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March 31, 2008


….sometimes you need to get up and get out.

sometimes I procrastinate. for no reason really, it is just in my nature. but other times….other times I make a conscience decision to set aside the things that "need" to be done, and go do the things that NEED to be done. I did that this weekend.

There are computer battles I should have been busy fighting (because yes, those are still not solved). There were a lot of dishes to be done. Laundry piled up. I should have been busy cleaning my dust-magnet house. I should have been doing my taxes (because yes, those have yet to be filed *gasp*). I did none of these things. Instead, I did nature. that’s what I call it, when I have the need to be outdoors, doing something fun, being under the big sky…doing nature.

So this weekend, we did nature. We went to Myakka River State Park, with our bikes in tow. Now, let’s get one thing straight- I am not physically fit. at all. I am overweight. my exercise is lifting cheesy puffs to my mouth. but I am trying to change that, and it just so happens that for me, riding a bike is a very close second to swimming when it comes to how it makes me feel. I feel free when I ride a bike. I feel like I am flying. My worries disappear. My butt tends to hurt after awhile too….but I try not to think of that!

So biking we went. and went. and went. Apparently…I didn’t think this one through. Myakka is HUGE. seriously, this place is really really big. So my bright idea was to ride the paved roads of the whole park, scope out the trails, and once we completed all the paved roads we would pick one of the trails that we had looked at. I should also point out…I have never done off road biking. and did I mention that I am NOT fit?!

So I was doing fine, having fun. We complete the pavement, hit the trail. doo-de-dooooo, I am having fuuuuuun! we hit sand. o.m.g. sand+bike+overweight girl on bike= pure misery! but fear not! I make it through the wretched sand, and I am back to having fun! We pedal along, come to a three way on the trail and see people up ahead. We decide we don’t want to bother the happy hikers, so we stop and decide what to do next. Hubby says "let’s turn back", I say "no way! I am having fun, let’s just go to the right!" so to the right we go….and I am peddaling. and peddaling. ummmm, and sweating. and huffing and puffing. I think I am dizzy. oh boy, I can’t breathe. hmmmm, will it hurt if I fall off my bike? I yell ahead to hubby, tell him I need to stop NOW. So there I was, saying how great I was feeling, let’s go slow poke! and pow! 2.5 seconds later, I think I may be dying! gotta love the Florida heat.

I rehydrate, hop back on. Off we go. yup, I am having fun. until I think that once again, I may be dying! we stop, I whine. I feel better and get back on bike. I peddal. I huff. I puff. my chubby little legs are shaking. yup, I am definitely dying this time. I just know it. we stop. the tram full of tourists comes puttering by, stopping to look at the birds, the palms, and the poor girl on the side of the road that is quite possibly dying.

I manage to get back onto the demon bike that has somehow sucked the life out of my bum. it hurts, yet it is numb at the same time. a mystery I will never understand. I pedal sloooooowly. I think I may have whined a bit more. thinking back, seeing the look on hubby’s face, perhaps it was more than just a bit. We make it back to the car. I swear I am dying. I plop down on the ground. I pull out my handy little wipes….because if I am dying, well, my hands better at least be clean! I crawl to my car and state the facts to hubby- I am not fit. I can’t feel my bum. I am tired and hot and sweaty. Let’s do this again next weekend too!

It was fun and hard and hot and tiring and I loved every single minute of it. I am happy that I made the decision to put "life" on hold, and went out and lived! 

March 26, 2008

Yeah, That’s Me…

SO, the "here fishey" post? first off…all the positive fishey vibes paid off, and my friends placed second! wooohoooo!!! And also….it made me aware that apparently someone thinks that *they* hold the world record for Marlin. hmph!

My friend had no idea that little ‘ol me was immersed in the fishing world….and I had no idea that she was either! She also informed me that her uncle holds the world record for Blue Marlin….ummmmm, I don’t think so mister. You may technically hold the record, but really, in my mind? It is mine. allllll mine! thankyouverymuch.

so yeah, this is really me. no, I am not even close to being this skinny anymore (this was seven years ago, three days before I got married- awwwww!). yes, I did all the work. ALL of it. I was hot. and tired. and very sea sick. and I still did it! I have never worked so hard in all of my life! My legs hurt for days…days!!!

oh, by the way…this is Maui, Haawii just in case you were wondering.


