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August 29, 2009

Shoo Fly

and in conclusion to the re-appearing mojo visit….some flies for your viewing pleasure. Back in '06 I made this blog post, and the fly shot in that post is my proudest photography moment. I have been fearful of trying to make it happen again…fearful that it was really just dumb luck and had nothing to do with my ability as a photographer. I have had many opportunities to make the attempt, but let fear hold me back. I finally decided it was stupid…I would either be able to get the shot again, or I wouldn't. But either way, at least it would be settled. I suppose it is now settled.

07-18-09 fly-lizard-29-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-30-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-35-WEB

07-18-09 fly-lizard-10-WEB

and I know that I already posted this one, but since it is my blog and I can do what I want, I am posting it one more time, because I am madly and deeply in love with it……

07-18-09 fly-lizard-33-WEB

August 24, 2009

Lizard Breath

Remember that time my mojo made a guest appearance? Wouldn't it have been nice if I actually posted some of those pictures instead of just posting some teasers? That's what I thought too.

I love this one….he's eyeing the prize….

07-18-09 fly-lizard-28-WEB 

This fly was feeling pretty daring on this afternoon!

07-18-09 fly-lizard-5-WEB 

07-18-09 fly-lizard-2-WEB 

07-18-09 fly-lizard-7-WEB 

07-18-09 fly-lizard-13-WEB 

I would like to marry this light…..just sayin'

07-18-09 fly-lizard-24-WEB 


August 21, 2009

Be Inspired


This video was created by Zack Arias. He created this video, which created quite the stir in the photography world, and also elicited this response. While trying to figure out what to do, Derrick arrived on Zack's door.

I feel compelled to share this video. I feel like it needs to reach as many people as possible. There is a message to be heard, and Derrick delivers that message loud and clear. At this time in my life, this message could not come at a better time. Thank you, Derrick, and thank you Zack Arias for continually inspiring SO many of your peers.    

August 19, 2009

Moody Mug

I am avoiding exercising. I decided if I am going to avoid exercising, I should do something else that I have been avoiding. The dreaded external. Have I told you lately how much I hate the organization of photos? Have I?! But it needs to be done, so I am trying to alot some time each day to the task.

the fun thing? you find oldies but goodies. like this moody mug….it makes me wonder, what was I thinking about when I took this? I vaguely remember snapping the shutter for this…and I am pretty sure I had just come from an exceptionally brutal hour of therapy. Is it really good for you when you come off the couch looking like this?!


August 17, 2009

The Best Text….EVER

Last Wednesday I went to see Dave Matthews Band in Tampa. It would be my third show in two weeks, because I am a crazy fan that way. I upgraded from lawn to section 10…..fantastical! Could it get any better? Yup.

While sitting at work on Wednesday I got a text from April (my most favorite cohort in Dave shananigans). It went like this….

April: Are you excited?

Me: I am, but I am also sad that you aren't here to go with me.

and then…..she stepped into my office doorway and asked "are you excited NOW?"

WHAT?! Yup….best text ev-ER.

August 14, 2009

For The Love of Light

You hear photographers talk about light. We love light. A lot. Light can completely and totally change a photograph. While playing in my yard I was able to catch an example of meh vs. yeah! light.

07-18-09 fly-lizard-38-WEB 

07-18-09 fly-lizard-39-WEB 

I did not create the difference you see here in post-production….both of these photos were edited exactly the same. The only thing that is different is the light. Behind me to the left is a lot of bamboo….and also the sun. It was a breezy day and the sun was playing a game of peek-a-boo through the bamboo leaves. I waited patiently for the sun to hit this dried leaf…and snapped it up as soon as it did. Being patient was worth it- it took this photo from meh to yeah!

August 5, 2009

The most amazing weekend a fangirl could EVER ask for….

disclaimer— if you cannot appreciate how much of a fan I am of Dave Matthews Band, you may want to just ignore this post, because it will be long, and filled with fangirl ramblings. But I HAVE to share this awesomeness, so there.

