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August 28, 2007

I See You!

Soooo, I need to get new glasses. Here is the thing, I can never make decisions!!! I have the hardest time choosing things…so I am needing some help!!!! Come on my faithful readers, it is time to use that comment button and tell me which frames I should get 🙂 pretty please!

Choice A ~~~~~ okay, so these are really cute! On the temples, there is a Swarovski dragonfly. Ummmm, CUTE! But, they are more oval than rectangle. Rectangle works better on my face shape.

Choice B ~~~~~ no dragonflies here 😦 BUT, they are a better shape. And a nice classic feel, yeah?


SO— cast your vote! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Just click on the little comment button under this post, and let me know which pair I should get! (oh, and they both come in a burgundy color, which is what I will probably get) Okay, hurry up now! Help a girl out!

August 28, 2007


When I was younger, little dragonflies would end up in our swimming pool. They would be on the surface of the water, but because their wings were wet, they couldn’t fly away. So me and my dad would swim around and help these little guys. We would put our finger under their fragile little bodies, and carefully lift them up out of the water. Their itty bitty little legs would cling so tightly to our fingers, sometimes it scared me, but I always resisted the urge to fling them off. Slowly, the little guys would dry their wings, pumping them softly. And then, they would lift off and fly away. Every dragonfly we saved, my dad named Evenrude.

I met this Evenrude in my backyrad last week…

August 25, 2007

That Toddler Manual….

remember the toddler manual I was talking about the other day? You know, the one that states that a toddler is obligated to avoid the silly girl behind the camera? Well…Spencer has that manual too! I think that last night he must have tucked it under his pillow, and through osmosis absorbed all the information that states that a toddler must, in no uncertain terms, NOT look at the camera!
But you know what? That is what makes this job so much fun! That challenge of trying to get them to look! And oh! Spencer’s parents were so fun! They did a fantastic job of trying to get him to look at me 🙂 and seriously, if there is ever a competion for speed dressing your child—-well, these two will be the champions, without a doubt!

So here is a quick sneak peak of the amazingly fast Mr. Spencer!

August 24, 2007

Mission: Impossible.

Here is the cutie pie Olivia. She has to be the prettiest little girl ever! And look at that hair!!!! I don’t think I have ever seen a little one with that much hair! And oh my goodness was it just the most perfect mane ever!

So I have a theory about little miss Olivia. I think that on the morning of our shoot, this little cutie woke up and thought to herself….ahhhh, today is the day of my big photo shoot. I think it is time that this silly little photographer had a good challenge. I think that my mission today will be to NOT look at the camera. Yup, let’s test this girl with the camera.

And that is just what Olivia did! She was such a fun fun challenge. She is two afterall. I think that in the manual, on page 12, paragraph 4, it clearly states that the moment you discover that something wants something specific from you, it is your obligation as a two year old to do the complete opposite.
But it was worth every moment! And I cannot wait to have more shoots with this beauty!

                 (oooops, ignore the numbers on these! I forgot to take those off :p)

August 14, 2007

The Forgotten Photograph

In this little world of photography, it is always about getting *the* shot. That one killer photo that brings goosebumps to the flesh, tears to the eye. But sometimes, it is about the photograph that you didn’t get. The photograph that just didn’t seem important at the time. This crazy thing called life has a way of getting a hold of us, twirling us around in a frenzy, and dropping us off before we even know what hit us. And then we remember….I should have gotten a picture of that! Why didn’t I photograph that?!

Life is so very much wrapped up in the line "if I knew then…..". I am plagued with silly wishes. Wishes that I was always so passionate about photography. Because if I was, then perhaps I would have portraits of people that are fading from my memory. I would give anything and everything to have been able to sit with Bucki (my grandmother) and snap away, capturing all her silly facial expressions. The warmth of her smile. The way her eyes wrinkled in the corners. I would give anything.And I would have that portrait forever hanging on my walls, no matter where life took me, Bucki would be there.

I wish that I was able to have a moment with my brother, an opportunity to make a portrait of him…one of those dark moody portraits, with the dark shadowing and lots of grain, because that is who he was. I can see the portrait in my mind. If only I had taken it. If only I could have captured those dark eyes, that no matter how sad and angry they may have been, always had a bit of a twinkle hidden somewhere.

And of course, grandpa. Oh, if only if only if only. I wish I had portraits capturing everything about grandpa. The mischievous glint in his eyes as he told a joke he *knew* was going to get grandma to yell at him for. I would love to have captured him as he sang his old silly songs, and of him working his magic at the pool table. Of his hand enveloping grandma’s. I would give anything to have been able to capture the bond I developed with him in the short time that I had him I knew him.

If onlys will only get you so far. I am determined to not allow so many wishes and could have beens in my life. I am determined to capture these things before it is too late. So that those portraits can hang on my wall now. today. not just in my dreams.

August 11, 2007

Sneak Peek-a-boo…

Here is a quick sneak peek for you pretty girls 🙂 I hope you like them…
You guys were great troopers hanging out in the rain…I just hope you can look at these and realize just how pretty you really are ;)!!!!!!


August 10, 2007

Meet Olivia…


Seriously…could she be any cuter???? I had the pleasure of meeting this cutie and her mom this morning, and I was put to the test! I hope I passed 😉