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March 26, 2007


Meet Chico the super chihuahua! He owns our friend, Darrell. Isn’t he a cutie pie?!




March 20, 2007

Where Oh Where…

have I been? Geesh, I am slacking big time here! Well, first off lets get the icky stuff out of the way—I SO totally failed the 365 challenge. SO failed. Oh well. I failed for a good reason. I have been focusing all of my attention on learning. Am I a nerd or what?! But when it is something you want to learn…it is a whole different story! Poor hubby…I think I have been driving him bananas with my gabbering about all the new stuff I am learning! But I can’t help myself. After joining the absolute most wonderful photography board I have gone from just really enjoying this hobby to realizing that I can do something more with it. Sooooo, I got a business license last week 🙂 Exciting…but it sorta makes me want to puke too! And I filed my fictitious name and got a tax id. I am LEGIT. yikes!  Now I can begin my portfolio building full force!

And I had the honor of shooting Jamie and Jason this past weekend. They are getting married next month and I get to shoot their wedding as well. So, this was a challenge for me. This was my VERY FIRST people shoot, EVER. Waaaaay different than shooting a flower, that is for sure! It was fun and ackward and really windy and cold! But I think we pushed through it and got some good results. They were such good sports…I had no idea what I was doing, I pretty much sucked at giving them direction (I will work on that Jamie! Promise!!), but it definitely helped that they are family. I am so thankful that they allowed me this opportunity. I really cannot think of a better couple to have done my first shoot for. So whadda ya think?





       I think this one is one of my new favorites! I just love the siluhette of them with their babies!

March 12, 2007

For the Bride…

Jamie…here are two of the spots I was talking about…
This is the alley where I was saying the grittiness with the fresh bride look would be very cool….


      And this, well, I think this could be my new fave spot….we NEED to get some shots of you here, pretty pleeeease 🙂

      Let me know, and shoot me an e-mail!

March 11, 2007


Guess what I missed? Go on, guess… no more than 40 stupid minutes!!!!!


March 11, 2007

The Slacker Returns…

and look what I return with!!! I have been soooo MIA lately, I am hanging my head in shame 😦 BUT…I have been super busy with figuring out photography stuff, so I am not completely slacking! Anyways…check out this progress!!!






      Now…are you ready for this? This is just beautiful, and what I woke up to this morning….



March 5, 2007

One Small Step For Man…One GIANT Leap for Kristie!


      This took me forever! But, now that this is done, all the other stuff can begin. I can begin creating my forms and cards and everything important! Woo-hoo!

March 1, 2007


Have you missed me yet? If you have abandonment issues, I am very sorry I left without leaving a note…but I’m back now. I have been off in la-la land…doing some deep thinking-scary, but true! Actually, I have been immersed in photography land. I joined a new paid forum and have spent basically all of my free time over there, soaking up all the incredible information. And then the deep thinking began. I know- It freaked me out too! I have realized that I really hold myself back. My entie life, I have been plagued with self-doubt. I have always felt inadequate. A person can miss out on a lot of things when they live that way. Well, I am tired of missing out. I am closing in on 30, and I do not ever want to look back on my life and think, What the hell?! And so…the big thinking brought me to the realization that there is absolutely no reason why I cannot bring my photography to the next level. When I am behind the camera, I become someone else. I feel good about what I am doing. Do I still doubt myself? You betcha! I still have so much to learn…but life is boring when we stop learning! So I have decided to make this year my year. I am going to start PBing~portfolio building. I have begun the process of coming up with the business name…which is sooooo not easy, by the way. Once I finish that and a logo…I am going to get my bus. license and start harassing anyone I know with children…and dogs too 🙂 I figure I would like to give myself the year to really work on the PBing…especially since I know how shy I am and this will slow things down for me a bit…but I will conquer!!! Anyways…that’s what I have been up to. And to compliment this theme of transformation…look what my little guy finally did~~~~