Let me lay the groundwork: One of my best friends lives in Indiana. She is a huge Dave fan. Last year she and her sister flew me out to see Dave with them. I have no one here at home that appreciates Dave to the same degree that I do, so I have never had anyone to go to a concert with. This new plan was perfect and we decided to make a tradition of it. This year, I wanted to go to both concerts (Friday and Saturday night) and April was all for it. Because we were seeing two, she decided it would be easier for us to just get a hotel. And that is where the amazingness begins.

Actually….it begins with this:
The start 

hunger. we were hungry. It was LATE. The hotel vending machine only had soda, so we asked the front desk where we could find some food. She directed us to Steak & Shake. We headed out the doors that she told us to use, and had to let a couple in, who were having problems with their key card. They informed us that when we returned, not to use that entrance because the lock appeared to be not working. THANK YOU broken lock. On our way back, we headed around the block to find another entrance and were met with the most amazing scene a fangirl can ever imagine. Tour buses. many of them. parked at your very own hotel. GAH!

The buses

We did some investigating, and these buses were very much the Dave buses. There were a few tears shed at the realization that we were thisclose to our dream. We paced. We talked ridiculously fast. We paced some more. We decided we would need to wake SUPER early in the morning and park ourselves at these buses. And then April glanced down the street. She saw the bar that Stefan, the bass player, had facebooked the previous night. THANK YOU Facebook. and she saw more buses. Again, I say, GAH!

You need to understand….I have listend to Dave Matthews Band since I was in highschool. I have probably 40 Dave cds. At work, I listen to the AOL radio station "all dave matthews band". Really. For 8 hours, monday through thursday, that is ALL I listen to. I am that much of a fan. Come on, I have "Daily Dave" right over there in the side bar of this blog…..this band is a HUGE part of my life. And now? Now I have a real possibility of seeing/meeting them?! GAH!

We start making our way to the bar, when I strop. What are we doing?! We can't just go in there….we need camera! Pens for autographs! Money to buy these awesome men drinks! So we scurry back to our hotel. We run to the room. April remembers she is hungry. She attempts to eat….no can do my friend! Who can eat when they are about to meet Dave?! We get the goods, we take an obligatory self portrait. This is what two fangirls look like when they are about to head out to meet their most favorite band EVER:


So off we go. Hyperventilating a bit. Sweating alot. And in that short time? The bar is CLOSED. WHAT?! We have a moment of panic. Real panic. Then we see the rest of the buses. We are reminded, they are not gone yet. We will wait. For as long as neccessary. But we WILL meet these men. We will. We decided to head back to the hotel, and arise bright and early and wait at the buses. Because, yes, we are most certainly those fans.

We cross the street, as we are passing a restaurant with outdoor seating, two 11ish-year-olds come bolting out of a hotel accross the street, heading to the restaurant, screaming to their dad. They are holding drumsticks. They are rambling fangirl talk. Me and April look at each other. Is this IT? We ask if they just met Dave. "No." oh. "But we just met Stefan and Rashawn and and and and. These girls give us THE scoop. Dave is not there because he has his girls with him, Boyd doesn't drink and neither does Tim. But everyone else is there. Just go in. Take the elevators to the second floor, the party is there. It took us three times, but we finally got in." THANK YOU 11ish-year-old girls that are freakishly in the know!!!

We make the decision. We are going in. We go into the hotel. We head to the elevators. We hit floor 2. This is IT. We get out…and sure enough, hear the sounds of a party. again, I say GAH! We round the corner and have one obstacle in between us and the party- the security guard. We make an attempt at smoothness and try to walk right in. No go. He asks if he can help us. I tell him we are headed to the party. He asks if we have a guest pass. ummmm, no? Do you know someone in there? ummmmm, no. He stares at us stearnly for a moment. Then gives the head nod that every fangirl wants to see. The head nod that says, go ahead. THANK YOU awesome security guard!