So there it is, a blast from the past! I cannot believe I posted this…but I promised you Chelsey!!! 

March 25, 2008

Migraines Hurt.

I get migraines. not often….but I think getting one even once is often enough. they kick my butt and take names. While I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember, the migraine thing is fairly new.

I got my first one nearly nine years ago, and thought I was going blind. I couldn’t see properly, and it scared the poo out of me. I thought I was going to need to call in sick to work, but within thirty minutes my vision got better and off to work I went. Hours later, out of nowhere, it felt as though someone had punched me, and I encountered a pain I had never experienced before. A drop you to your knees pain. put tears in your eyes. remove all rational thinking kind of pain. I went home. and proceeded to suffer through my very first migraine. Since that time, it seems that each year the migraines become a bit more common. This year? It has not been pleasant. I have progressed to migraines accompanied by vomiting. yup, not so pretty.

Yesterday, I was visited by the evil migraine monster. waaaaaa! I felt funny all day, but thought little of it. When I finally got home from work I went outside with my happy little puppers and KABAM! drop you to your knees pain. it hurts to move your eyes even a fraction of an inch. my forehead actually hurt. hurt to the touch. I was fully prepared to at any moment start living through and Aliens moment, like when Sigorney Weaver has the little critter trying to break out of her tummy….only I was sure it would be the migraine monster forcing it’s way out of my poor little forehead. I have never felt anything like this! I am a dork, and had to inspect things in the mirror….you know, make sure if anything busted out of my forehead I would at least have an opportunity to see it. I was amazed that I could not actually see my forehead pulsating….I was SURE the throbbing I was feeling on the inside was going to be visable on the outside as well. Apparently I am just too dramatic for my own good.

I made my way to the kitchen, took some migraine medication, and fell to the couch where I proceed to fight with all my power to keep my lunch right where it belongs…in my tummy. About three hours later, as fast as it came on, it was gone. yay!

So there ya go. Migraines hurt. in case you ever wondered, now you know. they hurt. a lot.

and because a photog’s blog isn;t complete without some photos! a couple more belly pics…….


March 21, 2008

Major Malfunction

I think it was the movie "Heathers" where Winona Ryder used the line "what’s your major malfunction"…well, I feel like I have been screaming this at my computers all week. I am ready to take drastic measures….I am ready to pour a can of coke on these evil devices. I think it may be my only escape. You know when you get to the point where technology actually brings tears to your eyes, you are so frustrated? where you start fantasizing of dropping computers from really tall buildings? or *gasp* you start thinking maybe the world wouldn’t be so bad without computers and all that come with them. I am there.

I *finally* got all my programs moved over to my new system, got my screen all calibrated, which always makes me so happy…and then woohoooo! I can start editing the funnest family session ever. except I can’t. It seems my new (borrowed) system doesn;t have as much memory as I had expected. *sigh* it takes waaaaaaay too long to simply open a photo, let alone apply any real editing to it. did I mention *sigh*?!?!?!

March 20, 2008

Here Fishey Fishey Fishey

ok, so this post has nothing to do with photography, but sometimes you just need to give a shout-out, you know? My friend, Mr. Robert Moore, is in the middle of an amazing experience. Robert is fishing the Quiznos Mad Fin Shark Tournament down in the Keys right now.

What is this tournament? Taken from the Mad Fin site:
Quiznos Madfin Shark Series, the award-winning program on ESPN2, is the most dangerous catch and release, light tackle, shark fishing series on television. This is what happens when the ocean’s most fearsome predators come face to face against the world’s smartest.

