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June 27, 2009

Inspiration Sneak-Attack

I am the first to admit that my level of dork is high. So I am not ashamed to say that I actually look forward to summers not because of the prospect of sand between my toes or ice cream cones or lazy days in the sun, but because my favorite tv show, So You Think You Can Dance, will be airing. I cannot get enough if this show. To watch people completely and totally wrapped up in their passions is exciting to me. It inspires me.

But it recently took it's level of inspiration to a whole new level for me. It gave me an inspiration sneak attack. One of the judges, Lil' C, was givng critique, and made the following statements:

"A lack of confidence is the heaviest anchor you can put on your creativity and your art."

Read that again.

Wow. My mojo actually came into form, stepped out of the televison, looked down at me lounging on the couch and flicked me on the forehead.

June 22, 2009

What big eyes you have!

I technically don't have anything witty to say. and no excitement to write about. such is life. But I do have these photos. They are nothing spectacular, but they are another great example of how to make the most out of your little point and shoot cameras.

This is one of our red eyed tree frogs. I was getting ready to go to bed when I saw this uy completely and totally posing, practically begging for me to get the camera. The photopgrapher's dillema; do I attempt to get the slr into this aquarium and shoot without being able to see what I am doing, and also risk losing the moment, or do I just say screw it, grab the p&s and finally find a benefit to those damn live view screens? yup, I said screw it. It was late, The angle would not have allowed me much room for my slr. I was tired. So these were taken with my little camera, set to macro, flash turned off. lazy photos that turned out pretty good!




June 13, 2009

Textured, for your pleasure.

I have spent the past two days at the beach. This is somewhat of a big deal for me. I will let you in on a little secret….I have lived in Florida for the past 12 years. I have never once gone to the beach alone. Ever. I am a scaredy cat, plain and simple. I am simply not a fan of doing things on my own. It is one of my biggest character faults. So I have decided this year is the year to address that issue. And so, I found myself at the beach, allllll alone. And an amazing thing happened….nothing happened! No one tried to steal me away. The world did not come crashing down on me. And to top it off…I didn't even get a sunburn! AND AND AND, the park ranger lady gave me HER parking place. Woot! How exciting to get to park in an "authorized vehices only" spot, KNOWING you are SO not getting a ticket (and knowing otherwise you may STILL be waiting for a place to park)!

I am a Pisces through-and-through. And so the water has super powers over me. I pout if I am near water that I cannot actually go into. Stomp my feet pouting. I have been stressed for oooooooh, about a year now, so spending two days in the water was just what the doctor ordered.

Since my mojo has yet to arrive on my doorstep I voted against the idea of bringing my "real" camera and instead just grabbed the point and shoot. I have a fascination with all the textures the beach has to offer. Especially this particular beach, with all of its fallen trees.


You have to walk just over a mile to get to this spot, but let me tell you, it is worth every hot, tiring step (yes, that's right, I whine the whole way, what of it?). It feels as if you have entered a new world, that you have suddenly found yourself on a deserted island and at any moment Wilson will appear.

I have been ruminating over this post on Erin Vey's blog and decided to put my little Sony Cyber-shot (for the record, I SO did not pay that price! the camera is only a couple hundred bucks) to the test. I put it onto the macro mode, turned off the flash (always turn your flash off if lighting permits…you will notice a big difference in the way your shots look!) and snapped away at all those awesome textures that the beach had to offer.

These were all taken on auto mode, and edited as I normally edit in Photoshop. 


this next shot made me so happy to see such great depth of field from such a basic camera! 
what? you didn't know we have purple lizards in Florida?

that's right people, I have the poor man's ipod, and I love it for all it's itty bitty goodness!


So remember…it is not the fancy camera that takes fantastic photos. It is the person operating the camera that works the magic. Don't let yourself think that you cannot take great photos simply because you do not have the camera that all the pros use. Think creatively. Try changing your perspective. Look at things from different angles. Make whatever camera you have work for you.

June 3, 2009

The incredible level of my lameness. It’s incredible. Really.

My lameness seeps out of every pore on my body. I am sure of it. I reek of lame. Really, I do.


a) the fact that I am even sharing this info clearly shows how my lameness interferes with the regularly scheduled programming of my life

b) just read on, you'll see.

I went to work in crotchless pants today. For real. Who goes to work without realizing a good four inches of ventilation has been installed into their pants? ME. That's who.

drowning in lameness. and not too proud to share it.