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February 25, 2008

Pugs Galore!!!!

okay people…I am officially a dork- I convinced hubby to take me to the Pug Parade…and it was hilarious!!! I have never in my life seen so many puggers all in one place…it was the cutest day ever. Pugs are good for my soul, that is all there is to it. There were big pugs, small pugs, pugs with ridiculously long tongues, and pugs with super curly curls. pugs, pugs and more pugs. *sigh* sometimes it is the simple things in life that remind me of how great life is, how easy it is to be happy. and a pug parade is one of those instances 🙂

what is a post about a pug parade without pictures of pugs?????
     These two sisters were the cutest things ever! They were dressed as little princesses…and as you can see by the second picture, this little one could care less about what was going on…she was allllll about chompping away at all the pretties.
     okay, so I am not really a big baseball fan (okay, I hate the sport!) but I could not resist this guy! He was so funny, just sitting there, giving me the stare down.
     they had watering stations set up all around to keep the puppers nice and cool. This shot cracks me up, because look at that pug, as his mom tries to make him go in the pool! He is all no way mom! you cannot make me. uh-uh! I am SO not getting in this pool.
sooooo, does it get any cuter than this? seriously, does it?!
     doesn;t he look like he is saying waaaz up?
    this was one of my fave puggers of the day, she was just too cute in her little sailor outfit!

and so, my friends, I can’t deny it any longer. I have no life…for me, fun = pug parades.

sooooo, do you think it is wrong that I went to a pug parade…and left my pug at home? are we the worst parents in the whole wide world?!

February 24, 2008

The Lines of Communication….

are open again! Yay! my new phone is in my posession, so there should be no more issues with my phone having temper tantrums. Now, I just need to figure out how to work this contraption!!

February 21, 2008

An Obsession

I am obsessed with my pug, I can admit that. I never thought I would be one of those dog people. you know- the ones that have lots of breed specific stuff, is convinced that their dog’s breed is the best breed, that just won’t shut up about her dog. *sigh* somewhere in the last two years, I became one of them. The thing is, I have two other dogs…different breeds, definitely loved…just not obsession-worthy aparently. poor pups. Then a pug moved in. and my world changed. suddenly my home was filled with strange puggy noises. snorts. grunts. ummmm, LOTS of drunken-sailor snoring. maybe it is because she is a rescue that I have a soft spot for her. maybe it is because she reminds me of of the relationship I had with my dog milo, that I had to have put down after hurricane charley. maybe it is just that smooshy face, adn the curly wag. whatever it is, she has my heart. she has turned me into one of those dog owners. And so, do you think hubby will join me this weekend in a little pug obsession……..


a girl can hope, right?

February 19, 2008

Telephone Issues—-

sigh* I think my cell phone has taken it’s last breath : ( SO….if you need to contact me, calling me probably wouldn’t be the way to do it….unless you are just calling to hear my silly little voice on my voicemail. If that is the case….call away!

If you need to contact me regarding a session….or just to chit chat :)….email me at:  I will let you know as soon as I get this phone situation resolved.

ETA: okay…so my moody phone is suddenly working again, but I still recommend emailing me if you need to contact me regarding a session- at least for the next couple of days. I have ordered a new phone, which will be arriving on Friday I think…..but in the meantime, miss moody phone may not be trustworthy!

February 18, 2008

The Day Was a Bust…

every have a day that was, well, a bust? Things just don’t work out the way you expected. maybe you threw a temper tantrum *I am soeaking completely hypothetical here ; )

Well, Saturday was a bust. It just didn;t turn out the way we expected. I hate when that happens! I have been wanting to go see the Bodies Exhibit for about a year now. So when I read that the exhibit would be leaving soon, I knew that it was time to drag poor hubby to see it. WELL….what I didn’t see in the fine print was that it was the last weekend. *sigh* last weekend of an exhibit = LOTS of people. I am not a crowd person. I’m just not. yup, there were lots of people. So while waiting in line for what felt like forever, waiting to buy tickets, I see a sign. The sign states there is no photography allowed. Gasp!!! no photography? What is that all about?! I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to take pictures….but suddenly, the decision was made for me. grrrr! I don’t like that!!! So we finally make it into the exhibit…..and it is packed. It is not fun trying to appreciate the complexities of the human body…while staring at the back of someone’s head. Plus…I have to say, the exhibit itself was a bit disappointing. Perhaps if it wasn’t so expensive, I may have different feelings….actually, I am pretty sure if it was cheaper, I would have different thoughts on it. Don’t get me wrong- there were some fascinating things, and I have to say if I hadn’t quit smoking almost four years ago, I definitely would have after seeing the cigarette smoker’s lungs. It put tears in my eyes to realize what I had been doing to my precious lungs for close to a decade. To see what my hubby continues to do to his. But all in all, it was a disappointment.

