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December 17, 2014

hey! watch this…

There are so many wonderful things about visiting a foreign country. But one of my favorites is meeting the people and learning about different cultures. One of my favorite people I have ever met was Geovani Bogarin. Our meeting him was a total fluke- we had hired a driver, Wilson, to take us on the long trip from the airport in San Jose to our lodge, near the Arenal volcano. We had plans to spend part of the following day with Wilson, and as we discussed our likes and dislikes, he started telling us about a guide he was friends with, and how he felt we may enjoy spending some time with him.

We planned to meet the following morning and Geovani would be there, or he wouldn’t.

Well, he was. And we had such a great day with these two men! I will share more of our adventure later *cough* *cough* lord knows when *cough* But for now I just wanted to share this, simply because I was thinking about it this morning, and it made me smile.

We are in the middle of the rainforest, and Geovani says “hey! watch this!” We turn, and see this…

Costa Rica | Geovani Bogarin | Kulik Photography Costa Rica | Geovani Bogarin | Kulik Photography Costa Rica | Geovani Bogarin | Kulik Photography Costa Rica | Geovani Bogarin | Kulik Photography

“Now,” he says, “please show Hollywood these photos.”


December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Tinsley | Black Pug | SW FLorida Photography | Kulik Photography

Or if you lean more towards the Grinchy side of things…

Tinsley | Black Pug | SW FLorida Photography | Kulik Photography

November 21, 2012

holiday spirit

The pug was gathered up. She took in the sights. The pile of treats. The pile of props.

And then she said, “Mom? You are not serious right now, are you?”

August 27, 2012

coolest kid on the block

Meet Biscuit, one of my most favorite dogs in the whole entire world, and the coolest kid on the block.

June 14, 2012

pug overload

I have issues with decision making. When I go to buy deodorant, I stand in the aisle staring at all my options for an embarassingly long amount of time. I am sure the security cameras are staring at me, trying to figure out when I will make my move to steal some Secret. And then, I grab the deodorant that I buy every time. For the past five years. It is hard to even make a decision when there is no decision that needs to be made!

All that to say, this may be one of the reasons I hate editing so much 🙂 The decisions! What to show? What to cut? Oh the horror! And there are times when the anxiety of it all gets the best of me, and I just have to flood you with a stupid amout of photos. Why not make this post One-Of-Those-Posts?

Grab some water. Maybe a granola bar. We may be here a while…

It was her gotcha day. I wanted to celebrate. She loves whipped cream (don’t ask me how I know that, it has to do with frappes and theiving pugs and bad habits created…). I have a camera. And ideas. After my weekend in Miami I was filled with inspiration and some new tricks I wanted to try. And so we stepped out front for a quick little modeling session.

sigh. seriously? it’s my gotcha day, I don’t WANT to have my picture taken.

what’s that you say? you’ll feed me? OK!

geez, that sure looks good.


give me a moment please, I would like to savor this tastiness

nom nom nom

oh my pugness this is delish!

nom nom nom

wow that was GOOD!

oh my word! another one?! TAKE IT BEFORE SHE CHANGES HER MIND!

This. Is. So. Good.

nom nom nom I think I have something stuck in my teeth nom nom nom

But wait!!! There’s more! That was just our warm up session for the final prize!

Whipped cream………

please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it.

what? WHAT? do I have something on my face???


June 2, 2012


Today is Tinsley’s GOTCHA! day.

Two years ago today, this strange little pug made her way to our home. She walked in, scared eyes, ears tucked back, nervous and confused. And then, settled right in. She wasn’t supposed to be a keeper. Really, she wasn’t. But we failed at that little detail. We kept her. My best failure to date 🙂

She came in with a weird personality. A weird name. Weird bathroom habits. A very weird aversion to kisses. But she has a way. A way of wiggling right into your heart with her snuggle tactics. We kept a dog we didn’t mean to keep and two years later, I know that it was the best decision I made.

Punky was, without a doubt, what I call my “soul dog.” She has a special little place carved out in my heart that no other pet, or person for that matter, will ever be capable of getting near. Tinsley is, without a doubt, my meant-to-be-dog. She came exactly when she was supposed to. She acted as my medication to the grief I felt after the loss of Punky. She has managed to carve her own unique little spot in my heart.

She makes me laugh. She is such a little weirdo, and I wouldn’t like it if she contained anything less than the weirdness that she curently has. She made a name for herself in obedience class…though not necessarily in a way that would make a mom proud 😉 She thinks she is a tough little thing and has no issues with standing up for herself. I love Tuesdays because she comes to work with me, and every Tuesday we have lunch together. I have declared Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl as Her Song. It fits her, I promise.

She sleeps against me every night. She loves to chew bones and chase lizards. She is learning it is ok to be pet by strangers. She dances for treats and tries to steal sips from my drinks.

Two years ago today we got a strange little itty bitty pug. I love her and will celebrate her today ♥

March 28, 2012


Her name is Tink (ok, technically it is Tinker Bell, but really? That’s just embarassing, right? I seriously shouldn’t be left to my own devices when it comes to naming pets- I apparently turn into a 5 year-old) but we call her Stink. Sometimes Stinker Bell.

She actually smells fresh and clean. But she is a stinker. And well, there is the whole eating her own poo thing. That’s pretty stinky. We used to need to put a bell on her collar to keep track of her because she was such a trouble maker. Ok, let’s be honest here. She still is such a trouble maker. She eyes fresh laundry like a lion stalking it’s prey. Raiding garbage cans gives her a high like nothing else. She adores leaving me little poo presents when I come home from work.

She is the happiest little girl I have ever met. We are sure that she farts bubbles and poops rainbows.

February 16, 2012



February 9, 2012

crap(py) shoot

You know when you take pictures. And they suck. And you banish them to the dark corners of your computer and vow to never let them see the light of day?

Maybe I should have done that with these. But for once in my life behind a camera I have come to appreciate a series of crappy, out of focus pictures that I just want to carry in my back pocket and take everywhere.

I would like you to meet Vinny. He’s one of my unofficial nephews. And I adore him. He loves me (primarily for usage of my iPhone) and misses me when I leave. I love him (primarily for his curls) and I miss him when I leave.

He also avoids the camera like the plague.

While visiting last weekend, he came to my room to entertain me while I got ready for the day. He gave me 12.8 seconds to snap as many blurry photos as possible before he decided being a cute model isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

and the blurriest (and my most favorite of all)…

thank you curly headed boy for reminding me that pictures don’t need to be in focus to be perfect! (and also for reminding me why I despise child photography :D!)

February 2, 2012

we get formal up in here

Most dogs have multiple nicknames.

Somehow, Pug Tinsley demanded a higher level of respect and insisted that we get all formal up in here.

Her nickname is not love muffin or sweetie pie or world’s most adorable pug. No. Her nickname is ma’am.

When I am trying to get her attention it is “excuse me ma’am.” When she is in trouble it is “no ma’am!” When I want her to follow me it’s “come on ma’am.” There is your random fact for the day.


p.s. we went to a Pug Fest last weekend and I had a startling, most definitely NOT biased realization; my pug is one sharp looking little pug! Not biased, I swear 😉