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January 30, 2007

Puppy Girl



      Okay, so technically she isn’t a puppy anymore, but I will probably always call her my puppy girl. She is 2 1/2 and is still just as fiesty as ever. She is the craziest dog I have ever met….and also the happiest. When we scold her—which is often…this would be the girl that defines trouble!- she just looks at you, wagging that tail, waiting for you to finish so she can play. It is impossible to be made at Tinker~ she is too damn cute! Plus, the only trick she knows is "kisses"…and she is a pro!
The sweetest thing about my puppy girl? She is what I call hubby’s puppy prozac. It’s a loooong story, but basically goes like this; I had a dog named Milo. He was MINE—girl’s best friend to the nth degree. Unfortunately, we learned that he was not right in the head…sounds kinda funny, but believe me, it wasn’t. From the moment we got him, he HATED hubby. Would out of the blue attack him. Thankfully Milo was a Lhasa Apso, so he was little. But there was still a lot of blood on our floors in the time that we had him. Hubby chose to deal with it since me and milo were so close. (We tried NUMEROUS things, advice from the vet, even an animal behavioralist…we were going to try medication but they said he was too bad for that). After hurricane charley something changed in milo. He began attacking me. It was horrible and heartbreaking and in the end we decided that it would be best to put him down. This CRUSHED me. But I never would have expected it to have the effect it did on hubby. It broke his heart in a way that surprised me. So I wanted to get another dog. Koda is definitely daddy’s boy, and I wanted what I had with milo again. So in came Tinkerbell…the one and only time I actively defied hubby. He did. not. want. this. dog. AT ALL. He was pissssssed. Guess who fell in love???? These two are so smitten with each other! I think Tinker came into our lives for hubby. Cheesy, I know. But I really believe this. He needed her. It was so hard for him to deal with milo, the numerous attacks on him, then having to put him down. Sometimes I think he feels like it was his fault. So the love that Tinker smothers on her daddy was so needed to help him recover from that heartbreak. She is such a special puppy girl…even though she IS a lot of trouble :D!!!

January 29, 2007

Proud Mamma

I am a proud mamma…my catapiller is growing :), and, he has friends! I now have three! I have no idea where the other two came from, I did not see any other eggs, but one day I went to check on the little guy and there they were. So, these pics are not my proudest, but these little guys are too cute not to share!





      These were all taken in manual, with flash *YUCK…have I ever mentioned how much I hate using the flash? Well, I hate using the flash!

And on to the POTD…I am such a slacker!!! But I am hoping to get back on track this week. Unfortunately, this week’s theme is sports…we are SO not sports people. But- I do happen to be married to a fisherman…and believe me, can that be a sport! So, I am afraid to say, you will be seeing lots of fishing stuff this week. These are pretty noisy, but I was lazy so I left them that way, and I think it works. I think. What do you think? This reel is a reel that I try not to look at very often—it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I see it and it reminds me of what exactly he is going for, and the fact that he will be doing this in the same place that happens to be my all time favorite swimming spot. Oh, the joys of living in florida!


January 25, 2007


Your Slanguage Profile

Prison Slang: 75%

Victorian Slang: 50%

Aussie Slang: 25%

New England Slang: 25%

British Slang: 0%

Canadian Slang: 0%

I find it fascinating that I am so proficient in prison slang…but not so much with the New England slang. What the…? I am born and raised a New Englanda’ How does that happen?

What Slanguage Do YOU Speak???

January 25, 2007

Same Stuff, Different Day

You guessed it…more sunflowers. Sorry guys! I really want to do the water, but my body is currently waging a war against itself. So until the white flag is waved…



      I don’t think I like this one very much…but I am trying to learn that not everything has to be perfect!

