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June 14, 2016

it’s a talent

Costa Rica | Eyelash Viper | Kulik Photography

It takes a special kind of talent to ignore images for as long as I do. My relationship with photography, and let’s be honest, the dreaded editing, couldĀ use a super dose of couple’s therapy. Maybe even a couple’s retreat. I love photography. I hate photography. I always hate sitting in front of the computer to tend to my photography. So I let things get so very dusty. But this year I am determined to get some of my vacation images out of my computer and onto print. And also, if we’re being really honest here, we are beginning to plan our next trip, which always brings me back to my past photos.

So my computer has gone in for a tune up, I have lost my editing tools because maybe *ahem* they weren’t the most legit copies, and now I am getting restarted. Does that mean you will see more photos? More *gasp* activity here? psssssh. Let’s be real. I am not very reliable. But we shall see.

In the meantime, one of my favorite shots from our last visit.

June 7, 2016


Boca Grande, FL

What’s my favorite time of the year? Beach time of year.