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May 30, 2015

oh my god, becky…

…look at that baby croc on the sidewalk!

Costa Rica | Crocodile | Kulik Photography

Costa Rica | Crocodile | Kulik Photography

Walking back to our room after dinner one night, I saw something up ahead in the dark. When vacationing in a country that has so much nature to offer, one always is prepared. So out came the flashlight. And the camera. And BOOM! Just call me the crocodile hunter, because this girl found us a croc!

We were SO excited, and introduced ourselves to our new friend. I am not sure that he was totally thrilled to be distracted from his peaceful evening, maybe we came on a little strong, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. We showed him around our room. He loved the curtains but felt the artwork on the walls should be updated. We discussed his plans for the future and decided that though he desperately wanted to meet our friends the following morning, we felt he may not be the best roommate Costa Rica had to offer. Plus, the cleaning people may not appreciate his stay with us too much either. So we swapped phone numbers and made plans to meet at some other time, and then gave him directions to the river bank out back…

Costa Rica | Crocodile | Kulik Photography

Until we meet again!

May 8, 2015


what better way to start the weekend than with some random slobbery smiles?!

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