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July 31, 2008

A Quick Computer Update….

because I know you are all just so terribly concerned about my computer woes 🙂

My computer will not, I repeat will not, be heading off to the land of computer healers. It seems even my poor little wounded computer is suffering from the health insurance crisis. The crisis being that it’s insurance is cash money….that we don’t have. After a loooooong phone call with someone in India (not that there is anything wrong with people in India, it is just that I would LOVE to speak to someone who speaks my language when dealing with a very important issue that effects my business) it was concluded that they would fix my computer for $300. Yes, that is right, $300.00!!!!!! But wait, that is not all!!! If you don’t act now, it will be $400 next time you call. Ummmm, seriously? You are bargaining with me right now? If I do not pay NOW, before I even send my computer off, while it is still sitting on MY deak, not in your repair room, the next time I call to get the information to send it in you will charge me $400 instead of the $300 you are currently quoting me at? I would have loved to tell the woman on the other end of the line what I thought about that, but I question whether she would have understood me.

SO- I now have a laptop that is very much not mobile. Not closable. But it works, and I will treat it with lots of tender loving care and hope that the cover does not break any further.


July 29, 2008

no witty title for this post…

I am tired, and lazy, and therefore have absolutely no oomph to even title this post….yup, l.a.z.y.!!!

so I am home…..and look! look! look!…….

Saturday  Jul 26 2008
Verizon Wireless Music Center

Seek Up *
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Old Dirt Hill
Pantala Naga Pampa
What Would You Say
Rhyme And Reason
Out Of My Hands
Crash Into Me
Lie In Our Graves
Money (Thats What I Want)
Crush *
Anyone Seen The Bridge
(Too Much)
Ants Marching
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

this is why I was gone! can I be any happier? I think not!!!! look, just look at that
playlist!!! I had the best time, and could not have asked for two cooler people to
enjoy that experience with. There are very few times that I cry when a vacation
is over, but everytime I have to leave these two girls, I cry.

My vacation started rough- I was seated next to an overly talkative, and loud,
drunk man (anyone that knows me knows just how much I despise being near
people that have been drinking), I had a small child kicking the back of my seat
for the entire flight, and someone felt it was necessary to spritz bad perfume
mid-flight. *sigh* BUT, I knew not to worry becasue I was headed to see two of
my favorite people…and they did not disappoint. I had a blast and am sad sad sad
that I am home.

I would love to say that I will have some pictures for you soon…..but I have sad
news. My poor computer
is not doing so well and needs to head off to be repaired.

*I will have access to email while at my day job, but if you need to get
ahold of me asap you should contact me via phone at 941.258.8071*

July 23, 2008

Out of the Office….

I will be out of the office starting tomorrow 7/24 through Tuesday 7/29. You can reach me through email and I will get back to you when I return.

****you SO know you want to know why I will be out of the office, don’t you?! I am going to Indiana baby! I know, I know, doesn’t sound super glamorous, but trust me, it is!!! My two fave cousin-in-laws are flying me out to go see Dave Matthews…..does life get any better? I think not!

        ***and OF COURSE I will be taking all sorts of photos while I am there…so stay tuned for a beautiful family to appear on the blog 🙂

July 19, 2008

A New Favorite

I always fall in love with particular images from every session, but every now in then I don’t just fall in love, I acquire a new favorite image. I fell in love with the image of the tennis ball resting between the wet, fuzzy legs of sweet Molly. Everything about it just says “dog” to me. I decided to pair my new favorite with a full view of Molly with her ball….and I smile everytime I look at this storyboard! I hope her mom and dad love it as much as I do!


July 12, 2008


it’s all about me 🙂 This must be the most narissistic post ever, so I apologize in advance. It is just that it is not very often that this photographer allows herself to go to the other side of the camera, so I fear you may have forgotten what I look like 🙂 okay, I am not really afraid you will forget, but you know, I should show my face every now and then, right?