      Speaking of not perfect- I CANNOT believe I am posting this pic, it has to be one of the worst ones I have ever taken. BUT, I wanted to share anyways. Why? This little guy is only a couple of days old, and I just think that is the neatest thing! We went to our most favorite nursery, and when we were getting ready to leave, the owner shoved this plant in my hands and said "you take". She is, by far, the cutest little old lady on the planet, and soooo nice. She flipped up one of the leaves and pointed to an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny little white speck. A catepillar egg. We actually have a whole bunch of these plants already, and every year they fill up with catepillars that turn into monarchs. But I have never seen the whole life cycle. So I am very excited to try to document this little booger as it grows. Now, if only I could get it to hang out on the TOP of a leaf instead of the underside, and face some good lighting, we will be in good shape!!

January 24, 2007

Dried Up

No water today 😦  It’s sorta pitiful that I can’t do the water thing, what with living in Florida and all. I drive by soooo much water just on my way to work, BUT, I have been blessed with a body far older than my actual age. I have terrible joints, and at times things act up. This would be one of those times. And this is on top of my knee that is recovering from a yucky dislocation. So all I really felt like shooting yesterday was a Vicodin going down the hatch 😀 But that is no fun! So you get a couple more sunflowers instead! Hopefully things will feel better and I can get out there today!




I completely forgot to write down my settings 😦 If you want them, let me know and I will get them. As always, HHCC is appreciated!!! TFL!

January 22, 2007

Week Four….how many more?????

Phew! This is some hard work! Even with the weekly theme suggestions…it is HARD! Hard to keep up with, hard to find stuff to shoot, hard to take the time to upload….it is alllllll hard. But sooo worth it! I am learning all sorts about myself, and all the other Peas, and every time I shoot in manual I remember how just last month I was terrified of it! Yay me. So, this week’s theme is water. Lucky me 🙂 I just so happen to live in Florida…water everywhere! So let’s start with my backyard…

     manual  f/5.6  1/50  iso125    that’s my dock. Isn’t it pretty? Hubby and friends built it a couple years ago to replace the yucky one we used to have. Sadly, on a fairly regular basis I forget just how lucky I am to live where I do. We see dolphin often. Actually, very often. We have seen manatees. Huge groups of stingray. Itty bitty glowing jelly fish. Phosphorus in the water~which is the most amazing thing EVER…imagine everything glowing the most beautiful green. Before hurricane Charley, there was a HUGE alligator living too close. Thankfully, Charley seems to have relocated it…the only good outcome of that damn storm;) We have a great variety of fish to catch (and release, of course!). And with the water comes the water birds. Ducks of all sizes. Egrets. Osprey. We really are very lucky.

     manual  f/3.5  1/10  iso125     Does this work? I am looking for honesty!! This was basically a crap picture, but I felt like playing, so I played. Does it work, or should it make it’s way towards the recycle bin????

     manual  f/3.5  1/40  iso125    My mom-in-law got this candle for us for christmas and it is so pretty, and smells gorgeous. I don’t want to burn it, it is too pretty! I couldn’t get my white right, so I converted it. Any and all CC and HHCC is more than welcome!

January 20, 2007

Playing Catch Up!

Ahhhhhh, desperation. Who knew it would set in quite so quickly with this challenge? Anyone who is not participating probably thinks this is easy. Believe us when we say IT ISN’T!!!! I have ignored this week’s recommended theme of "show us your hometown"…my town sucks. That is pretty much the only way to state it. The only good thing around here is all the water…which happens to be next’s week theme….so I am saving it! So here are my photos from the week….


      Okay, I didn’t actually take this one, hubby did! I was really proud of him because this was a tricky shot. This little orchid is actually in our frog tank, so it is tricky getting the camera in there. And then to make it worse, it is directly under a fleurescent light, so it can be super hard to not get a purple tint…but he did it! Yay hubby!
      And now…my desperation! I spent some time on the floor….

     manual  f/3.5  1/1  iso125   I know this pic is far from perfect, the focus is definitely off. BUT- this totally shows poor Punky after a tuff trip to the vet’s. She was so upset and moped the whole day!!