We go in. We stand out like sore thumbs. We tackle the obstacle of a drunkenly obnoxious man like pros. We scan the room. Most of the band is gone….but immediately we see Jeff Coffin, the new saxophone player, and Rashawn Ross the trumpet player. Jeff is in the middle of a conversation, so we make our way over to Rashawn, who is sitting alone. We introduce ourselves. We make awkard fangirl conversation. We shake his hand probably three times each. I am told I have a very firm handshake…thank you Rashawn Ross for the brand new complex. It will be my most prized complex. We chicken out and do not ask for an autograph or a photo. Jeff is still deep in conversation. We chicken out again. We head to the lounge area to come up with a plan. Do we just wait for them to come out? We cannot bring ourselves to inerrupt his conversation.

Awesome security guard approaches. We think wea re busted and he will tell us to leave if we are done. Nope. He asks us if we met them. We explain we don't want to be rude. He tells us they are all super nice, just go in and say hi. We are chickens. So what does awesome security guy do? He gets our names, makes sure he gets it straight who is who, and drags us back into the party where he interrupts the conversation and says "Jeff, I would like for you to meet my friends April and Kristie." GAH! A quick backstory on the band-the original saxophone player, LeRoi Moore, passed away last summer, and Jeff Coffin was brought in to take over. We had said that he has HUGE shoes to fill, and there was the question, "can he do it?" After seeing Friday's concert, it was apparent, HE CAN, and DID, DO IT! The man was beyond amazing. He brought it, and I was SOOOOO excited to get to tell him so. So I did. And then we chatted, and April threw in that I do photography……THANK YOU April! Come to find out, Jeff is into photography as well, and we spent the next twenty minutes talking cameras, websites providers, photoshop, creativity, everything!!! He wrote down his website for me, as well as a friends, and asked that I send him a link to mine when I get it. GAH! We ended the night with my most favorite of photos….the self portrait!


Remember those 11ish-year-olds? They gave us major scoop on the band, which we confirmed with the security guard. Check out time was 2pm the following day. They use the front door. Everyone we want to see will be there *wink*wink*. Get there early, hundreds of people will be there.

After three hours of sleep for me, and four for Arpil, we managed to get there in time. We managed to get prime real estate. And we waited. And yup…everyone we would want to see (with the excpetion of Carter, the drum player…Carter, where were you?!) was most definitely there!

People like Stefan Lessard, the bass player…..


photo? check! autograph? check!

and super duper shy Tim Reynolds….


and Boyd Tinsley…..insanely amazing violin player…..


autograph? check!

and oh….I don't know, maybe a little tease of DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


no autograph….there seemed to have been a major setback  their schedule, I think they were running very late, but he took the time to shake hands. I missed him by a FRACTION OF AN INCH. seriously. But April? She touched him. TOUCHED DAVE MATTHEWS. there is a slight possibility that she also licked his sweat, but that is another story all together. really.

That, my friends, is how a fangirl does it. I am finding it impossible to set foot back down on reality. I think that I am ok with that. I fear I will annoy everyone in my life fore quite some time the story about that time that I met the band. I think I am ok with that too.

You can see the complete photo album on my Facebook page —> HERE

*A HUGE thank you to Dave Matthews Band fans…seriously. They are amazing. This photographer has a horrid confession to make….both my phone AND my camera batteries died within one minute of each other. No exaggeration. I brought my camera on the trip…with no charger. sigh. All the photos after Stefan were shared with us by the awesome fans that we spent the afternoon with. If it was not for them, I would have no photographic proof of this crazy dream that became reality! so really…..THANK YOU!!!!!

**one more confession….the two concerts were SO amazing that I couldn't stand it, and bought tickets to go see them in Tampa next week!!! (and just for the record, non-fans, because I have been asked this….NO, the concerts are not the same. They play different playlists at all the shows. Friday and Saturday were two COMPLETELY different shows. so there.)

***if you made it this far, you seriously deserve some sort of prize!

August 2, 2009

Hi, my name is Kristie and I am one of “those” Dave Matthews Band fans

…and I have a story to tell you!!!!! But you have to wait 🙂 How's that for a tease?! But I want you to trust me on this…it will be well worth the wait. I am in Indiana for two Dave shows, AMAZING events transpired, and as soon as I get home and upload the photos I will share the amazingness with you. Hi, my name is Kristie and I am one of

I am one happy Dave fan, just sayin'.