SO….since that was a bust, we decided we would head over to a nearby park that I really wanted to scope out for an upcoming session. The thing is…we are poor planners. We didn;t realize that there was an art festival going on, and it happened to be blocking our path to the park. Grrrrrr. After trying some covert driving maneuvers…we quickly realized it was going to take us waaaaaaay to long to try to get to the park. SO- that was a bust.

New adventure….let’s go get some sherbert ice cream. mmmmmmmm. how can ice cream go wrong? Well….it can. First off…it was soft-serve. ewww! Sherbert ice cream is NOT supposed to be soft-serve. it’s just not. It violates some secret code, I just know it. I decided to be daring, and get pinapple/orange twist. Big mistake. Now, at this point, I am cranky. There is a possibility that I will throw a temper tantrum. I’m tired. and hot. and really wanted some yummy ice cream. So what is a girl to do? well, take a stand is what!
              I totally showed that ice cream who was boss! I felt a little better after my personal attack against my sherbert. As I happily munched on my empty ice cream cone, I looked over to hubby to show him my glorious work, only to see this…..
        gasp! the phone…..grrrrrr! I hate that phone! hate it!!!!!! hubby is worse than a woman sometimes with that thing, it drives me nuts! and plus…anyone that knows me knows that I have a phone issue : ) I just hate them. SO….this was a bust.

So….I was grumpy, and hubby thought he would get the best of me……

      and I was all talk to the hand mister! you cannot capture the elusive me, not even when I am caught up in a grump-attack! no way! think again bucko!

So, the day was a bust….and it was all captured in happy little snapshots to remember forever and ever and ever….

February 18, 2008

It’s In The Details

I SO believe that life is in the details. One of the best things that photography has given me is the ability to see the details in our world. I love details. Which is why I love macro work so much, It allows me to see our world up close, to see the details I may have otherwise missed. The more time I spend behind the camera, the more I notice the little things in my everyday. I don’t just see dirt. I see each grain, the patterns it makes on the ground. I see the veins in blades of grass. The grain in wood, the subtle differences in color. I see things I never saw before, and I love that more than anything.

Hubby plants sunflower seeds every year. Every year, I marvel at the size, the immense beauty of these flowers, and the sudden joy they seem to bring people. I love the fuzz on the stalks, and the way the buds look, as the petals begin making their effort to break free. But this year is the first time that I noticed the beauty within the flower….it is like flowers within the flower- so beautiful!


February 16, 2008

In The Family…

look what hubby shot the other day!!!


I’m so proud of him! AND, these crops were in camera! *for you non-photogs….when your eye is not trained to see things through a viewfinder, you have a tendancy to center things, not cut things in half (like the above picture)….it is not always easy to start seeing things more artistically. So I am so proud of him that he not only cropped these this way, but did it in camera! Yay hubby!!

On another note…hubby and I have alllll weekend to hang out together! I am so excited, it has been awhile since we have had a "real" weekend to spend time together. SO….wanna know what we are doing today??? Omg, I am so excited! We are going to Bodies, The Exhibition! I have wanted to go and see this for so long….hubby? notsomuch! I think he is a tad creeped out by it, but I find it absolutely fascinating! I finally wore him down and got him to agree to go when we saw that the exhibition was ending soon. So to Sarasota we go 🙂 Yay!

February 15, 2008

The Danger Zone….

do you have a danger zone? someplace, that no matter how hard you try to stay away, and not spend money, you are drawn like a moth to a flame? me too! my danger zone is Sephora. SUCH a danger zone. I go there with the intention of just getting one thing. I swear. but it is like a candy store for me!!! I looooove Sephora. love it. it gets me into so much trouble, but I am like an addict. I just can;t get enough! Thankfully, we don’t have a Sephora store close by. That could be beyond dangerous. but we have sweet sweet internet. bwaaahaha!

So…I gave my hubby the look. he got scared. I told him I was out of my two most favorite products, that I needed to restock. did I mention he looked scared. he confirmed that I was indeed out— you can never trust an addict :p!! So off to the world of www I went, in desperate need of my stuff!

