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September 17, 2013

shall we begin?

I mean, it has been over a month now, right? It only seems right that I should probably begin making some vacation posts, yeah? Because let’s be honest here, I know you having been laying awake at night, staring at the ceiling fretting over the fact that you haven’t gotten to read about my gloriously fabulous trip. It’s ok, don’t be embarrassed, we’re all friends here.

I took soooo many photos. I still have soooo many photos to edit. But if we wait for me to finish before we begin these posts, you may have a few more grey hairs. You might even have grandchildren at that point. So we will begin. But begin where??? Did I mention soooo many photos? How to share them all? I have decided the easiest way will be to post a day-by-day chronicle, with little diversions here and there where we dig a little deeper. Oooooh, sounds exciting doesn’t it?

And so, let’s start with DAY 1.

Costa Rica | Kulik Photography

Ok…so Day 1 isn’t very exciting. And, ok, we’re all friends here, so I’m going to be honest right here. There are Day 2 photos in there too. GAH! I know, I know.

Really, Day 1 was full of travel and settling in. I am a pretty daring girl, so I really wanted to live on the edge and start our trip out right by eating a Floribbean Tuna sandwich. I know how to live!!! So we travelled. We arrived. We amazingly found our driver immediately. SCORE! Communicating with our driver? eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He deserted us at one point curbside at the airport. WHEREDIDYOUGO????? This might be a good spot to pause and fill you in on one tidbit of information: We don’t speak Spanish. At all. I mean, I can tell you good morning, and thank you. Annnnnd, that is about it. The people of Costa Rica are insanely patient and accommodating and will make every effort to communicate with you and make things easy. And our country could learn a LOT from that. And that is all I am going to say about that 😉

We make it to our hotel, and we settle in. We discover you can watch the city traffic on tv. Say what?! It’s kind of like the food channel. You know you are bored. You know you want to change the channel. But you don’t. I can tell you all about the traffic patterns of San Jose.

We ventured. We grocery shopped. I stumbled upon a pet store a mere one minute walk from our hotel, because clearly I have doggy radar even in other countries. We bought tasty snacks that we bought solely on looks. We froze (damn Floridians!!! Ha! We were even called out by some Midwesterners at the hotel who noticed we were in long-sleeved shirts….”you must be from Florida?!”) We lounged by the pool and for the first time in a year I just sat. I just stared into space and thought of very little. And gasssssp I got to read a book!!!!

And so that was our first day. Is your mind blown? I knew it would be!!!

May 31, 2012

The Vacation Photo Post

The first week of May I stepped on a plane and headed up to New Hampshire for my fairly-annual trip to see two of my most favorite people- my mom and my best friend.

I want to show you all the photos I took of the beautiful landscapes. The portraits I took of my friends girls. The lovely self-portrait of me and my mom. But I can’t show you them….because my camera remained in it’s comfy little spot in it’s bag. Because that is the kind of photographer I am 😉

There was an epic battle. It looked something like this:

“Real” Camera vs. Cellphone Camera

I think it’s clear who the loser was. I choose to blame the six days of rain I experienced.

So instead, I will give you a breakdown of my trip in the form of Instagram photos:

So as you can see…this photographer might have failed even at taking cellphone photos 🙂 I like to think it was because I was too busy enjoying the company.

I should point out the first photo, in the upper left corner, is actually Florida. I believe that was the Sunshine State’s way of giving me the middle finger upon my return. After spending most of my vacation dodging rain drops, I spent my drive home staring at the thunderclouds building right over where I was headed.

My trip, as it always is, was fabulous. My mom geeked out and decided it was completely normal to celebrate my birthday almost exactly two months late. Princess crown and all. She made me a money tree, which realllly sent mixed messages and went completely against all those lectures I heard growing up. We saw mountains and oceans and all the land in between. She gladly tagged along for the no-longer-endless search for The. Perfect. Sneakers.

I was able to spend a great day with a best friend that has been in my life for what feels like forever. I spent a day with my most favorite aunt in the whole world. I had breakfast with my most favorite cousin in the whole world. I ate an embarassing amount of fried food. I did more shopping than I thought I was capable of 🙂 I saw not one, but two groundhogs (hey, I am easily excitable!).

We drove. We talked. We ate. We shopped. We talked more. Conversation. Wonderful Conversation.

My trips back “home” are always bittersweet. It reminds me of all that I am missing. My friend said it perfectly when she said it is almost easier not to see each other….because saying goodbye….well, it’s hard.

This trip was particularly hard, because due to my starting school in a couple of months, and then hopefully after that getting a new job, I am not exactly sure when it will be that I will find myself in the place, and with the people, that I miss the most.

October 31, 2011

boring post

It seems that the blog has been a bit boring lately. The thing is…life has been relatively boring. The camera has been collecting dust. There hasn’t been much to say. But I don’t like seeing all those cobwebs up in the corners of this blog, so for the sake of blogging about something, anything, I present to you…my pitiful pup….

sad, right?!

