So there are three little ones that have threatened my reputation…they have threatened to reveal that there are munchkins that can melt my heart. These are two of them. They look so normal…but clearly they must be extraordinary for them to crack my exterior and get to the girl who doesn’t like kids too much~yeah, I am evil, don’t worry, I have heard it a gazillion times~These two awesome kids give me hope that there still are well-mannered children out there. They give me hope that there are still parents out there who have the most incredible skills. They give me hope that my heart is not completely ice cold ;)! When these kids come to visit…I hate to see them go. I miss them too much when they are gone. They have definitely put me under their spell! This is Max & Alyssa…………..

P5200808alt5x7web_1 P5200809alt25x7web

yeah…once again I cannot choose between BW and color, go figure!


you will notice that some of these pics have a different copyright mark on them…hubby took some (you really cannot expect me to stay out of the water for too long can you? it definitely overrules even my love for photography!) so hubby took some, but all the post-processing is me.



can you guess what is coming next ;)?!






I would love to share some pictures of their mom….but somehow that booger hid the whole day from the lens~got a great pic of their aunt…just need to get her permission and then I can share~~~~if only she kept in touch ;)!!!!!!!


2 Comments to “Hope”

  1. Who is number three? 🙂

  2. BW is Beautiful, New Camera Tomorrow it seems like it been a year.

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