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May 10, 2016

a whole lot of nothing

egg obsession

There’s been a whole lot of nothing going on around here. My computer took a trip to the other side before being miraculously revived. It totally saw the light and is a changed creature…sadly it changed in some ways that make me sad. It is missing some vital *cough* pirated *cough* programs, so editing has been, well, non-existent.

But my mom finally got her very own computer *hooray Shirley!!!* however, that now means that I get reminded that nothing seems to be happening on my blog. Ever. *averts eyes*

So, ummmmmmmm, I guess I could let you know that I am currently obsessed with poached eggs. That’s pretty exciting stuff, right? But I mean, Look. At. That. Egg. Beautiful stuff, no?

Right, so yeah. That about sums up my world right about now. Sooooooooooooo…..