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March 16, 2015

desert dreaming (and that whole queasy feeling gift giving thing…)

My most recent quilt finish has found it’s way to it’s new home, so I can now officially share it! And share how once again, sending one of my quilts off has been slightly vomit inducing.

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

I am slightly obsessed with this backing fabric, and I insist that you get yourself thoroughly obsessed with it as well. I mean, look at it! Woodland animals? GOLD TREES? I fell over when it arrived. And then I thought about vomiting. I’ll tell you why.

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

This quilt was a bit of an oops! baby. Totally unplanned, but incredibly loved just the same. Just like me! 🙂

All of the fabric was actually cut to go into a different quilt, but after a slight temper tantrum ensued with a bit of foot stomping and naughty words, I had to admit to myself that it just did not work for the quilt I had in mind. So all those lovely triangles sat in a sad and lonely pile. And then I had a day off. And I pulled them out and started putting them together with the few solid pieces I had leftover from the original quilt. And I quickly started discovering this was how this quilt was always supposed to be.

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

As I was assembling this quilt, a thought was slowly forming in my mind. I tried dismissing it, as it seemed sort of crazy. But I just couldn’t quite shake it. And then, one day while I was working on it, hubby asked me what my plans for the quilt were. And I voiced my crazy idea.

“Wellllllll, this is going to sound crazy, but there is this girl on facebook. I’ve never actually met her. I think this quilt is supposed to be hers.”

This was met with a slightly blank stare from hubby. So I plugged on, hoping I could make sense.

“I find her incredibly inspiring. She makes me think, and is brave and bold and helps so many people and “fights the good fight” and she has suffered loss and then was met with a great joy and she just helped this family that really needed help and I saw on Pinterest that she liked this line of nursery stuff that was made with this exact fabric line and what are the chances of that?! and I just for some reason really think that she should have this quilt.”

I looked at hubby, unsure. I mean, who gives a quilt to someone they’ve never even met? What if she didn’t even like it?!

“I think that’s a great idea.” He said. Done. This quilt would go to someone I had never met, but who truly inspires me on a regular basis. And so I carried on with finishing it up, trying to decide how to get this quilt to her. And then I posted a picture of it on facebook, sharing it’s near completion. And the first comment came from it’s unsuspecting new owner, asking if I ever sell my quilts. And that is when I knew for sure, she had to have this quilt.

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

So that settled that. This quilt was hers. As I started finishing it, I suddenly became paralyzed with fear. I still had to choose backing fabric, and binding fabric, and what if she didn’t like any of it???? OH THE PRESSURE!!! And then I found the perfect fabric. It made me giddy the moment I saw it. This quilt was made for this backing. And it wasn’t released yet. Wouldn’t be for awhile. *sigh* I signed up to be emailed as soon as the fabric line was released, and then sat around, biting my nails. And realized I couldn’t sit around waiting for this fabric. It was going to be almost two months! I needed to finish her. So I started looking more. And I found this backing. And fell. in. love. Gold trees? SOLD. Then I found the perfect binding, with a hint of gold as well, perfectly tying everything in.

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

desert dreams quilt | kulik photography

And then, once again. I panicked. Gold? GOLD? What if she hates gold? Is it too much? Will this quilt be hidden in a closet? But it was too late. I was staring at yardage of gold goodness, and I needed to trust myself. I finished the quilt. I fell in love with the quilt. I sent the quilt off. And I patiently waited. And she loved it. And her baby crib? It’s gold people. Her baby’s crib is freaking GOLD. Yup. She was supposed to have this quilt.


the details:

name: desert dreams
size: 46 x 59
creation: Jan. 2015- Feb. 2015
fabric: April Rhodes “Arizona” and some Kona solids
backing: Brambleberry Ridge by Violet  Craft, “Timber Valley”
binding:  Brambleberry Ridge by Violet  Craft, “Trading Post”
quilting: me!

February 9, 2015

You’re never too old for a woobie. Right? Right?!

