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May 31, 2012

The Vacation Photo Post

The first week of May I stepped on a plane and headed up to New Hampshire for my fairly-annual trip to see two of my most favorite people- my mom and my best friend.

I want to show you all the photos I took of the beautiful landscapes. The portraits I took of my friends girls. The lovely self-portrait of me and my mom. But I can’t show you them….because my camera remained in it’s comfy little spot in it’s bag. Because that is the kind of photographer I am 😉

There was an epic battle. It looked something like this:

“Real” Camera vs. Cellphone Camera

I think it’s clear who the loser was. I choose to blame the six days of rain I experienced.

So instead, I will give you a breakdown of my trip in the form of Instagram photos:

So as you can see…this photographer might have failed even at taking cellphone photos 🙂 I like to think it was because I was too busy enjoying the company.

I should point out the first photo, in the upper left corner, is actually Florida. I believe that was the Sunshine State’s way of giving me the middle finger upon my return. After spending most of my vacation dodging rain drops, I spent my drive home staring at the thunderclouds building right over where I was headed.

My trip, as it always is, was fabulous. My mom geeked out and decided it was completely normal to celebrate my birthday almost exactly two months late. Princess crown and all. She made me a money tree, which realllly sent mixed messages and went completely against all those lectures I heard growing up. We saw mountains and oceans and all the land in between. She gladly tagged along for the no-longer-endless search for The. Perfect. Sneakers.

I was able to spend a great day with a best friend that has been in my life for what feels like forever. I spent a day with my most favorite aunt in the whole world. I had breakfast with my most favorite cousin in the whole world. I ate an embarassing amount of fried food. I did more shopping than I thought I was capable of 🙂 I saw not one, but two groundhogs (hey, I am easily excitable!).

We drove. We talked. We ate. We shopped. We talked more. Conversation. Wonderful Conversation.

My trips back “home” are always bittersweet. It reminds me of all that I am missing. My friend said it perfectly when she said it is almost easier not to see each other….because saying goodbye….well, it’s hard.

This trip was particularly hard, because due to my starting school in a couple of months, and then hopefully after that getting a new job, I am not exactly sure when it will be that I will find myself in the place, and with the people, that I miss the most.

May 20, 2012


It seems I have forgotten to send some postcards!

I dusted off the cobwebs on my keyboard to apologize for disappearing. I was busy with some stuff that looked a little like this:

I went away. I came back. My friend came to visit. She went away.

We will now return to the regularly scheduled programming.