I live in a world of fishing…not by choice mind you, but nonetheless, I am surrounded by it by marriage. I have a gynormous Tarpon mount hanging in my house. Seriously. I have no tolerance for fishing shows. They are so boring. and long. and boring. BUT….the Mad Fin series? It is a whole new species people! This show is amazing, and keeps even me interested. *and not only interested, but usually hanging off the edge of my seat because it is so dramatic. And though I am biased and happen to think the best part of the show is when they are showing Robert and his fishing partner, Mike. They are fun. They are clowns. And sometimes…they almost fall off their boat : )
Oh, and it is catch and release. Gotta love catch and release…the only way to fish!

So there it is, a quick shout-out to my friend. I am so proud of him and his partner! This tournament is invitational only, it has been going for three years, and Robert has been invited all three years! That is something to be very proud of.

So my dear readers, send positive, happy fishey thoughts to my friends! It is windy windy windy right now, so the fishing is challenging, to say the least! Happy Fishey Thoughts!!! As Robert would say, Tight Lines!


March 18, 2008

GigaBytes and BabyBellies

*sigh* *sigh* *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* <— was that dramatic? I have been known to have a flair for drama, and I am feeling it lately! You know how everyone sings the praises of technology? this week I hate technology, and I declare all those people liars. Technology is not wonderful. It is annoying. Sometimes I wonder if computers were put on this earth not to advance the human race…but to test the patience of me. a bit narcassistic, perhaps, but how I feel : )

This week I would like to take my computer and throw it in the canal, but then I would complain about not having internet access…..woe is me! Instead of abusing my little laptop, I am in the process of setting up a desktop system to do all of my editing on. Seems so simple doesn’t it? *sigh* It is not that far to the canal in my backyard….I wonder if I could throw the computer that far? hmmmmmm. Anyways….you don’t really care about my computer woes do you? Of course not!!!

I was able to sweet talk my computer to partially cooperate with me….and do some quick edits for my very patient baby-belly client…..look at this cute belly!


***and to my sweet little blog stalker….I PROMISE I will have a sneak peek for you soon too!!!!!

March 14, 2008

Oh, Why Not!

why not have another post dedicated to the pugzilla? I mean, really! It’s been what, a few days right? It is time for a pug post, if I do say so myself!

my oug is a chair girl. it is the cutest thing I have ever seen…she has been this way since the day we met. She loves to sit in chairs…she does not exactly sit in the most ladylike manner, but she sits nonetheless! If there is a chair nearby the pug will look at me with those big browns and plead. She wants up. And she does this everywhere. When we go to the vets (our home away from home) and we are waiting in the waiting room, you can guarantee that she will be sitting in the chair right next to me. It is seriously the cutest thing!

I am pretty sure I have let you know that I am a dork…and these two pictures completely prove it! I can’t get enough of my pugger…and that includes her completely random white hair on her back. Amid all that black, this one silly little hair proudly shows itself off. It just cracks me up. Hubby has threatened to pluck it…and I have threatened to cause major bodily harm if he does it. So this morning I get up, and while outside walking the puppers I look down at the pug, who is sitting at my feet. I don’t see the crazy hair. *gasp*!!! Total panic!!!! If not for the fact that hubby is out of town, I would have been convinced that he finally followed through with his evil plan. But instead, I wiped the sleep out of my eyes, and phew! there was the hair!

sweet dog paws. I love them. all shapes and sizes, I just love them all!



: ) bum wrinkles…love those too!



she just breaks my heart!

ok—- in case you are sick of my puppy dogs, which, how could you be? BUT, if for some bizarre reason you are, fear not! I have two fun shoots scheduled for tomorrow, so I will have some fun images to share with you!

March 13, 2008

A Sunflower for You

I am loving all our sunflowers this year! While shooting my puppers last weekend (and by shooting I mean photographing 🙂 ) I decided to take a couple quick snaps of some of the blooms. I gave up quickly, as it was breezy…and well, breezy + macro = poo.


March 13, 2008

Positive Posting….

okay, so I have been a wee bit negative lately. Having a snoogie nose has made be a debbie downer it seems. All clouds and no sunshine. Well boo on that! However…the clouds have parted, the cold is gone, my vet confirms that I am, indeed, an awesome pupper mom, and so all is now right in the world. Ahhhh, I love when all is right in my little world 🙂 SO…I promised my friend Chelsey that my next post would be a happy, postive post. All rainbows and butterflies and care bears. So here I am. And I am going to do something rare here….make you look at a picture of me. *gasp*!!!!