I have a confession. I have a woobie. You know, that little security blanket that you must have in order to sleep. It’s a little bedraggled. Probably doesn’t get washed enough. It’s wrinkled and worn and absolutely a necessity for a good night’s sleep. Yup, I’m thirty-cough ahem- some odd- ahem- cough years old and I have a woobie.

I would like to introduce you to “The Original”…

Woobie | Kulik Photography

This beautiful quilt was made by my grandmother when I was a baby. It is thirty-cough ahem- some odd- ahem- cough years old. Years ago, my mom came across it and sent it my way. I was delighted and instantly snatched it up as if I was suddenly 5 years old again. With absolutely no concept of wear and tear on old (who are you calling old?!) fabric, I threw the thing onto my bed, and it was my new best friend. I loved staring at the stitches, seeing the imperfections, knowing that my Bucki made each one of those stitches with her own hands, with me on her mind. Every night I balled it up and tucked it under my arm and slept soundly.

And then it starting falling apart. And I started learning to sew. And I had a brilliant idea. I would make myself a new woobie, so I could preserve what was left of The Original.

Quilt | Kulik Photography

This is only the third quilt I have made and it still stands as one of my all time favorites. I actually want to re-create it as a large bed-sized quilt, but I absolutely cannot find that low-volume print anywhere and cannot remember for the life of me where I found it (it is very hard to see, but it has very pale blue birds on it….if anyone knows who makes it, I’ll be your new best friend!!!)

Quilt | Kulik Photography

The back. There are lots of things I do not enjoy about trying to teach myself a craft on my own, but one of the things I do enjoy is that fact that since I don’t know what I am doing, I just sort of wing it, and usually end up loving the end result. I looooove the back of this quilt so very much.

Quilt | Kulik Photography Quilt | Kulik Photography Quilt | Kulik Photography Quilt | Kulik Photography

Interesting Fact: In this post I mentioned that I put a little piece of my baby quilt in each of my quilt sandwiches. This is where this started. When I realized that I never ever should have put my baby quilt to use as an actual quilt, I was devastated to realize that a) I ruined it and b) it now was “useless”. At first I accepted the fact I would just need to fold her up and keep her in the closet if I wanted to preserve what was left of it. And then I thought about how sad that was. My Bucki worked hard on that. For me. The more sewing I do, the more I understand that it is hard work. SO much goes into it, even if many of us do not hand sew anymore, quilting is work. I cannot imagine creating something for someone, only for it to stay in a closet, hidden away. And so with quilt #3, I began a tradition. It was slightly painful when I did it, but I went into the closet, and I tore a small piece of fabric off of my baby quilt. And I placed it inside of the quilt sandwich. I questioned my decision at first. Did I seriously just purposely tear a piece of fabric off of my precious quilt? GAH! But I did. And more than anything, I love knowing that I have found a way of mending our two arts into one. And knowing that I can carry her memory in each of my own creations. I hope in my heart that she would approve, and be proud.


Quilt Details:

Name: Woobie Pie

Size: 32 x 32

Completed: December 2012

Fabric: Amy Butler Midwest Modern Linen, mystery low-volume blue birds *sigh*, embarrassingly low quality fabric from JoAnns. *averting eye contact*

Quilting: by me


September 8, 2014

well *that* took a while!

I am a sloooow crafter. I mean, really slow. I sheepishly look at photos on Instagram that start in the morning with some fabric cut out and end in the evening with an entire quilt top done. DONE! In one day. That just seems absurd in my world. I don’t know if the procrastinator in me would allow such a silly thing to happen. No. I need months. And in this case, years, so finish my projects. Thankyouverymuch.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

This quilt took me longer than any other project. In my humble defense, when I began it I was in school full time, as well as working, as well as, well….coming close to losing my mind! This project had a lot of starts and stops. I was nervous because technically this was my first gift quilt. And it was for my mom. And really people? I have No. Clue. what I am doing with this quilt stuff! No pressure. None at all. And honestly? I had a love/hate relationship with the color scheme. I still sort of do. But the pattern. The pattern! *swoon* It is so perfect for my mom, who is such a beach bum. On one of her visits I gave her a couple fabric options, and she immediately gravitated to this Heather Ross collection. And so a quilt was born.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

