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February 28, 2010

Project 349; 2.28.10 | high maintenence

app: PS Mobile effects: saturation, exposure, sharpen

I was organizing my puppers’ drawer (what, your dogs don’t have their own drawer???) when I realized just how high maintenence they are. They sure have a LOT of stuff! The crazy thing? All that stuff? It’s not just collect-dust-kind-of-stuff. Nope. We use all of this stuff on a regular basis. Yikes!

Project 349; 2.28.10 | high maintenence

February 26, 2010

Project 349; 2.26.10 | so stinkin’ happy

App: PS Mobile Effects: exposure, sharpen, white border

She continuously amazes me with her happy disposition. She’s like a happy little Muppet!

* I know I have been slacking with the Project- I got hit w/ the flu on Tuesday night- you wouldn’t have wanted to see those pictures, trust me!

Project 349; 2.26.10 | so stinkin' happy

February 26, 2010

5 on Friday

Friday 5-jpg

It's that time again! Let's jump right in…

1.  The Flu.  Growing up, I never remember having the flu. Ever. Now, my memory is not one to make you envious, so I even confirmed with my mom- nope, never got the flu. Colds? Yup. Flu? Notsomuch. In the last eleven months I have been hit with it TWICE. Twice people! You can read about last year's adventure here. Tuesday hubby called me at work to tell me he was sick. I of course told him to quit being so dramatic, like any good wife would. I was not feeling so hot myself, but I chalked it up to my poor choice of nachos for lunch. Then I got home. He was ridiculously sick. I started feeling ridiculously sick. Not wanting to steal his thunder, I tried to stay quiet about it. Soon, it was a relay race to the bathroom. May the best man win.

oh- and even the pug got sick that night too 😦 She is officially suffering from a respiratory infection. *sigh*

2.  Summer Excitement.  I swear I do not try to make every post about my obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. I SWEAR. However, I am a crazy fangirl, so what can I say?! Long story short- as a member of their fan club (yeah, that's right. There's a fan club. I'm a member. WHAT?) you get to put in ticket requests prior to the tickets going on sale to the public. They select both randomly and by seniority what your seats will be. The day you receive confirmations is equivalent to Christmas in the DMB community. Last night was Christmas. While I was disappointed with my seats for Indy, I received a golden ticket in my candy bar for Tampa. People….I got PIT. PIT!!! Allow me to show you…..


And you can just skip to #3 at this point, but I have to just sing the praises of the DMB community for a moment. I went on Facebook, whined that I got lawn for Indy, and within minutes I had someone hooking me up with pavillion seats. Within MINUTES.

3.  High Fives.  I high five. A LOT. I understand just how lame this makes me look. Yet I cannot help myself. Before I know what is happening, my hand is in the air, looking for someone else's to slap in celebration. I once caught myself high fiving my boss. My boss. I high fived my boss.

4.  Goodies.  So technically, I am on a major spending freeze, what with my plans for a summer filled with many concerts (see #2). In my mind, I have already bought these. I want these. I NEED these!

 I found these at Poketo.

and ummmm, well, my birthday is March 8th. Ummmm, just sayin'.

5.  Mojo Hunting.  Slowly, very slowly, I am feeling inspiration creeping up on me. I have been feeling rusty with my photography, like a litle gnome snuck into my brain while I was sleeping and robbed me of all my photography knowledge (what can I say, I've always had an overactive imagination). And then I got the new camera. And I was paralyzed with fear over it. It terrified me. Ok, confession- it still sort of scares me. But that's the thing, I am tired of the fear. I am tired of feeling like I don't know what I am doing. I obviously know something. I can't produce the photos I create without knowing a little bit of something. Plain and simple- I am officially and unequivocally sick and tired of my missing mojo and the missing confidence. I am determined to get my butt in gear and Get. Over. It. I am a photographer. I need to stop denying it. There. I said it. 

And a photo….I broke the camera out last weekend to practice with the new camera and lens….working on getting better shooting wide open- my old lens only opened to 3.5, so 2.8 has been a new challenge for me. I'm getting there!


Friday five…..signing off.  

February 22, 2010

Project 349; 2.22.10 | ahhhh

No edit

Nothing exciting to see here. Just a perfect moment after a looong day.

Project 349; 2.22.10 | ahhhh

February 21, 2010

This Is Why

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.  ~Dorothea Lange

01-15-10 pups_45-WEB

This is why I love photography, and more specifically, this is why I am head over heels in love with macro photography. It opens up a whole new world to me. I see things that are ordinary, such as a hole in some wood on my dock, and through my lens it becomes extraordinary. This is why I love photography.  

February 21, 2010

Project 349; 2.21.10 | practice makes perfect

No editing.

I have been mismanaging my time lately, and putting my head in the sand instead of getting that manhunt for my lost mojo going. I decided to get more familiar with the new camera today. Practice makes perfect, right?!

Project 349; 2.21.10 | practice makes perfect

February 20, 2010

Project 349; 2.19.10 | peaceful

app: PS Mobile effects: exposure, saturation & film emulsion border

I bet you think I forgot to do my photo yesterday? I only forgot 50%- I remembered to take the photo, but forgot to post it. Oops!

Project 349; 2.19.10 | peaceful

February 17, 2010

Project 349; 2.17.10 | pretty patterns

app: PS Mobile effect: exposure, BW, contrast

Project 349; 2.17.10 | pretty patterns

February 16, 2010

Project 349; 2.16.10 | slight addiction

app: Camera Bag effect: Lolo

Some girls have a thing for shoes. Some girls have a thing for purses. This girl has a thing for sunglasses. More precisely, Costa Del Mar sunglasses. They make me a very, very happy girl.

Project 349; 2.16.10 | slight addiction

February 14, 2010

Project 349; 2.14.10 | remnants

app: PS Mobile (complete and total favorite, in case you haven’t noticed yet) effects: saturation, exposure, sharpen & film emulsion border

My favorite Sunday ritual.

Project 349; 2.14.10 | remnants