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September 29, 2006


So there are three little ones that have threatened my reputation…they have threatened to reveal that there are munchkins that can melt my heart. These are two of them. They look so normal…but clearly they must be extraordinary for them to crack my exterior and get to the girl who doesn’t like kids too much~yeah, I am evil, don’t worry, I have heard it a gazillion times~These two awesome kids give me hope that there still are well-mannered children out there. They give me hope that there are still parents out there who have the most incredible skills. They give me hope that my heart is not completely ice cold ;)! When these kids come to visit…I hate to see them go. I miss them too much when they are gone. They have definitely put me under their spell! This is Max & Alyssa…………..

P5200808alt5x7web_1 P5200809alt25x7web

yeah…once again I cannot choose between BW and color, go figure!


you will notice that some of these pics have a different copyright mark on them…hubby took some (you really cannot expect me to stay out of the water for too long can you? it definitely overrules even my love for photography!) so hubby took some, but all the post-processing is me.



can you guess what is coming next ;)?!






I would love to share some pictures of their mom….but somehow that booger hid the whole day from the lens~got a great pic of their aunt…just need to get her permission and then I can share~~~~if only she kept in touch ;)!!!!!!!

September 29, 2006


there are new pictures in the critters album.

September 28, 2006


okay…I am slacking, sorry! Apparently this is a dung beetle? I’ll post more tomorrow…..

P9273438alt5x7web P9273431alt5x7web

September 25, 2006


So once again, I have spent some glorious time with my dear dentist. This visit was actually an extension of my appointment I had on Thursday…we didn’t have time to finish, so in I went today. Personally, I just think they must really like to hang out with me 😉 So, anyone who really knows me knows that I have a horrendous issue with grinding my teeth. We are talking brake my teeth grinding, you can hear me if you are in another room grinding, TMJ grinding. So my dentist conned me into what hubby and I endearingly call the $1000 paperweight. It is a "night guard", this stupid little clear thing that is formed over your teeth. It is like those invisible braces…just not so invisible. Anyways, I am not a real big fan of the stupid thing…however hubby is not a real big fan of being awake alllllll night long listening to teh music of breaking teeth. So I had to have the thing adjusted. Between Thursday and today we spent a total of about 3 hours working on this thing, and it goes a little something like….tap, tap, tap…take it out, grind it, put it back in…tap,tap,tap…take it out….you get the point. For three freakin hours!! Why can’t I be normal??? Anyway, here are a few new ones….P91231011alt4x62p

hubby actually caught that nasty thing for me. He called me and said he got a neat spider for me to take pics of, come and get it. I get there and he hands me this little plastic package with this monster in it. then he proceeded to say "careful, he hops" WHAT??????  So I go home with this scary hopping beast, with shaking hands open the lid and BOING! out comes a hopping spider. *this is a good place to insert all sorts of naughty words that would make a trucker blush* So, I am absolutely terrified of spiders, but how sweet is it that hubby was trying to get me a cool photog subject?! how could I not at least try to get a good shot. I should also mention for anyone who may not be familiar with macro photography…there is no zoom~you really are that close to the subject.


these are palm fronds…I just really liked the lines.


and this is a flower from a castor oil plant.


September 24, 2006

did you doubt me?

You did, didn’t you?! It is okay, I doubted me too. But surprise~surprise! Here I am with my Photo Every Third Day. I actually participate with a group on a photog message board and we do weekly challenges. I have been very behind, but finally got one done! Woo hoo! The challenge was to take a picture of anything within 20 feet of your computer. Technically, I cheated. We were supposed to zoom in if neccesary, I went to the subject 😦 Hey, sometimes we must sacrafice for art, no?! But it was within the 20 feet. Anyways here it is………P9243360alt5x72p

And clearly there was no way I could be on the floor and not avoid the puppy dogs aka~my little models (uncooperative, but I still love them;)




September 22, 2006

a reminder

My all time favorite cousin-in-law~well, she ties with her sister ;)~ sent me this e-mail today. It is freakin amazing. What an awesome reminder to remember what appreciation truly means. To remember to enjoy the little things. To never take things for granted. To remember that tomorrow is not a promise.

