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September 30, 2010

Narcissism or Preservation?

Here’s the thing…I haaaaaaate having my photo taken. Hate. It.

If you ask me to take your photo, I imagine you appreciate the power of photography, of preserving this time in your life, capturing and keeping a snippit in time. When I want to have my photograph taken, I think I am a narcissist 🙂 Can you say double standard? I feel foolish for actually asking for my photo to be taken. The issue is this….I seriously really hate being in front of the camera. I am not comfortable in my own skin (I’m working on that, really I am!). I have always felt a bit like an ugly duckling. I feel akward having the attention 100% focused on me. I just don’t like it. Suddenly I focus on all the little things I don’t like about myself, and consume myself with trying not to have those qualities captured for forever and a day. There are a few of you out there that can say with certaintly- I am not easy to photograph.

So it was with some trepidation that I approached hubby last weekend with the camera, and requested that it be turned on me. I may have averted my eyes and mumbled my request. I may have handed the camera over, and then immediately stated that the session was over and I changed my mind. And when he insisted it was most certainly NOT over, I may have again insisted it was SO over.

He gave me “the look’ and I knew…it wasn’t over. sigh. So I took the camera, set the settings, gave strict instructions, and then winced as I was staring at my reflection in the lens. I may have averted eye contact in the beginning. I’m difficult. I know.

I tried numerous times to walk away. I quit several times. I insisted that the “session” was over. He has learned well people 😉 He kept snapping. He said, just one more.

And to be honest with the whole entire world….I looked at some of these photos, and well…..I actually liked a couple of them! *gasp*

and really, if you are going to go all narcissistic, you should go all the way and post as many photos of yourself as possible right? lol

And for good measure….I present to you The Outtakes. Sometimes I amaze myself with my level or awkwardness.

* I need to give my hubby some serious credit for getting these shots. And not only because I am worse than a toddler jacked up on too much Kool Aid. Super duper little known personal snippet- hubster is legally blind due to a retinal disorder. His central vision is most affected by this. And here I sat with the following instructions: “ok, see the little red square in the center of the viewfinder? Ok, get that on my eye, get me in focus and then recompose and snap”. Best of luck to the blind guy! And he delivered! Massively delivered.

September 25, 2010

Tall Fears

I’m afraid of heights. I forget that I am afraid of heights. And then I start to go someplace high up. And I remember. When I went to Maui forever and a day ago, I spent much of the trip with my eyes staring at my feet. Or the floorboard of a car. Or closed as tight as possible. I am afraid of heights.

So when we were making our Chicago plans and April said she wanted to go on a ferris wheel I may have stopped breathing for a moment. And then pretended like I was brave and said ummmmm, ok?


and because I am one of the most indecisive people I know and love both versions, I will let you decide….

I went on the ferris wheel. I was scared. I cried. This is what I look like when I am trying to make the tears go away….

September 24, 2010

will it never end?

I just know that is what you are asking yourself…will the madness never end? Do I really have to read another post about a band? I’m sad to say this IS the last Dave Matthews Band post for some time 😦 boo for me, yay for you! I was lucky to attend the two shows that brought to an end their summer tour. They have a short fall tour ahead of them, and then a year *gasp* off. So yes…this is actually the end.

Because my most favorite concert buddy ever is a huge Cubs fan, it was a given when DMB announced that they would be playing at Wrigley Field that we would most certainly be attending. I was so excited to finally get to see Chicago, but I have to admit something….I was a little nervous too. I am a small town kind of girl. I get overwhelmed pretty easily by the hustle and bustle of cities, or anything that even resembles a city really. So it was a healthy mix of apprehension and excitement that was carried onto the plane with me. And then I got off the plane. And I stepped out of the airport. And we drove into the city (ok, we may have drove in circles for a short period thankyouverymuch TomTom). And then I promptly fell in love.

I saw a city in a bean and I loved it. A lot.

I saw unexpected sights. I knew there was water, but I didn’t expect it to remind me of Florida!

and I learned a valuable lesson….the easiest way to have the subway alllll to yourself? Go way further than you have to go 😉

And then I saw what I came to see…….

I learned that you can absolutely take our photo….but don’t think I am going to “help you out” for it  (but really, thanks for the photo!!!)

