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August 27, 2008

Out of the Office…

I will be out of the office Thursday, August 28th through Monday, September 1st. I will respond to all emails when I return.


and why not add a photo to this post?
I took this about a month ago. I was sitting outside with hubby chatting and I was admiring my plants. I noticed this one stalk, and the way the leaf was growing, and jumped up, ran inside and grabbed my camera and a piece of white paper, and voila!

August 23, 2008



I am in love with this shot. I may be biased, because I am family, but I doubt it! I was supposed to photograph this little man's newborn photos but due to circumstances (read: ridiculously high plane fare) I was not able to make the trip. But as luck would have it, his mama and her sister, well, they rock. They flew me up, I got to meet this little guy, and people….I am smitten. I want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me everywhere I go. He is too cute, and sweet, and happy, and and and. yeah, you get the point.

And the best part of this shot? look at that smile on mom's face. that is pure love right there. she, like me, is not exactly cooperative in front of the camera. but when she is with this little guy, well there is no room for self-conscienceness to get in the way of that love. and it shows here.

these are the moments that I absolutely adore capturing. there is nothing better.

August 20, 2008

because I am that kind of a fangirl….

it's a sad day 😦

August 19, 2008

Inside the thoughts of a deep-thinking pug….

first- everything is a-ok here. just wind and rain. no hurricane-strength wind. just wind. yay!


punky: "I was sleeping. you saw that I was sleeping, right?"
mommy: "uh-huh"
punky: "why the camera in my face then?"
mommy: "because you are the cutest pug face ever, especially when you are grumpy-faced"
punky: "*snort*


"hmmmmmm, I wonder when I can eat again. I sure am hungry. and tired. maybe I will go back to sleep….then eat. then take a little nap, and then grab a snack. when I finish my snack, maybe I will grab a little shut-eye and then…."


okay, I have no cute pug-isms for this shot…..I just love it. I have been trying to get a shot of her looking out the window for ever. The problem is, the moment I go to get my camera, she jumps down. Not this time!

August 18, 2008


*edit- so…..all the times that I have looked at this sign and giggled? I NEVER looked hard enough apparently….it doesn't say dental, it says detail. *sigh* leave it to me!!!*

as I sit here waiting for the wind, I thought I would share some complete and total randomness with you;

where can you go and get a cavity filled, your car waxed, and get a good buzz on?


apparently this place. It gives one stop shopping a whole new meaning! Every time that I see this sign it makes me giggle…and I search to see if maybe, just maybe, this sign is for a mini-strip mall. nope. this is all housed in one unit people. disturbing? yup. hilarious? uh-huh. totally florida? you betcha!

August 18, 2008

flying kites


tomorrow will be a good day to fly some kites around here. We are in the middle of a hurricane watch as stupid tropical storm Fay makes her way over Cuba, across the Gulf, and tomorrow, into our backyards.

I hate this. I am one of those Floridians that tends to live in denial when it comes to hurricanes. We have gone so many years without one, that when, four years ago, Charley came our way, many people did not recognize it for what it was…..a scary ass storm that wreaked absolute havoc. While some people were panicking, I was excited that I got a day off from work out of the deal. I popped in The Texes Chainsaw Massacre (woo scary movies!!!) put a Boston Market turkey pot pie in the oven, and made lots of faces at hubby as he panicked. My dad called and scolded me for not taking it seriously. He reminded me that I lived on the water and they were calling for major (12+ft) storm surges. Hubby tried to make me pack things up.

I proceeded to get scared by my movie. And then the phone rang. It was hubby's boss. In a few short words, he stressed that we needed to leave NOW. Charley had changed course, and was heading right up Charlotte Harbor. Did I mention I rock at denial? Well, I do. I thought everyone was being dramatic, and honestly, I was annoyed that they were intruding on my yummy day off spent with scary movies and tasty snacks.

And so….yes, hubby pretty much had to remove me kicking and screaming. *ok, I wasn't kicking and screaming, but I WAS stomping my feet….and I insisted on taking that yummy pot pie along with me…which I then proceeded to drop down my leg. Grumpy and burning thigh = extra super grumpy. I was a brat during the short ride to his cousin's house, where all the family was meeting. I was anooyed while I ate the spaghetti dinner they prepared, and I was still annoyed as we all watched the tv, me still being convinced that everyone was over-reacting. And then the power went out. and the wind picked up. and we started hearing horrendous noises crashing into the house. our ears kept popping, and it sounded like there was a train rushing through the front yard. During the eye, neighbors came running over to the house to get cover after their house was ripped apart by the winds. We sat under the main beam of teh house, huddled together….and finally. I panicked. I was scared. this was real and scary and I wanted it to be over.

And after what seemed like forever, it was over. It was dark out. trees were everywhere. people had no roofs. As we drove home in the pitch black night, slowly driving around trees and pieces of houses, we had no clue what we would be going home to. We were lucky. We had damage, but nothing major. We had a roof. *sigh*

The days after Charley were horrendous. We had no power- in the middle of August, in FLORIDA. We had no phone and our cell phones didn't work. We had to drive almost 30 minutes just to get gas for the car. People were looting homes. We were hungry. I suffered from sun poisening after spending the entire day after Charley just cleaning up our yard- I didn't know what else to do, I just knew I had to stay busy. After about 5 days, I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was going to go crazy if I did not leave. I convinced hubby that we needed to leave and go stay with my dad in northern Georgia. I am forever greateful that we were able to get out of there.