The Dash

I hope you enjoy.

September 20, 2006


Do you ever feel TIRED? Not just tired, but TIRED? You know the difference. When you feel like your eyes are spinning around, your head is pounding, you may have something really important to say, such as FIRE!!!!, but you are just too damn tired to open your mouth. You suddenly think it is socially acceptable to walk around dragging your feet, because really, lifting them up is sooo glorified. When someone is talking to you, and you can’t even remember to at least politely nod your head and insert the appropriate ahas and I sees even though you have no idea what they are babbling about. When going pee feels like a nuscience. Well that is how I feel today. It is kinda sad when you look at the contents of the shredder bag at work and think to yourself that would make one hell of a pillow.  The worst part of it…I have no reason. Nope. I am just TIRED. However, I did take the time to get some pictures out there for you…boy am I nice! Lots of the ladies at the photog message board I frequent do Photos of the Day…I am waaaay to much of a procrastinator for that, but I am going to at least shoot for Photo Every Third Day…what do you think? Can I do it?!


and since I can never decideCdp8282767alt25x72p_1 P6180880alt4x62p

this is an iguana out on boca grande (my second most favorite place…yup, if you don’t know what the #1 place is, well…you don’t really know me!) Whenever we go out there we search for these guys. On this particular day it wasn’t very difficult~they were everywhere.


some people have baby toys laying around their houses…this is what is on our floors.

September 18, 2006

I Like Bugs

Who woulda thunk it?! I love bugs! Okay, technically I don’t really love bugs. I love my husband, and chocolate, and purses and swimming…but not bugs. Actually, I guess I don’t really even like bugs…but I love photographing them!P9183222alt24x62p 984550 984081

I especially like them when I actually get a decent result. I have been struggling sooo much with my macro lens, trying to master the focusing, and I have finally stepped to the next level with it! Woo hoo! I actually got my focus right…it has been a long time coming! I am feeling proud! Seriously…look at that fly’s bum. Come on, you know you want to! It’s fuzzy! Who knew a fly had a hairy bum? Certainly not me…at least not before I got my focus right!

The catepillar will actually become a monarch butterfly…but for now it is quite content to munch on our plants until there are no more leaves. As for the butterfly, I don’t actually know what kind it is. I was finshed playing with my camera outside, went to tell hubby I was going back inside, and there was this guy hanging out in the angel trumpets. There are more pics in the critter album!

September 15, 2006

Dancing Nancy?

Could I have been

A parking lot attendant

Could I have been

A millionaire in Bel Air

Could I have been

Lost Somewhere in Paris

Could I have been

You’re little brother

Could I have been

Anyone other than me

Could I have been

Anyone other than me

Could I have been



Could I have been

A bona fide Insurance Claims Adjuster

Yeah…I am being a little lazy today and borrowing from Daily Dave. Don’t tell! It just seems the appropriate post for passing my test. Woo Hoo! So now I am legal. The real deal. Full of dangerous information. Car insurance? I know all about it. Homeowners? I am the girl. How about Inland Marine? You bettcha. Scary isn’t it?!

September 13, 2006

Insert *YAWN* here

*Yawn*Yawn*Yawn* Guess what I have been doing this week? Attending a class to get my license for insurance adjusting. Did I mention *Yawn*? Eight hours for four days…seriously, you can yawn for me if you want! Now don’t get me wrong, this stuff can actually be interesting -no, I am NOT being sarcastic- but eight hours completely removes it from the interesting spectrum and into the eyes crossed, brain spinning, foot tapping, talking to yourself spectrum. You wanna know the really scary part…when it is all said and done I will be licensed in this stuff~ Yikes! I gotta go study now *Yawn*