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January 27, 2012


Happy Birthday to my most favorite first dog ever!

I wanted a big dog. I wanted a female. I desperately just wanted a dog to call my own. Koda did not match my list of wants at all.

It’s a complicated story of how we got Koda. And really, it doesn’t matter. At 7 weeks old, Koda arrived at my house in a basket. It was my birthday. It was the end of the day. I thought I had at least another week to prepare for a puppy. And then Koda arrived in a basket. And I fell in love. And I didn’t care that he was not big. Or that he was not a she. I loved him.

We call Koda the radar dog, because he flies under the radar in this house. The girls have a tendancy to outshine him with their cuteness. He sort of despises cuddling. He is incredibly aloof and at times quite distant. He can be moody and grouchy and pretty much the most stubborn creature I have encountered. But then out of nowhere he will hit you with his cuteness. He will tell you he needs some snuggle time. He is, out of all the dogs, the one that everyone claims as their favorite after they meet him.

He is a lhasa apso. He is not a big dog. He likes to bark. He was not socialized. He loves to chew his feet and prance when on leash. His favorite food is toilet paper. His face is crooked and he is missing a tooth. We are waiting for the day that his groomer tells us he is no longer welcome on her table. He goes by multiple names and happens to adore his owl sweater. He now limps and makes popping noises when he walks. He is a lhasa apso and he is not a big dog and he is all mine and I love him and he is eleven years old today.

January 22, 2012

word play

A week or so ago, I was browsing my blog roll and catching up. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers and I was immediately intrigued.

The concept is simple enough; select a word that sums up what you want for yourself in the coming year. A full explanation can be found HERE.

And then a war was waged inside of me.

As I read Stephanie’s post, positivity kept poking me in the forehead. But simplicty chose to complicate things by trying to distract me with it’s, well, simplicity. And then positivity baked me a batch of brownies. Brown-noser! Simplicity sent me flowers. Positivity told me about all the great things it could bring into my life. But simplicity sent me a beautiful letter explaining how lovely my life would be with it in it.

And then I realized I tend to do things my own way anyhow, so why not this?!

SO- Positivity won the leading role. Simplicity will have a cameo appearance here and there.

I don’t yet know how I will integrate these two words into my life and world, but I do know they are both very important to me. Simplicity has been stalking me for a couple of years now, and positivity has been avoiding me at all costs- this challenge is exactly what I need, when I needed it most.


January 20, 2012

on the verge

Do you ever get that feeling? As if you are teetering on a cliff? As if your toes are hanging over the edge? As if you are on the verge of something big?

That’s how I feel lately. As I go around corners I tense my body, ready to be hit by whatever I am on the verge of.

A total breakdown <insert nervous giggle>?

I’m sure it is due to the big changes coming up for me with rearranging schedules and big sacrifices and getting ready for school. But I still can’t help but feel that BIG is somewhere nearby, stealthily hiding ninja-style behind a non-descript bush just waiting to karate chop my ass.

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January 14, 2012

off-leashing it

We are having a beautifully cool Florida day today (as I type this it is only 61 degrees). I do a happy dance for cool weather, and I think all pugs do a little happy dance as well. It’s great weather to not have to worry about heatstroke!

So today we took a stroll in a nearby nature preserve, and decided to start experimenting with something I have been wanting to work on for a long time- going off-leash. The idea of going off-leash freaks me out, but it also intrigues me. The preserve was a perfect place to make our first attempt, as it was difficult terrain for her to really wander off into- she would have had to push through some serious brush to get far.

So I tentatively unclipped the leash, and watched with joy as my pugger pranced off…and consistantly stopped when she got a touch too far, to stop and look back to confirm we were still there 🙂 It shone a spotlight on the commands I am going to need to work on to build my confidence (and the safety factor) in these experiments. But all in all, she kind of rocked it!

Do you take your dog off-leash? What kind of tips do you have to make it a safe exeperience? What commands do you find essential (other than the obvious recall)?

January 13, 2012

vicious pug

“vicious pug”…has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?! Maybe I should start a band!