So there I was, filling my imaginary cart with my most beloved product of all time…
       this stuff is AMAZING!!! I would be absolutely lost without this stuff. seriously. it is my secret weapon.
and my other fave…
      yeah,,,,I use hairspray. that is top secret info there! listen, when you have bangs, and crazy cowlicks, hairspray has to be your best friend. it just has to be! SO there you have it. I am a hairspray girl. But this hairspray? it rocks! it is amazing! I love his products, and especially this stuff. it is just awesome, nuff said.

SO….there I was, faced with a dilemma. my little fake cart was filled with teh two things I was sent to buy. the two things i was told to buy….and buy nothing else. *sigh* what is a girl to do? I ask you! Well, duh! fill the cart up!!! needless to say, I danced with my danger zone! I had fun! I shopped! And now I will stalk the mailman for all my girly goodies!!!

so, what is your danger zone?

February 13, 2008

My Addiction is Fed….

ahhhhh, sweet technology! I was beginning to go through some serious withdrawals not having my computer! But I am happy to report that my computer is back in my possession!!!! woohooo!

It has been terrible not being able to upload all my photos from my weekend trip to Minnesota, especially seeing everyone else’s pics popping up. But finally I was able to upload tonight, and I just cannot resist sharing! Now i am sure youwould like to see the beautiful (and handsome) models we had…but I was forced to play with shots of all of my new friends first! Okay, maybe not forced….but I just couldn’t help it! I had such a good time with all of these awesome photographers, and I already miss them so much, I just had to look at some of their pictures!

These are all very behind the scenes! As a photographer, there is nothing greater than having the opportunity to watch your peers work. I can;t tell you exactly what it is…but there is just something special about it. *and of course…seeing all the chimping going on is just priceless!

      a stealth shot of Natalie Bacon…she will probably kill me when she sees it :p! this girl is good with seniors!

     and sweet southern girl Alisha Robertson…being a camera ho!

     Martha Bravo! ahhhh, where do I begin with Martha? One of the sweetest women around. I learned SO much from her in regards to exuding confidence….and of course, the proper way to say Miami *in Martha language= My Yammy! She has the cutest accent ever!

     our host, the one, the only…Mark Stein doing the thing he does best….he has the most amazing attention to detail, it was fascinating to see just how much he notices, and how big of a difference it makes with the final image.

      one of the coolest, nicest guys I have ever met (seriously!), Ken Deboe. Ken is SO nice…and so low key. He has an awesome way of integrating himself into the situation, in such a low key manner, and then you see the images he got and BAM! they are absolutely amazing!!!

      okay…so this is not the sharpest picture…but I just love it! we were shooting the cutie-pie Mariah, when poof! suddenly Ken appeared, took a shot of us shooting Mariah, and poof again!

      I am going to be so busted for posting this!!!! This is Carolyn Jones….one of the coolest chicks I have ever met! For real! She is the sweetest, funniest, craziest girl around! Every now and then you meet someone that you feel like you have known forever, and Carolyn is one of those girls! She may even break me of my phone phobia : )!!!

and finally…..the group shot, taken by the amazing Stacey Stein, Mark’s beautiful wife
        I have more shots to share…but that is all I got edited before I od’d on computer time! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

February 11, 2008

One Very Cold Weekend

I had a fun, but cold weekend. I ventured off to Minnesota….yes, you read right- Minnesota in February. Ummmm, brrrrrrr! Friday I headed off to go meet and hang out with some awesome photographers, and learn from one amazing Senior photographer, Mark Stein. It was so incredibly fun to have the opportunity to hang out with so many other people that share the same passion, and have the chance to talk shop. There is nothing better than having the chance to learn and grow.

And the models Mark had for us? I DO NOT remember anyone in my highschool looking like that! These kids were gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I cannot wait to share some of the pictures I got….as well as some fun behind the scenes shots as well!

So……why are there no photos in this post? well, it is a sad day my friends 😦 My computer was just picked up, and is headed to the doctors for some tlc this week. I will hopefully have her back by this weekend….cross your fingers! And once I have her back, I can upload some shots from this amazing weekend!

* a Kulik Photography recommendation….avoid at all costs traveling to Minnesota in February. if you do not heed this advice, you will quickly learn about the need for seat warmers, the sensation of your nose-insides freezing, and the thought that perhaps you have frostbite on every part of your body *