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October 24, 2006

poop, poop, & more poop

Here is a recap of the past two weeks:

  • air unit gets a clog, leaks, and ruins part of our brand new wood floor.
  • computer goes zzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppppppppp and never turns back on.
  • i cannot take pics without my computer, therefore I am a miserable piece of work to be around.
  • i trip and hurt my foot, ouch ouch ouch~no health insurance so it will clearly heal on it’s own.
  • did I mention I am unable to work on my photography without a computer?
  • i have a total breakdown in therapy…i hate being fat 😦
  • we discover (while driving) that my car is infested with ants.
  • my car does not start, get a jump start to hurry up and make it to psch. appt.
  • drop cell phone in parking lot at psch office, pretty pink phone is now in two pieces.
  • psch thinks I have ADD (imagine that!!!!)
  • what were we talking about?
  • car will not start to leave said appointment.
  • get another jump start and go home.
  • shut car off, will not start again.
  • hubby goes out, buys me new battery.
  • car starts this morning, turn a corner and car no longer works (suddenly I have a strong appreciation for power stearing.)
  • get car home, get a ride to work.

so here I am…on the bright side I did order a new computer so hopefully in a couple weeks I will be back in business (all thanks to my very special hero).

Until then, the poop shall continue.

October 16, 2006

Kaput :(

It is a sad day my friends. My beloved dinosaur of a computer has died. Kaput. Technically, it went a little more like BZZZZAAPPPPPPPP! So I am now in a state of mourning. In the mean time I may be a bit MIA as I can only access this thing from work…which may not be the bast way to use my time while working, you know?

October 12, 2006

Wayne’s World ~ true hollywood story

I am such a slacker! You would think it would be simple keeping up with doing a photo a day. Well you thought wrong! In my little world that’s lots of pressure apparently. Good thing I did not commit myself to the photo a day, yeah? Whew~~~~it is so not easy being a procrastinator you know! So here are a few random pics….



        these shells come from my favorite beach…you cannot go to the beach and not pick for shells! 

        I collected these bad boys when me and my mom went to the beach last time she was here visiting. I collected them for a specific scrapbook page that never came to be…but I don’t care because since then they sit it my favorite bowl from Costa Rica, and every time I look at them they make me smile because I think about my favorite country and I think about the awesome time me and mom always have when we go to the beach together.



     do you think there is anyone who can deny those big brown babies???


Remember Wayne’s World? Wayne and Garth? How could you forget such a dynamic duo! But I bet you don’t know the true story of Wayne…what ever happened to him? Well my friends…I am about to tell you! On my drive to work today I drove right by Wayne…okay, technically it was Wayne at about 42 years of age, but it was Wayne. AND he was driving a little red gremlin—seriously, who can make this crap up?! He looked a little worse for wear, but there he was. Chillin out in the gremlin with a truckers cap on. rockin a weird mullet/feathered hairdo. I wonder what middle-aged Wayne was doing. Do you think he was headed to some menial corporate job? Maybe he is married with kids, still gets christmas cards from Garth though they don’t see each other very often. Do you think he still feels not worthy, or is he in therapy working on his inferiority issues? What is he doing in nowheretown, florida? And was Queen playing on his stereo? Something to ponder.

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 7, 2006

my gates

Hubby and I have some of the most amazing people in our lives…and two in particular do some of the most incredible things for us. To say Frank and Terry are our friends would be such an understatement…to say they are more like family dosen’t cut it either. I’ll get back to you when I can make up a word that works, ok? They somehow manage to make things happen for us…as is evidence in my fantastic new gates…we have been waiting and waiting and waiting and now, no more waiting. My doggies are officially locked up…no more worries of escapees woohoo! My new little courtyard is officially completed…okay, well technically nothing is ever officially finished around here~~~~we still have to put pavers down where the table is and there is still the installation of a pond~~~for now it is officially complete. Yay!!



   did I mention hubby designed them? I think he did really good!



   I think they are bummed that there is no way out….




  So there you have it…my happy gates.

October 4, 2006

The Girl Who Doesn’t Think About Us

P5200849alt5x7web We love this girl so much…but she doesn’t think of us too much 😦  Oh, well, we still love her!


October 4, 2006

Uncooperative Bug

So, usually the bugs I shoot cooperate pretty well~even the poop bug wasn’t so bad. However, I have encountered a bug that was absolutely impossible to get even one good shot. Not one!




October 3, 2006

Funky Monkey

I am feeling funky…in a funky funk. Do you ever just feel…BLAH? That is where I am lately. Just in a weird funk…lots of sighs, mixed in with some poor mes, a little of the stomping the feet thing, and of course the obligatory "oh….nothing" when asked if something is wrong. And then, to add to my personal funk, the pressure of a photo every third day! What is a girl to do???! (seriously, I am pretty good at self-pity, huh? I have worked on it for years…I think I am getting it close to perfection) So what is a girl to do, you ask? Well, get desperate. I  have the most beautiful landscaping, awesome puppy dogs, cool items for still lifes…and all you get are my stinky feet!!!! Told you I was desperate! Strangley enough, for a girl who pretty much hates everything about her appearance, I love my feet! I always make hubby look at them and tell me how cute they are…however they look like little porky toes today. What the hell is that about?! I am going to go with they were tired from working all day. Maybe I cut the nails too short…short nails = chubby toes? Works for me!



I need to paint the piggies, huh?!


By the way…thanks mom for starting such a strange tradition of taking foot pics ;)!