It’ a super cute face right there, dontcha think? Well…as I write this she is in the penalty box for getting vicious on her sister.

When Tinsley first came into our lives, we had a few strange experiences at the end of the leash, connected to a “choke chain” collar, that eventually brought us to the vet. See, she kept passing out. The vet explained that when an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter is in the cage, they ignore their body’s instinct to “tap out” and will fight through the pain, even if the result is a broken arm. Tinsley was doing the same with the choke collar; even though instict should have told her to stop pulling as the collar tightened, she instead would continue pulling until it cut off her airflow, and the lack of oxygen would cause her to pass out. F’real.

So that should have been my first sign. My pug thought she was all MMA.

While at work with me one day, she became obsessed with another dog’s bone. Majorly obsessed. I had never seen her behave this way. So the next day we went out and bought her her very own bone. And then she got all vicious and stuff. So I removed the bone, only giving it to her when she is away from the other dogs.

But she has been so good. And look at those eyes! She’s so SWEET! So I re-introduced the bone.

And in this corner….we have Pug Tinsley weighing in at 13.8 pounds and fighting out of Mexico.

It did not end well. It resulted in a stint in the penalty box.

Don’t believe those sweet eyes, she is a force to be reckoned with!

January 12, 2012

thursday thoughts

I received a message from my blog…it said it was having some abandonment issues. Apparently I don’t spend enough time with it 😦  So to appease it for a time, I thought I would throw some random thoughts down to bore the world with…

– Tinsley’s going to be a model! *ok…so not really. Not a real, bring home the bacon model, but I did sign her up for a very special photo shoot. I am beyond excited that we are going to be taking part in the 1000 Pugs project. The photographer is the “thumbs” behind one of my most favorite blogs, takes gorgeous photos, and has taken on an incredibly ambitious project that will benefit so many pugs! We chose a shoot in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami <— click on that link and I dare you to tell me you are not jealous of that location! You had better believe I will be conducting my very own personal photo shoot while I am there!

– The idea of school is getting scarier and scarier! YIKES! In a book I am currently reading there is a line discussing preparation for a play; “Then opening night begins to seem like an actual possibilty instead of a foolish dream.” That pretty much sums it all up…I’m coming out of the hazy dream feeling and now that I am in the preperation phase (buying scrubs, rearranging my work schedule, filling out financial aid forms…) it is starting to hit me- THIS. IS. REAL. This is actually happening. And it is scaring the living bejesus out of this girl! Somewhere, hidden way deep down with the dustbunnies of my fear, I think there is a touch of excitement in there too 🙂

– Because I am nerd, the idea of a reading challenge excites me probably more than it should. But like I said, NERD…soooooo. So when I saw a Facebook friend post about the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge I needed to jump in! Most people had fabulously ambitious goals of reading 50 or even 100 books in 2012…I muttered “showoffs” under my breath, and entered my goal of 15 books. I am an avid reader, and I would love to set a higher goal, but this girl needs to be realistic; school, work, SCHOOL, one day off a week. I decided I may just be a showoff with my goal of 15 😉

– Did you make any resolutions? Usually, I say I want to get skinny 🙂 This year, I made some changes and decided to make some meaningful resolutions. 1. Take better care of my body. Treat it kindly. Respect it and appreciate it. 2. Be a more positive person. This past year beat me down. I lean towards negativity as it is, and 2011 created a magnet in me for negative thoughts. This year I aim to be a more positive thinker and doer. 3. Be a much better friend. This one is going to be difficult, because I fear I am going to be pretty stretched thin in 2012. But I have not been the greatest friend this past year. And I know I am a difficult person to maintain a friendship with due to my incredible aversion to the phone 😉 So in 2012 I am finding new ways to stay connected and to make sure my friends know just how much I love and need them.

Since this was a random train of thought, I will leave you with a completely random photo…

January 8, 2012

a random one

Just a random oldie of my sweet pug. I’ve been thinking of her lots lately, and seeing this smooshy little face makes my heart a little warmer ♥