     manual  f/4  1/3  iso125    told you I was desperate! I love this ball…Koda has had it for years, and when we first bought it for him it scared him so much. Everytime you squeezed it it would say "he shoots, he scores!" and there was the roar of a crowd—scared the crap out of him! I had to get on the floor and play with it to show him it was okay…and now it is one of his faves!

      manual  f/4.5  iso125   There is absolutely NO WAY you can spend time on the floor without Tinker making her way over!

     manual  f/3.5  iso125   I love Koda’s feet…they’re so furry.

     manual  f/3.5  1/2  iso125   Another one that is less than perfect…but look at that face! I love him!

     manual  f/3.5  1  iso125   Tinker NEEDS to have this bell on her collar. Why? She is such a trouble maker, it lets us know where she is all the time!!

     manual  f/3.5  1/4  iso125    look at that cute little pink nose! Tinker is a Maltese, but she is lucistic…a form of albino. She has pale eyes, and pink skin. Some people think she is funny looking. I think she is so adorable!!

     manual  f/3.5  1/50  iso125   what’s with the duck? Well, when you get your order from Pixel2Canvas, you also get your very own duck. How appropriate mine had a crown!

     manual  f/3.5  1.6  iso125   one more shoe for you. I was bored, what can I say?  Remember, hhcc is always appreciated!!!

January 16, 2007

Happy Shoes

I love these shoes so much! I just think they are the cutest things, and when I look down at my feet when I am wearing them, they make me happy.
In case you haven’t noticed…I am rebelling against the calander this week :D! My town is too boring, plus I am a dork and never really go anywhere, so the pics would be super boring. So this week is all about randomness!

     manual  f/3.5  1/3  iso400  flash used
This was a bit overexposed, but I like the overall look after some pp-ing. So my question is this…how do you compensate for the flash when shooting in manual? Manual is very new to me, and I pretty much never use a flash, so this was all new-and confusing- to me. Any advice?

January 15, 2007

Fluff n’ Stuff


     shot in auto—I was lazy today :(!
Are you wondering what you are looking at? I was too when I first saw it! As I went to adjust the couch cushins I found this big clump of fluff tucked behind them, shoved in the corner. My little Tinker, who is sooooo lucky she is as cute as she is, has discovered a nice little hole in one of our pillows, and has apparently been systematically pulling the stuffing out and saving it for later. I am thinking, with all her adventures, I could proabably satisfy all my POTD shots with the results of said adventures! It is something new everyday. Thank goodness she is only a maltese, and not a great dane!!! She is lucky we love her so much—she gets away with waaaay too much!
And this, another auto shot (I am hanging my head) is condensation in my teapot. I am not sure how I am liking it. I thought the drops were cool, but the photo is a bit dark and I am not sure how I feel about it. Opinions?

January 14, 2007

Yup, More Old Stuff…

…the more you visit this blog, the more you will realize I have a serious issue when it comes to making choices~ and so, you will see LOTS of photos usually. I apologize now 🙂 So, with these cameras, I tried, I really did. But I was so fascinated by these things that I just couldn’t do it!! I just find them so interesting and had to share all their mysterious parts. So here they are, in all their glory…

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/6  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/10  iso100

     I didn’t write my settings down 😦 It is safe to assume the f-stop was 3.5 and the iso was 100.

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/13  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/10  iso100 ~ Here is where I really couldn’t do it! This camera fascinates me! It seems so old, and has so many strange little parts…this one is by far my most favorite find!

     manual  f/3.5  1/4  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/4  iso100 } yup…super overexposed, but for some reason it appeals to me…what is your opinion?

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100

      manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100

     manual  f/3.5  1/5  iso100  – this box came with the camera…all for $15!!

     manual  f/3.5  1/6  iso100

     manual  f/8  1/2  iso100

And THAT is it…I am so sorry there were so many of them! I just couldn’t help it 😀 If you promise to keep visiting, I will promise to try and pare things down a bit, okay?! Oh, and hhcc is totally welcome!