In a nutshell: I had a blast. I was swept off my feet by a city that was not even on my radar. I left with some hilarious memories that I would love to share…but I know they are “you-had-to-be-there” stories. I did not hear the one song I have been holding out for ALL summer, but I still left one hell of a happy fan, and really, I can never ever complain about my 2010 summer ♥

September 16, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

finishing up some final little things, getting a couple hours of work squeezed in, and then I am off to my summer’s last hurrah! I am still in slight disbelief that I will be boarding a plane tonight, headed to Chicago to see my most favorite band perform their most anticipated shows of the tour.

September 11, 2010

Feeling Ferny

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.  ~Standing Bear

September 10, 2010

Friday Five whaaaaaaat?!

I don’t even dare look back to see how long it has been since I have posted a Five. It’s been a while, and we’ll just leave it at that 🙂

1.  Fraudsters.  I want to just get this one out of the way asap. I hate shady people. And by shady I mean the people that stole my debit card number. The people that sent me a really shady package that I still can’t wrap my mind around. The people that hacked into my PayPal account. I hate them with every fiber of my being. But I love Wachovia. And how easy they have made this yucky process. And for recommending the seperate account for all online transactions *duh!* why did I not think of this before?! Dear fraudsters….I cannot wait for the day that you wake up in a fabulous mood, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and you are skipping down the street when you turn the corner and are faced with my dear friend Karma. Good luck with that.

2.  Music.  Sometimes I really can’t stand how much I love music. I recently bought the Mumford & Sons cd (that’s right, I still buy CDs! Take that iTunes!) and I am soooo in love with it. I cannot stop listening to this awesome music that souds like nothing else out there right now.

3.  Delete Buttons!  I think  I love the power of the delete button. I just wrote something, decided I wasn’t ready to share it, and poof! gone!!!! Delete button…I love you ♥

4.  Chicago.  This time next week I will be in Chicago. I have never been to Chicago and have no clue what to expect other than it will be a whirlwind weekend that will go down as a fabulous memory. I cannot wait!

5.  New Blogs.  Can I just say, I love my new blog? Is that ok to say outloud? It isn’t even a custom blog. It is just a plain jane free template offered by WP and I looooooooove it and am so happy I put my big girl panties on and decided to brave the world of WordPress!

Friday Five complete.

random thought for the day. I woke up thinking about how painfully akward I was as a kid (let’s be honest, kid, teenager, adult!). God love my mom, she let me be an idividual for better or worse. And for worse it usually was….I had a pair of red hightop sneakers that went with NOTHING. And I wore them with EVERYTHING. Red. Hightop. Sneakers.

September 9, 2010

Itty Bitty Greenie

I’ve said this over and over again; the thing I love most about being a macro photographer is that it has made me so much more observant. I see so much more than I did before this passion stole me away. Case in point- this itty little guy:

While walking down a path through the woods I noticed this itty bitty thing hanging out down in these weeds. He was SO small, and the light was very much not ideal, so it was a bit of a challenge, but I am happy to say I got what I wanted out of the impromptu forrest photo session 🙂

September 4, 2010

Moss Spores

That’s right, I’m all about the creative blog post titles 🙂

Nothing exciting to say here, just some moss spores. A fun challenge to shoot since they were so itty bitty- the focus had to be quite precise.

September 2, 2010

Yuck Alert!

Don’t say you weren’t warned…..

so remember that lovely day to myself I was talking about a bit ago? Part of that day was to be dedicated to forcing myself to take photos, even though I was thouroughly uninspired. As I was pedaling along I was constantly faced with the view of these horrid spiders, their gorgeous webs catching the sunlight perfectly. I want to be clear about something; I HATE spiders. I love bugs, even though they creep me out. I have the embarassing distinction of being busted by a friend as I attempted to rescue a fly from the horrid fate of being trapped in a convenience store (ummm, yeah, for real). I do everything I can to not kill creepy crawlies. But these guys? Ummmmm nothankyou. Because I hate these things so very much, I realized this was the ultimate challenge.

I would also like to be clear about something else (sort of a gratuitous pat on the back for working through spider-fear); These were all shot with my 60mm macro lens. For you non-photogs…that means I was pretty damn close to this guy. Reallllllllly close. But I did it. I even accomplished most of the shots with manual focus, which has always been a struggle for me. So I declare that day a complete and total success.

and my favorite (and I swear it isn’t my favorite just because a certain something is absent- though that doesn’t hurt!)……