This has become the largest quilt I have made to date. It fits the top of a queen size perfectly. I love the mermaids in this collection so I decided to use them in each corner, as well as in my tag.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

While I was binding this beast I had a vomit-inducing moment when I happened to flip one section over….only to see that when I had machine-sewn the binding to the front of the quilt the binding did not completely cover the fabric. Basically…I had a hole. A hole. In my mom’s quilt. WHAT DO I DO?! Did I mention that I have no clue what the hell I am doing with this craft? That I fly by the seat of my pants each time I sit down at the machine *ahem* hence the hole *ahem* SO. Do I rip out 300+ inches of binding? Hmmmm. Ummmmm. NO. Do I did the best I could and made a little patch. I think it came out pretty good. Insert pat on back HERE.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

In the end, I’m pretty happy with this quilt. And today it is supposed to arrive at it’s rightful owner. I am biting my nails waiting to hear what she thinks!

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

A secret about each quilt I make…when I am assembling the quilt sandwich (backing + batting + quilt top) I tuck a small piece of fabric from my own baby quilt, that was hand sewn for me *cough* thirty-some-odd years ago *cough* inside the sandwich. It is not something that you can physically see in my quilts. And I like it that way. It is my little special secret. I like to think that my Bucki would be incredibly proud of me that I picked up our family tradition of sewing, and it is my way of honoring her. And so for my mom’s quilt I wanted to take it a step further and see if I could get her to let go of the only shred of fabric she had of my brother’s baby quilt. He passed when we were teenagers, and all of these years she has carried with her through various moves this one small shred of his red and blue plaid baby blanket that Bucki has sewn for him.

When I sent my fabric bit along with my brother’s to the quilter, I was secretly terrified. How would I even know if she actually had sewn these important little bits into my quilt? When the quilt was returned to me she had pinned each spot, and included a note letting me know that when I hold the quilt up to the light I would be able to see my and my brother’s fabric. And sure enough. There. They. Were. goosebump moment. I added actual safety pins and ribbon to make sure there would be no missing these spots when it arrives at my mom’s.  Knowing her, the safety pins will stay in that quilt ♥

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography



79 x 72 “Shirley Sells Seashells”

Fabric: Mendocino by Heather Ross for Free Spirit

Backing: Kona Cotton Azure & White

Binding: Squared Elements in Mandarin for Art Gallery Fabrics

Quilted by: Kathy Olkowski Stitch by Stitch


July 22, 2014

giving the gift of your creativity…and how it makes you want to vomit.

I’m not one to have a whole lot of confidence in what I do. I never really have been. At times, I am able to acknowledge that I can do something well(ish). But to think I am great at something is a foreign concept. And to think that anything I do is worthy of another is just downright insanity! So the sudden idea I had to make quilts for a family member? Completely unsolicited? ABSURD!

What if they hated them? What if they went straight to the re-gift pile? What if What if What if?!?!?! My confidence issues added to my good old fashioned anxiety was about to equal vomit-inducing fears of rejection. Who knew quilting could be so high-stress, right?!?!

I have barely made anything for myself, let alone for someone else (which is exactly why I expertly deflect every suggestion/request I get to create a quilt for anyone 😉 ). But I had this grand idea to make a quilt for the children of our Aunts Sue & Karina. We love these women so much, and Sue has made such an impact on so many of our lives. One day I was thinking about them and trying to figure out something we could do for them. They have a new baby and a toddler, and I suddenly knew that I should use this new hobby of mine to gift them something special.

Baby Quilts - handmade

I sent out a sneaky text simply asking for nursery colors for him, and her favorite colors. The response? Her favorite color is rainbow, and we don’t have a color theme for him. SIGH! Come on people! Help an indecisive girl out. Obviously, this response induced all sorts of anxiety. Now what?!?! I knew that these environmentally conscious chicks would appreciate if I could somehow incorporate that into this gift, so I took to the internet and narrowed down my choices by deciding to use organic cotton only. I quickly decided I wanted their quilts to coordinate, and I wanted a simple design (because this girl is a slooooooooooow poke crafter!). I settled on my new obsession- orange, and then worked around that theme. I knew I was taking a risk with the bold colors- I feel like most baby quilts I see are much more subdued, but that word doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary, and really, these kids are Cool Kids. They needed Cool Quilts. I only had to hope that Moms agreed!

