

that’s how this post has gone and went.

Instead, let’s just look at some pretty flowers, shall we?

August 7, 2011

lazy days v.2.0

another lazy pup…

I hope you are having a fabulously lazy Sunday afternoon!

August 4, 2011

lazy days

last weekend we had a lazy afternoon in the yard.

Koda enjoys lazy. Koda is good at lazy.