So I was off to get my hair done Friday. It was supposed to be (yes, *supposed*, as in, it didn’t really work out that way) a dramatic change in color, so I thought it would be fun to get a before and after shot. In my head, these things always sound like fun. And then the camera is actually faced in my direction and it all goes to hell. I am just not a pleasant person to photograph. It didn’t help that I had just gotten home from therapy (because yes, I go to therapy and I am proud of it!) and it was an especially loooooooooooooooong hour, so I was in a mood, to put it nicely. I think this may show in the first shot here.

on a bright side….aren’t those sunglasses adorable? Hubby hates them. I love them. They are my new favorites, which makes hubby want to flick me in the forehead because I have two pairs of super duper $200 sunglasses….and my bargain $12.50 pair is my new fave. *sigh* He doesn’t understand the cuteness factor here. My Costas are my go-to glasses. They are like a best friend that will always be there for you. These new cutie pies? they are just a fling. it won’t last. I will come crawling back to my Costas in no time.


my poor bangs….I am growing them out. they are not happy with this decision, but it is summertime people! I cannot have bangs stidcking to my forehead all day, I just can’t!

and now….out with the old and in with the new……


boo! I am out from behind the sunglasses 🙂 okay, so technically, I am gross! This is the next day, I just put the same shirt on for consistancy….and well, ummmm, I need to do laundry.

So my hair was supposed to come out redder than this…yes, redder. This may be red enough for most, but not me! I LOVE red hair. The redder the better <—– I swear I didn’t do that on purpose! But, sometimes we can’t always get what we want. This is the result of four, yes four! hours at the most fantabulous salon in all of Port Charlotte, Tresses. This place rocks, I looooove loooooove loooooove my stylist Kathy. We had to pull the old hair color from my hair so I could go back to my lovely red. BUT, sweet, awesome Kathy did not want to ruin my hair, so instead of bleaching it she did some other fabulous thing (I have no clue what, but I am sure it was fabulous because my hair has yet to fall out! wooo!), the only downside being that it did not make my hair as light as necessary to get major shazaaaam red. Oh well. It still has kick 🙂 I like kick.

so there I am, in all my stupid crooked smile glory! *sigh* so maybe next year I will post some more pics of me!

and I was not the only one to get her hair done around here…….sweet little stinker-bell got her hair done too! The poor little girl, she is so neglected. This was her very first professional grooming….I have had bad bad bad experiences with local groomers, so I stopped going. So her entire four years, Tinker has had to live with “mommy-cuts”…me butchering herwith scissors. I finally found a good place to go….PetCo!!! I was schocked at how awesome they are. I brought Koda there, and I brought home a dog that could not stop prancing. He could not stop snuggling. It was amazing. So they are my new favorite groomer, and I had complete faith that my little girl would be in good hands there.


the poor girl was such a ragamuffin!


she was starting to look like a little beatnik with her bangs hanging in her eyes. I kept expecting her to break out some puppy-poetry.


there she is! I can see her silly little yellow eyes again! yay!!!!

look at her dirty toungue! This is why we call her stinker-bell….she is such a trouble maker! She was eating dirt before I took this pic….stinker!

July 7, 2008

and she plays…

my little Doodle Bug (aka Punky aka The Pug) is a little bundle of surprises. We have had her for two years now, and we are constantly seeing new sides of her as she gets more and more comfortable here. In the first five years of her life she had already gone through three homes and quick visit to the shelter. When we got her, she was so very sad looking. She would freeze whenever we picked her up, as if she had never experienced being picked up to be snuggled. She would never ever give her belly for a rub. and play? I don’t think she was ever given toys, so she had no clue what to do with them.

Slowly, she has been finding her own. She has had so many firsts, including her finally showing her belly to get a yummy scratching. She has spontaneously broken into full on puppy play with Tinker. She has pranced. And now…she has played 🙂


Saturday night as I occupied myself with the task of watching hubby cook my dinner. I looked over to see the pug come running out of the bedroom, with my little pink sock hanging out of her mouth. I have never seen her do anything like this before. She was shaking the little pink sock back and forth, growling and grumbling, making silly little puggy noises.

THIS is why I am so happy that we got a little point and shoot camera! Yeah, the picture sorta sucks…but this is a Punky first, and we captured it 🙂 yay!


July 4, 2008


***this post will remain at the top of the blog until July 4th. For newer posts please scroll down.***

Kulik Photography is looking for four-legged models!!!

In an effort to build my pet photography portfolio, I have a unique offer. In exchange for a model release, I will photograph your pet, with no obligations from you! The $100.00 session fee will be waived (*with the exception of travel outside of Charlotte County- in this case there will be a $25.00 travel fee) and there is no obligation to buy any prints; however, with a minimum purchase of $150.00 I will offer a 10% discount.
This is a limited time offer. I will only be able to take on a small number of these sessions, so if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible!
If you are not interested, but know someone that may be, please pass this on to them.

phone: 941-258-8071