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August 22, 2013

someone get the dustbuster…

…it’s time to wipe the dust away!

It’s been a loooooong year. Exhausting really. It’s all been rather blurry and dreamlike and now it is over and I feel dizzy from it all. And now I am back in the real world, and feel like I require some sort of transitional therapy to help my integrate back into the world of normal people.

And so here I am. Time to jump back in, heh? Lots has happened in the last few months…

I chopped all of my hair off…

where did it all go?!

The lesson learned with this one? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, make a drastic change to your hair when you are emotionally spent. Seriously. Just don’t.

And after 12 years, 173,000 miles, and too many to count oops-I-almost-broke-down-again moments, I bought a new car!!!!

well look at that!

And finally, this happened…


I kind of felt like this moment was never going to come!

And in coming posts I will tell you about this…

pura vida!

When you finally finish a hellish year, you need to celebrate, right?! We chose to celebrate for 10 days in Costa Rica.

Stay tuned….


oh, and hey? It was nice seeing you again 😉