And here we are again. I hate hurricane season. I still rock at denial. I don't get overly concerned over storms…but this one sort of worries me. At the moment, it is taking the same path as Charley. I worry that once it gets over the Gulf, it will be fueled by the ridiculously warm water.

But to stick with my pattern, I am going to convince myself tomorrow will just be a windy day….cross your fingers!

August 13, 2008

a link…
I got this link from my sweet friend, Jesse's, site. It is sad, a bit depressing….but incredibly touching and heartfelt. I found the site difficult to navigate, but please be patient with it and work through it….it is worth it on so many levels.

It makes me think of my time spent with granpa (otherwise known as hubby's grandfather). My entire life, I have never had much of a grandparent presence in my life. I had my father's mother, who we lovingly referred to as Bucki (long story- but basically we could not pronounce the Polish word for grandmother). I loved Bucki more than anything. She was the epitome of sweetness. Bucki died when I was 17, and she was the only grandparent I had ever known.

I always felt that I had somehow missed out by not having a grandfather. I felt sad by this. I would find myself watching little old men in the grocery store, trying to deduce through their shopping methods whether they were good granpas. Then hubby came into my life, and with him, granpa. I often joke that I married him so I could have granpa. Granpa was witty, spunky, and had some of the dirtiest jokes. He would tell one of his jokes, and then granma would bust out with a "Robert!" and proceed to get flustered. Granpa was an awesome card player, and could give you a run for your money in pool. Granpa was the granpa I always longed for.

Then he fell. He broke his hip. and he just never really got better. It was sad and scary, and long-going. I was incredibly fortunate that I found myself for a time without a job. So I began going over to see granpa, watching The Price is Right with him, listening to his stories, or just sitting there while he slept. More than anything, I cherish those days that I had with granpa. His symptoms got worse and he spent time in hospitals and nursing homes. We watched as granpa faded away. We found ourselves wishing on some level that he would die, because how he was living was no way to live. But then he did die. And I found myself so angry for ever wishing for him to go. I was just kidding. I didn't mean it. Please just give him back. He was no longer in pain…but now we were. Selfish, I know.

Photography did not play a major role in my life back then. I think back to those days, and wish wish wish that I had documented those times. Even the hard times. I wish that I had a record of the time I spent with granpa. It makes me appreciate the importance of documenting our lives- the good times and the bad. It makes me thankful for the author of that site, that he will have a vivid record of his time with his fathe- the joys and the sorrows.

*and somehow…this post became far deeper than intended. On that note…bye!

August 11, 2008

ummm, oops!

eeps! I have been a bad blogger…I am sorry! I have been boycotting my computer a bit…mainly I think because I am mad at it for being broken and too expensive to fix, but that is no reason to punish you, my dear readers, by not blogging! I just know that you have been losing sleep at night wondering where I could possibly be. Well here I am! ta-da!

Okay…so I have slooooowly been sharing pictures of sweet Molly, but here is her official post 🙂 I got to shoot her twice…before and after a major haircut! I loved being able to get images of her looking so different. She is such a sweetie, and a talker like no other. I have SO many shots of her with her chin up to the sky, talking away. I had a really hard time choosing what to share here, so I am sharing lots!

* I think this shot is one of my favorites from the two shoots. I loooove pupper noses, and her eyes attempting to melt my heart through the lens was the finishing touch! *

* ok, so you see the white square behind Molly? That is HER window! I love love love this window. The backstory is that when hurricane Charley came charging through in 2004, her house was destroyed. So when her mom and dad were rebuilding their home, they decided that Molly simply had to have her very own window to be able to oversee the neighborhood happenings. So this window is underneath a kitchen counter, and if you drive by you most definitely can see Miss Molly looking out 🙂 *

August 2, 2008


So every now and then life throws something at me, and I immediately think, “yup, I am blogging that”. See, this is my business blog, but it started as a personal blog, and basically, I am a pretty open book, which means business and personal mix together. So you get stuck with looking at pretty pictures and listening to me babble about insignificant stuff.

This is one of those posts 🙂 lucky you, right?

last night, I was being all insecure and stuff…it is what I do best, you see. so there I was bugging hubby, putting him in that uncomfortable position where I drill him on my cuteness factor. exactly how cute am I? What kind of cute am I? am I average cute? am I out-of-the box cute (don’t ask)? am I quirky cute? what kind of cute am I, dammit?!

I flustered hubby. he had a look of fear on his face….because you know that you NEVER, EVER tackle these kinds of questions with a pms’ing wife. EVER. yup, he was flustered, and as he was trying to explain my cuteness level when he just started stamering, and then blurted out “you are all sorts of cute!”

You are all sorts of cute.  awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! melt my heart! We will be married 7 years next month, 10 years in total, and I cannot remember a time that he melted me like that! After aeven long (yes, I can say long!) years, he can still make my heart skip a beat. I love him!


ok, so I have been completely slacking with posting pictures lately….but fear not! I have pics coming. In the meantime, I finally finished editing this session and love this shot. I will share more later, but for now….miss Molly Brown


and yes, this is something out of the ordinary from what I usually show, but that is the joy of being an artist 🙂 playing!