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July 28, 2009

Her Name is Martha…

…after Martha Stewart, because she can do just about anything.


*photo curtesy of the apple website 😉

There are certain objects in our lives that deserve to be named.  My new iphone is one of those objects.

I was very scared of this purchase and had pretty much talked myself right out of it. Hubster intervened and told me to just buy it already. So I did. And I am in love. just sayin'.

July 25, 2009

Not Sew Easy

Ever wonder what a photographer does with herself when her mojo takes a leave of absence? She tries to find other hobbies to occupy her time while she stares out the window, waiting to see her mojo pull into the driveway. And so that is what I have done. I am attempting to learn to sew. I say attempting, because well, it's not as easy as I thought!

07-10-09 sewing-7-WEB

I asked my mom for a sewing machine for Christmas, and while I think I may have frightened her slightly with the request, seeing as how I do not even know how to sew a button on anything, she obliged. I scoured sewing websites, trying to decide what I wanted to make first. A shirt! An apron!!! YES! Definitely an apron, as I have a slight obsession with that kitchen attire. So I bought a pattern…..and started shaking in my boots. Ok, maybe I was feeling overly ambitious. Maybe I should take things slow. I searched some more, and found some fantabulous pincushions over at Heather Bailey's store.

07-10-09 sewing-2-WEB  

I am making an excessive amount, and bought some pretty flower pots that will house them. I think these pincushions are the cutest things on earth.

So I am trying to sew. I want to learn to quilt, but that task seems to be over my head! Quilting is SO not as easy as it looks!!! I have one quilt top finished sort of) and I am terrified of the prospect of completing it. I have a bazillion squares cut for another one….and am terrified of sewing them all together lol.

07-10-09 sewing-6-WEB 

I have completed an apron, and am getting ready to start another one…so that is progress! But I think it is official…my new hobby has me slightly quaking in my boots.

07-10-09 sewing-4-WEB

July 18, 2009

Mojo Sighting

Attention!!!! There has been a mojo sighting in this neck of the woods. As soon as I saw my mojo* slinking around I took action and threw a net over it, clubbed it over the head for good measure (and ok, for revenge as well) and dragged it to my house. We sat down and had a chat. It seems my mojo thinks I am not quite ready for full custody, but has agreed to give me visitation rights. Hey, that's progress right?

07-18-09 fly-lizard-14-WEB 

this next one…I cannot stand how much I LOVE it. I want to put frosting on it, call it dessert and eat it up.

07-18-09 fly-lizard-33-WEB

*in my weird mind, my mojo looks like the Weight Watchers hungry monster. strange, but true folks. 

July 18, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream…………..well, until we get sick, then it’s not so exciting

For the 4th of July I treated my pups to some tasty goodness, otherwise known as doggy ice cream. Koda has had this treat before, and looooooooooooooooooved it, so I was excited for the girls to finally get to experience this fantastical treat.

07-04-09 pups-1-WEB 

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was a hit. Tink's little legs were shaking while she devoured the ice cream, throwing caution to the wind and embracing every moment of the full blown body freeze (an upgrade to the lesser brain freeze).

07-04-09 pups-3-WEB 
nom, nom nom. taaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty.

Punky, on the other hand, was a bit unsure. She abandoned the treat after getting about half way through, gotta love the dirty dirty face….and the ice cream goatee

07-04-09 pups-5-WEB 

and then, her expression changed slightly…..

07-04-09 pups-6-WEB 

yup, as her mommy, I see the change, it is slight, but it is clearly screaming "uh oh mom. I don't think this was a very good…………………………………………………barf".

and let the puke fest begin. sigh. apparently, ice cream + my girls = something very unpleasant. They both got incredibly sick. Koda? pffft. he was all, "are you planning on finishing that?"

July 13, 2009

Identity Crisis.

Did you happen to notice the new little pretty up there in my header? That's my new logo! and I happen to love it

New logo v2 jpg
If I am not "officially" in business anymore, why would I possibly need a brand spankin' new logo, you ask? Well, that's a good question,and I I figure it's only fair that I should answer 🙂

Some time ago, I closed shop. Hung the sign up and walked away. At the time, I really wasn't very sure how permanant this would be. Ok…that's a lie. I was feeling like it was pretty damn permanant. But the longer I am away from being "official" the longer I am painfully aware that you cannot deny your passion. There is always a subtle nagging within me that lets me know that I am trying to ignore something that is incredibly powerful. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is what it is.

So I quickly realized that I would continue cultivating this passion in the background. I would continue to find small ways to grow (I say small because I am still quite consumed with trying to locate my mojo…the bastard said he was going out for cigarettes….never to be seen again). And so I have been doing that. I am re-learning my passion. I am seeing my mistakes, and preparing myself for the day when I remove that dreaded "closed" sign. Because that day will arrive. I can't say how soon, I am hoping within the next year, but who knows.

I do know that I did not like my old logo. I want to love every bit of this crazy passion of mine, and that includes the mundane side of things. Things like brand colors and identity. I did not like my identity. I like yellow. A lot. For months I have been trying to decide how to go yellow. I was washing my hair (what? who doesn't have incredible brainstorms in the shower?) and poof! there was my happy yellow logo. A rush to the computer, some great Facebook advice on small changes, and voila! one happy yellow logo coming your way 🙂

*a character flaw…..I am never able to give short answers! Sorry about that!

July 4, 2009

Were You Missing Me?

you were, weren't you? You were just thinking to yourself, jeez, I wish Kristie would post some self-centered photos. Well never fear, I wouldn't want to let you down!

ok really? I really am not a fan of me. I don't like the way I look. I don't like my size. My smile. My nose. Would you like for me to go on? Because believe me, I can! one of the best things about photography for me has been the lessons it teaches me. I have learned the importance of documentation. As much as I HATE looking at images of myself, as much as I HATE being in front of the camera, even if it is only me taking those photos, I understand that if I do not document myself, a day will come when I will regret it. It makes me feel vain. silly. yup, self-centered. But I am forcing myself to do it. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that every month I would take a self portrait. I have slacked on that promise. It is not as easy as you would think, to take your own photo! It gets tricky and frustrating, and half the time, I simply don't feel like making the effort.

This is me, now.

07-04-09 sp-13-WEB 

plaid is my favorite color. my life is currently complicated. smiles do not come easy.

07-04-09 sp-17-WEB 

07-04-09 sp-26-WEB 

I hate my smile. I am supposed to wear glasses…and rarely do. my cheekbones are making a grand re-entrance onto my face.

07-04-09 sp-27-WEB 

I have a difficult time keeping my emotions off of my face. I roll my eyes too often. I plague myself with what-if's.

07-04-09 sp-25-WEB 

I am trying to learn to love this body I am in.

07-04-09 sp-28-WEB 

I am confused and complicated and moody. This is me right now. There are days that I like me and days that I don't. I am trying to make the days that I do happen more often.

July 2, 2009

I Won Something!!!

Can I preface this by saying that I never win anything?! (well, until today that is!)

I enter various contests and never win. I may get an honorabe mention, but I am never the winner. Until today 😀

I won! I won! I won!

It may not be exciting to anyone else that I am winning a custom bling collar, but I may pee my pants I am so excited. just sayin' 

July 1, 2009

I Slack, Therefore I Am

I am such a slacker when it comes to editing, and sharing, my personal photos. One day I will overcome this. if I ever get around to it.

I posted a couple of bee photos a while back, and just came across one more I wanted to share. I have been slacking in the sharing-of-"real"-photos department lately, so I figure a slacker photo is better than no photo at all 🙂