doing things as only I can

So I left on the jet plane. a day late. oops. I have issues with being on time for things. I have major issues with understanding the distance from my house to the airport in Tampa. There is no reason for this, since I have made the drive more times than I can count and can practically do it blindfolded.

So there I stood, tears in my eyes, as they told me I could not get on the plane (which I think was a lie, just for the record.). But oh well, I was the one that was late afterall. So I went home, moped. cried. moped a little more. pouted. and then I bought another ticket. and back to the airport I went the following day. on time.

I had fun. I shopped. I ate. I gossiped. I had girl time. I had fun. and then it was time to leave :(  and the night before I left, one little chicky of the house got hit with a stomach bug. the following day, I did what any smarty-pants would do….I knocked on wood. yup, I don't get stomach bugs knock-knock-knock. Fear not, I can't remember the last time I got a stomach bug knock-knock-knock. idiot.

So onto the plane I went. I settled in and pouted briefly that I got stuck with a window seat. I got teary-eyed that I was leaving. and then I remembered I had peanut m&ms. mmmmmmm. all is well in the world now. We took off. I munched on the peanut and chocolate goodness. I read my book and rocked out to my music. I attempted to not smell the very bad perfume sitting behind me. and then oh sweet jesus I don't feel ok. oh no. no no no. NO. please don't let this be happening to me. puh-lease. I can't be that passenger. I can't. I won't. Please don't let me be that puking passenger. I counted the rows to the bathroom. I stared at the puke-bag. I weighed my options- and none of them looked good.

I propped myself up with the tray. I covered my nose with one sweater sleeve and my eyes with the other. I turned my music off, but kept the ear buds in. My senses were officially shut off. And then I did what any good OCD person does. I counted. I distracted myself with numbers and counted and counted and then counted some more. And we landed. oh my god, we landed and I was not that passenger.

I sat next to the restrooms while I waited for my bags. I called my husband crying. Begging him to come rescue me. I threatened to sleep in the back of my car. I vowed to never fly again. I treked what felt like miles, and finally made it to my car. Thank god I am lazy and still have a buttload of gear in my backseat from a shoot I did a couple weeks ago, because otherwise, I would have curled up and proceeded to die a slow death in my backseat.

Needless to say, I had a very long drive home. I got to know the side of I-275 very well. I will never eat peanut m&ms again. and I will never knock on wood again….because apparently I do get the flu. And I just did a week on the couch to prove it.

So I got my trip off to a rocky start, and ended it on a very puke-y note….but the stuff in between? SO worth it.


2 Comments to “doing things as only I can”

  1. OMG that is seriously a funny story…I am sorry that you were sick and but like a true friend, I laughed at your pain, which is how you know I love ya!

  2. OMG, so cringing as I read this… I’ve been that passenger (meds didn’t take too well that flight) AND I am now sitting here on the couch with the flu. OOOOoooh, I feel your pain.

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