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May 31, 2007

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May 29, 2007

Bridal turned Upside Down




        Why do it like everyone else? Where is the fun in that?!

May 22, 2007

With These Rings…


May 5, 2007


Well….I got a new logo! Yeah, I like the original one, but then I saw this! This awesome thing was created by Erica Hernandez, who is just so talented and creative, and I just can’t say thank you enough! Every time i look at it, I love it even more! It is just so crisp, and classy, and fun, and PERFECT!


May 3, 2007


Ahhhhhh, hoopla. Ever feel like there is so much hoopla going on around you, you just get overwhelmed? Yup, me too. All the hoopla is my own, I am afraid to say, so I have overwhelmed myself! Shame on me! I am continuing on with getting everything up and completed with my photography—and considering I am a super perfectionist with this stuff, as well as being my own worst enemy, well—-things are slow going! I am also getting prepared to shoot my very first wedding next weekend. I am SUPER excited to have the honor of documenting Jamie and Jason’s day, and absolutely cannot wait to do our shoot and see what kind of fun stuff we can get! I am also scheduled to shoot another wedding in July, and I just signed up to attend a workshop in July as well. Yay!!! I am super duper excited to say that I am not only getting the opportunity to be around some super talent, I am going to get to be taught by the person that is at teh tippy top of my "list of people I want to be taught by"! None other than MyKee 🙂
Along with that hoopla comes person hoopla. Yeah,,,the worst kind! Never fun, is it?! Between being plaqued with continuous nightmares for more than a week, and trying to deal with my self esteem issues due to my weight…well, apparently I have not exactly been a peach to be around!!! Imagine that! And so, onward I go. Just like everything else in my life, I will rise above 🙂 I may just need a little push, and maybe a hug too!

And so….with all the hoopla, not too much shooting being done. So I present to you MORE dress details. Sorry! I just can’t tell you how much I love love love the little details…I am definitely a macro girl true and true!