In the end, I am in loooove with these quilts, but still, I might have gone into a cold sweat as I packaged these up to send off to California. Again, what if? what if? what if? And then? And then I got the most beautiful text, along with a video, that made me realize sometimes it is worth taking a risk and sharing your craft with others. Even if it does make you want to vomit.

And so…my first gift quilts…


Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

I am slightly obsessed with the backs of both of these quilts. The patterns are so sweet ♥

Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

With each quilt I make, I add a tag to the back. I covet some of the custom tags I have seen out there and at times I toy with the idea of ordering some. But in the end, I enjoy using the fabric from each quilt to make a unique tag.

Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

And his…

Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer Baby Quilt | Handmade | Quilting | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

April 2, 2014

hobby hopping

I love photography. You know that, right? You might not, especially if you have been along for this little ride here on the blog. It is a confusing relationship I have with photography. I love it. I hate it. I avoid it. I devour it. I really, truly do love it. And let’s just throw some honesty down here…I am good at it. I can say that. It is not easy for words like that to come from me, I am realllly good at knocking myself down, it’s a little harder to lift myself up. But yeah, I am pretty good at photography. But here’s a little secret- just because I like it, and/or am good at it, does not mean I have to do it all the time. Or that by not doing it, I am wasting it. I do not have to do it all of the time. I do not have to make money at it. I tried that, and sometimes I think that is where we can pinpoint where my relationship problems with photography began.

I don’t like being told what to do. I am bratty like that. And the more people that push my own art on me, the more I find myself pushing it away. Just imagine me as a teenager 😉 Plus, honestly? I haaaaaaaaaaaaate the whole process of photography. I adore creating the images. Getting lost in my own little world when I am looking through the viewfinder. But after that? uuuuuugh. Sitting in front of the computer. Culling images. Editing images. And then what? I used to love sending film out, and the excitement of opening that envelope to see your images come to life. Now? I finish up on the computer………….and there they sit. Pffffft.

Photography will always be a part of who I am. But I find that throughout the years I have pushed it to the side to hop around to other hobbies. I used to make jewelry. That was kind of fun. And ahem expensive. And then all those beautiful beads sat in boxes in a closet. And then I hopped on the scrapbooking train. That was fun for about 5 seconds before my ocd kicked in. Scrapbooking + OCD = nightmare. And then one year, I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. And then I started buying fabric. And then I started making little things. And then. And THEN. I realllly wanted to make a quilt.

gutermann thread | quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

You guys…I hobby hopped and then landed on the jackpot. I. Adore. This. Hobby. ADORE.

But let’s be clear on something…I have no idea what I am doing! At. All. But yet I enjoy almost every moment. Even the moments that freak me out and I avoid, once I start doing it, I am so very content. My mind is a very busy place, and when I am in the midst of a project everything just quiets. I just focus on the task at hand, and there is nothing else in the world. I love that. And maybe that is why I love this hobby so much.

quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

I also am learning that I REALLY love making things for people I love. I finally got the confidence to make my first gift quilt, for my mom. I am terrified to send it her way. What if she hates what I created? What if the whole thing falls apart?! But what if she loves it? I currently have a nice long list of gift quilts, and that makes me smile. Hopefully, they will all stay in one piece 🙂

Quilting | SW Florida Photography | Kulik Photography

And what I find the most ironic bit of it all? I find myself thinking…wouldn’t it be nice to get so good at this that one day I could sell my quilts? :p LOL

And so, there you have it. My new hobby. I will always take pictures. Always. But it nice to step away from my camera and not feel like I have to take pictures. In the meantime, I will be sewing 🙂

I’ll leave you with my favorite thing I have made so far….

Quilting | Chevron Quilt | SW Fl Photography | Kulik Photography