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September 26, 2007

I Told You It Was Hot…

remember I said I was busy with something hot? Well….here is a big fat hint…………………

Fire_academyweb64 Fire_academyweb45
Fire_academyweb105 Fire_academyweb114 Fire_academyweb131 Fire_academyweb146 Fire_academyweb62  

September 25, 2007


So, I am tired. Very tired. Not because of what time it is…well, yeah, because of that too…..but I have just been "burning my candle at both ends". So I am pooped. Well….wanna know what being pooped does to this girl? Makes her go Doh! a la Homer.

Tonight I went to Tampa to see Henry Rollins perform. If you are unfamiliar with who Henry Rollins is, he is kick ass! He was front man to Black Flag, The Henry Rollins Band, has a show on the IFC channel, has written numerous books, and did I mention he is just plain old kick ass? Well he is. And he does a speaking tour where he basically, well, speaks. He is hilarious, and interesting, and super smart and is just fascinating to listen to.

About three years ago I took hubby to see him, and he loved it. So for our anniversary this year it worked out that he was back on tour, so off to Tampa we went. And to the point of my story I go…….and is a pretty common fact about Henry Rollins; wait by the the bus, and you will get to meet him. So, the dorks that we are….duh! we soooo lingered at the bus, and yup, I SHOOK HIS HAND 🙂 I GOT AN AUTOGRAPH! I AM A DORK! But DOH! What the heck is the point of bringing the camera………..when there is no memory card in it????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

September 24, 2007

Where oh Where….

where have I been? you may be asking yourself? Well, fear not, I have not deserted the blog…I have just been busy busy busy. Busy doing what? Well….since you asked—–I have been working on something very special, something very fun…and something very HOT. That’s all I am saying for now 🙂

September 16, 2007

Have you ever noticed that there are people in this world that have young souls, and there are others who have old souls? I always feel that I have stumbled upon a treasure when I find an old soul, when I am able to spend time with them. Well, this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing little girl that has such an old soul. I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. And Ella’s place is this world is no accident. She is one of those people that you just know that she will bring good to this world. She will do good things. She is definitely a gift to this little world!


September 13, 2007

‘Tis the Season!

Okay…so technically it *isn’t* the season quite yet…..but in the photography world it is! It is time to book those holiday sessions!!!! Below is an awesome set of cards I have to offer for this holiday season! I am in love with these cards- they are SO fun! The photo goes where the grey boxes are, and I can customize the text. SO….make sure to call me soon and book your sessions! In order for these cards to be completed and ordered for you to receive them in time for the holidays, I have a cut off date of November 16 for these sessions. That is not too much time! And you are soooooo going to want to use one of these designs- just look at them!


*You will receive 24 cards in ONE design of your choice.
Please email me for further info and pricing

September 12, 2007

A Favorite Shoot…

I think this was one of my favorite shoots…so much fun! And hello?! Look at my model!
Doesn’t she look like Kate Moss is those last shots? Beautiful!



        *hmmmm…apparently something silly is happening to some of the pictures when they are uploaded here… my pics seem to be getting smooshed…….I promise they don’t usually looked smooshed!

September 11, 2007

In Honor

In honor of all those that went to work six years ago, and never made it home. In honor of all those who chose to fight back. In honor of those who go to work every day to protect our cities. In honor of those that tried to climb all those stairs to save the survivors. In honor of all who arrived to clean up the mess. In honor of those who leave their families, their lives, behind, to fight for millions of strangers. To fight for our freedoms. To fight for the rights that so many of us take for granted. To fight for a country that will never forget. Ever.

September 7, 2007

I Have Been Tagged!

Aw! I’ve been tagged! I get to play too!!!! My friend Sunshine Trout tagged me…so it is my turn:)  What is tagging, you may be asking yourself? Well…it is not chasing eachother around—we photographers are crazy, but we are fragile too! Nope, this game of tag involves choosing fellow photographers to list some unknown facts about themselves. Then they need to list more, and it goes on and on. So are you ready to be blown away with some incredible facts about me?! I know, exciting, isn’t it?

1. I am ridiculously in love with Dave Matthews. It’s true. Don’t worry, hubby knows this. He also knows our marriage would be in serious danger if I ever have a close encounter with Dave (yeah, we are on a first name basis!). What? He has a wife? and kids? pffft. whatever. *guess what is playing on my stereo right now? (oh! and as a side note….hubby shamefully shakes his head every time I buy a new live cd, and says that he has married a Dead Head.)

2. Music is the world to me. If I am home, and hubby is outside, my music is on. Loud. I love music. It has such an incredible ability to transport you to so many different times, and moods. I can put in Alanis Morrisette’s first cd (I don’t even know the name of it!) and it brings me back to high school. Winter time to be exact. I can feel the cold, driving in my dumpy Ford Escort, sun shining down through tree branches, while I try to figure life out. I can hear NIN, and it never fails to bring me back to some of my saddest days. Bob Marley takes me to the passenger seat of my dad’s truck, as we sing along and just have fun, cus that is what life is all about.

3. I love music so much—-but never remember the names of songs, or album names (see above!). Really. Tool is one of my favorite bands. I know *maybe* three song titles. Same with the Dave Matthews Band….shhhh, don’t tell! What kind of fan am I?!

4. I break promises. A lot. But I won’t break a pinky swear. EVER.

5. When I hear my voice on a recording, I think I sound like a teenage valley girl. Weird, I know.

6. If I could sell all of my belongings and move to Costa Rica tomorrow, I would. (so technically, this is pretty well known to those closest to me, but I figured the photo world may not know this!) I feel more at home in Costa Rica than I do at home. Really. It is the only place that when I left, I bawled my eyes out. I cried the whole way to the airport. I cried to our driver. I cried in the airport. I cried when we got home. I cried just the other week cus hubby is going in a few months, and I can’t go.

7. I cannot lie. Physically, it is just not possible. I have tried, and within minutes, I literally blurt out the truth.

8. I have a trucker’s mouth. I have been known to make up curse words. I do crazy combinations of curse words. But I am super good at keeping my trucker’s mouth at home…well, in my car too.

okay,,,,I will be back to tag some people!

September 4, 2007

Spare an Olive?

Soooooo…this holiday weekend did not go as expected. I have desperately, desperately, needed something to make me smile. Well, my friends, I have find smiles! And olives too!

I am a member on a photog board, and one of the members enlightened us of a fun way to get a quick smile when you are very bored. Simple minds, simple pleasures! Just Google your name, and the word needs…."kristie needs"……then sit back and see all the things that you need! I am telling you, I tried to resist. Really, I did. I swear….I made it over eight hours, and then, I grew weak. I just had to know. I mean really, wouldn’t you just love for a little list to pop up, and tell you what you need?!

Well, apparently I need olives. Lots of them. That is all that kept popping up…so I had to dig a bit deeper to find my true needs. Here they are, in all their glory……….

Kristie needs to win the lottery so she can afford to make a suchi date with Jenny P.
Kristie needs help, she is stuck in an arcade game.
Kristie needs to go to Rules School.
Kristie needs to grow up or get out.
Kristie needs to lay off the bar food.
Kristie needs to wake up at 3am in order to get all of those ‘girlie’ things done.
Kristie needs to be kept safe at all times.
Kristie needs to be part of the equation.

Ahhhhhh, needy needy needy. I just knew those peanuts and pretzels must be bad for me!
So go on, try to resist it. Just try it. But in the end, you’ll cave, you’ll click on google, and bam! Next thing you know, everyone will be calling you needy!