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September 29, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes


We took a ride out to Myakka State Park awhile back to ease a bad mood, and stumbled upon an incredible amount of buzzards. I, of course, only had my point & shoot, and to make it even more fun my purse had decided to take it upon itself to change the settings on my camera without my consent. So the shots I got left a lot to be desired. We decided to head back the following weekend with the "real" camera and cross our fingers that we would stumble upon a similar scene.


While the scene was similar, it was nowhere near as impressive, and the recent rains made it difficult to trek through the woods (I SO need a pair of golashes!). But I still got a couple of shots.


September 25, 2009

Because I love to slack

I just realized how much I have neglected this blog. And since I sooo love to slack I figured the best remedy would be a bad iphone post with an iphone photo. Take that.

Because I love to slack

September 16, 2009

Furry Furbabies


While re-organizing my external harddrive (yup, I am STILL working on that!) I found these gems. Well, ok, they're probably not gems to anyone else other then me, but still. Some people grow up and have children…I grew up and had furbabies. These crazy pups are my absolute world.

ok, so I know you will think I am saying this because I am her mom, but really, it's true- she is the happiest dog that I have ever met. She is also one of the most mischievous- case in point: I used to keep a hand towel on the refridgerator door….until sweet little Tinker decided that what the towel really was was a convenient doggy door handle for instant access to the goodies within.



Koda is one of the most stubborn, ornery pups I have met, and I love every bit of him. He is grumpy and aloof and SO sweet when it is on his terms. He was the best birthday present I have EVER received.


and the pugcake…she stole my heart. That is really all that there is to it.


people think that the Tink is strange looking with her pink nose and yellow eyes. Don't tell her I said this…but I kind of agree. But I love her no less because of it 🙂


September 15, 2009

Dust Bunnies

I looove finding photos with dust bunnies huddled up in their corners! I feel like I am on my own personal treasure hunt while I slowly but surely sort through three years' worth of photos.


When I find old shots, shots covered in computer dust, they leave me wondering. Why did I never do anything with this shot? Did I think it was not good enough? I am one tough self critic, after all. Did I simply get distracted? A very easy accomplishment for me. Why did I ignore you, lonely little photo?

I have to say, the following photos were edited in a way that is very much not my normal fashion. But sometimes, you shoot a photo, and you know before your finger even completes it's depression of the shutter button that there is only one way to edit it. That is what happened here. And while it is not my normal style, I love them. I love them enough that this first one may end up on my wall (which seriously, never ever happens unless the photo contains ears and tails and fur)




another exciting thing about dust bunnies? they tickle me. they tickle that part of me that has been avoiding my camera. they make me want to go shoot what I love….nature. So hold me to this…..I am going to get some new nature shots this weekend. Do you hear me? I am going to grab that camera gasp! and shoot until I remember just how much I LOVE shooting.

September 14, 2009

Randomly Boring

Random photo. Boring blog post.

07-18-09 fly-lizard-37-WEB

September 8, 2009

Evey Vendetta

First off….could her name be ANY awesomer? (what? it's a word)

08-02-09 Evey-55-WEB

Second…could she be ANY cuter?

08-02-09 Evey-25-WEB 

The plans for Evey's photo shoot were grande I tell ya. GRANDE! And then, well, remember the events of this weekend? Sigh. They sort of infringed on this sweet girl's session. See…when you are shooting for family, well, sometimes they get the short end of the deal 🙂 This photographer had not eaten a real meal in close to three days. This photographer also got a ridiculously small amount of sleep. And suddenly, photography didn't sound so fun anymore. Shameful, I know. But so true. But then, the guilt started to set in. This girl would only be a puppy once after all. So maybe we couldn't squeeze in the fun city shoot we had planned, but when I glanced out the back door and saw the most delicious light, I knew I had to take at least a couple shots of this pretty pup. And I am so happy I did!

08-02-09 Evey-12-WEB

Don't you just want to snatch her up and call her yours? Evey was honestly, and not just becuase she is family, one of, if not the, most well behaved pups I have ever encountered. That didn't make her an ideal model though lol…she was NOT a fan of looking in the direction of the camera. at all.

08-02-09 Evey-17-WEB

I wanted to dip a spoon in this light and lick it up!

08-02-09 Evey-22-WEB

08-02-09 Evey-36-WEB

September 2, 2009

Cell Phone Photo Round-Up vs. Craptastical Crap

That's right folks, it's that time again! My life is currently full of all sorts of craptastical crap, and so what better way to avoid dealing with all of that craptasticness than to shower you with some cell phone photo love? You know you want some! What better way to see what kind of life (or lack thereof, in my case) a person leads, than to peruse their phone photos? Come on, come see what I have been up to….

I travelled…

Iphone 002

I was lucky enough to go to a THIRD Dave concert in only two weeks…
Picture 007

…with a best friend that gave me the ultimate surprise and flew in the day of the concert!

and ummmm, yeah, shut it about the face I am making lol. I am not good with self-portraits and the iphone. that's my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Picture 024

I stayed in a yummy hotel room…

Iphone 008

hubby learned a valuable lesson on why it is important to sometimes wear gloves while doing certain home improvement projects…

Iphone 004

I was forced to ponder the eating habits of others when I discovered these Shrimp Snacks on the floor of a Home Depot bathroom floor. a) what, actually, is a Shrimp Snack? b) why were they be snacked upon while in a bathroom stall?


I received some fun presents…..

ummmmm….I love Dave fans!

and could a present get ANY better than the season 1 & 2 set of Rob & Big???? I think not.

and speaking of Rob & Big, I entered (quite wearily I might add) into Wal-Mart for the first time in almost five years, and encountered the most glorious sight….

*if you don't watch Rob & Big, this will mean nothing to you. And really? Shame on you! Go watch it already! Hilarity will ensue, I promise!

I wrote a friend out of my life….she tried to buy my love with flowers…fyi- flowers don't impress me. sincerity does.


I indulged….

caramel mocha….mmmmmm

sushi that already made it's way to my belly…mmmmmmmm! (and nope, I HATE the ginger! and, I am SO cool I eat my sushi with a fork. It has everything to do with my coolness, nothing to do with my coordination skills. I am sure of it.)
Picture 009

I stared at the clouds and pondered my life*…

*taken with, and edited on, Martha. Pretty fun, huh?

Picture 033

I fell. It hurt. A lot. Even if it doesn't look like it here.


I was forced to wonder, what does a talking poo really have to do with ice cream cake? Bacause I am not buying it that he is supposed to be a whale. nope.


I might have fallen into a dave-induced mania and began seeing song titles while grocery shopping…"you crush me, BAAAAAAAAAAABY!"

Picture 016

I let my hunny take the driver's seat for a bit….sometimes it's easier to let someone else stear me in the right direction 🙂

Picture 037

Does anyone else see a silly profile here….or am I losing it????

Picture 015

I find humor in the little things in life…..

Picture 003

and finally…..I pondered some more while staring at the clouds…….one day, I am sure of it, the answers will be staring back at me. I just know it.

Picture 026

and there is my random little world captured my miss Martha, the fabulous iPhone.