It all started with an attempted attack on a passerby last Sunday.

Ok. He didn’t actually try to attack anyone. I mean, he wanted to. I think. Because he’s tough like that. But no, no attacks from this dog. Just some running. And barking. Ok, so I guess it does sort of sound like an attempted attack, but really it was just tough guy bravado. I think. Anyways. Running. Barking. A little sister jumping on his back. I know, random. But that is what she does.

And then he was a three-legged dog. Just like that. No crying. No wimpering. Simply, he suddenly stopped using the leg. I felt it and heard a slight snap. I though he must have dislocated it. I thought he would baby it for a bit, then be fine.

I thought wrong. By bedtime he was still rocking the three legs.

So on Monday I have the hubster bring him to the vets. Obviously, because I am a medical doctor and all, I prepared hubby for what would happen: Don’t worry, it will take two seconds. He’ll feel his leg, and then POP! He’ll pop his knee back in place and voila! All will be well in the world.

He called me after the visit.

Hey, I’m back with Koda.
How did it go? Did they pop the knee back in?
No, he is scheduled for surgery on Friday morning.
Seriously, they just popped the knee back in right? I was so right. You can just call me Dr. Wife for now on if you would like.
You’re not listening to me, he has surgery on Friday.

So he had surgery on Friday morning. Apparently he tore a tendon. Apparently this is slightly normal. Apparently, I suck at making doggy diagnoses.

This was post surgery on the way home.

While he was under the knife, we had some cosmetic surgery done on him as well. He got a little eyebrow lift.

I’m joking, I’m joking. We had them remove a cyst that has been growing over his eye. Now he looks like he is ready for Halloween, huh?!

Yesterday we removed the bandages….and relegated him to cone-of-shame status 😦

And there you have it.

I know….you envy my life. It’s ok, most people do. It’s not easy being this exciting.

October 22, 2011


You had to know it was coming…

September 2, 2009

Cell Phone Photo Round-Up vs. Craptastical Crap

That's right folks, it's that time again! My life is currently full of all sorts of craptastical crap, and so what better way to avoid dealing with all of that craptasticness than to shower you with some cell phone photo love? You know you want some! What better way to see what kind of life (or lack thereof, in my case) a person leads, than to peruse their phone photos? Come on, come see what I have been up to….

I travelled…

Iphone 002

I was lucky enough to go to a THIRD Dave concert in only two weeks…
Picture 007

…with a best friend that gave me the ultimate surprise and flew in the day of the concert!

and ummmm, yeah, shut it about the face I am making lol. I am not good with self-portraits and the iphone. that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Picture 024

I stayed in a yummy hotel room…

Iphone 008

hubby learned a valuable lesson on why it is important to sometimes wear gloves while doing certain home improvement projects…

Iphone 004

I was forced to ponder the eating habits of others when I discovered these Shrimp Snacks on the floor of a Home Depot bathroom floor. a) what, actually, is a Shrimp Snack? b) why were they be snacked upon while in a bathroom stall?


I received some fun presents…..

ummmmm….I love Dave fans!

and could a present get ANY better than the season 1 & 2 set of Rob & Big???? I think not.

and speaking of Rob & Big, I entered (quite wearily I might add) into Wal-Mart for the first time in almost five years, and encountered the most glorious sight….

*if you don't watch Rob & Big, this will mean nothing to you. And really? Shame on you! Go watch it already! Hilarity will ensue, I promise!

I wrote a friend out of my life….she tried to buy my love with flowers…fyi- flowers don't impress me. sincerity does.


I indulged….

caramel mocha….mmmmmm

sushi that already made it's way to my belly…mmmmmmmm! (and nope, I HATE the ginger! and, I am SO cool I eat my sushi with a fork. It has everything to do with my coolness, nothing to do with my coordination skills. I am sure of it.)
Picture 009

I stared at the clouds and pondered my life*…

*taken with, and edited on, Martha. Pretty fun, huh?

Picture 033

I fell. It hurt. A lot. Even if it doesn't look like it here.


I was forced to wonder, what does a talking poo really have to do with ice cream cake? Bacause I am not buying it that he is supposed to be a whale. nope.


I might have fallen into a dave-induced mania and began seeing song titles while grocery shopping…"you crush me, BAAAAAAAAAAABY!"

Picture 016

I let my hunny take the driver's seat for a bit….sometimes it's easier to let someone else stear me in the right direction 🙂

Picture 037

Does anyone else see a silly profile here….or am I losing it????

Picture 015

I find humor in the little things in life…..

Picture 003

and finally…..I pondered some more while staring at the clouds…….one day, I am sure of it, the answers will be staring back at me. I just know it.

Picture 026

and there is my random little world captured my miss Martha, the fabulous iPhone.