While in Minnesota, it became a bit of a challenge to photograph this elusive photograper. I am telling you, you think your two year old is tough? You have seen nothing until you have tried to photograph me! So one of my favorite people, Martha Bravo, was feeling up to the challenge. Poor thing- she had no clue what she was in for!!! However…she somehow managed to get a shot of me with no motion blur- absolutely amazing!
      now, I am not one to want to show off images of myself….I happen to SO not be one of my biggest fans, but I also understand that I may be a bit biased, and unable to be objective here. Hubby happens to love this image, was very surprised that Martha was able to capture me with a real smile, with my smiling eyes…all that mush stuff. SO THANK YOU MARTHA!!!!

And on one more happy little note….see this little thing?
      I think I am in love with it! Is that wrong? It feels sorta wrong to love a phone so much, but I can;t fight the feeling. I love it. I will say it loud- I LOVE MY PHONE! Take that all you silly iPhone fanatics! *okay, so I may be a bit bitter that I don’t have an iPhone….but seriously, I LOVE my Blackjack II. My favorite part of it is that I can upload my photos into it, and they look absolutely beautiful on this thing, so now I always have my portfolio with me! ummm, love it! and that glorious little keypad? *gasp* loooooooove it! Only a photographer would complain about this one- there is a pretty major shutter lag on the camera, which was a disappointment, because I actually use my camera phone a lot to harass my friends with pictures of my silly pups. So that is a downfall…but never fear, because the video function is fantabulous! Okay, that is my ode to my Blackjack. 🙂 Did I mention I looooooooove it?! Perhaps I will actually start calling people more now (says the phone-phobic!!!)

March 10, 2008

My Babies

I am sad today. Hubby runs a bait and tackle shop and a year or two ago a cat had adopted them. It was really quite funny, considering the personalities of the guys (let’s remember, hubby has said to me many times that I have a better chance of seeing him get a period than of getting a cat)…so in walks this little gray kitty. she was feral, so obviously timid. but slowly she started warming up to the place. I think she realized she quite possibly had stumbled right into kitty heavan….fresh seafood every day! Does it get any better than that?

I continuously asked hubby about kitty, and he always shrugged it off, as if he didn’t care. One day I stopped into the shop, and there was a little plastic dish on the floor. what’s that? I asked. he told me Vinny (the tough Jersey boy who runs the show in the morning) had brought it in for the cat. hmmmm, interesting. Next time I stopped in, there were cans of food, and a tray with milk in it. the next trip was by far the most classic…..there was a string tied to a nail, with a little toy attached to it. what is that thing?! *sigh* that’s the toy Vinny made for Shadow. ummmmmm, who is shadow?????? hanging his head and mumbling, hubby informed me that they had named kitty Shadow. Awwwwwww!!!!! The kitty cracked the tough exteriors! ha! take that!

And so Shadow slowly made the shop her home, and eventually gave birth to a whole bunch of adorable babies that we all got to watch grow. Once she was done being a mom, we took her in to get her fixed, and then back to the shop she went, wrapping all those men right around her paws. After she had her babies, I called her mama, because for being such a young cat, she was such a good mama. I always chased poor mama around, desperate for some kitty love. eventually, she learned that I was not deranged, and I only wanted some snuggling, and she would give in and let me scratch her and nuzzle her.

Mama would greet the guys every single morning, waiting patiently at the door, looking out, and as soon as they unlocked the door, she would prance out to do the obligatory kitty leg rub. She would play with all the toys that the guys would buy her….because they bought her plenty. and she would chase any dog that was foolish enough to enter the shop….including the pugger 🙂

Saturday, Mama was hit by a car. I am so sad about it. I know she was only a "shop cat"….but anyone that knows me knows that I am a crazy animal lover….and mama was the closest thing I had to a pet cat. I loved her.

Losing mama made me realize how vulnerable life is. So I took the camera out, and took some shots of my fur-babies.

      yes, her eyes really are that yellow 🙂