Do you ever feel TIRED? Not just tired, but TIRED? You know the difference. When you feel like your eyes are spinning around, your head is pounding, you may have something really important to say, such as FIRE!!!!, but you are just too damn tired to open your mouth. You suddenly think it is socially acceptable to walk around dragging your feet, because really, lifting them up is sooo glorified. When someone is talking to you, and you can’t even remember to at least politely nod your head and insert the appropriate ahas and I sees even though you have no idea what they are babbling about. When going pee feels like a nuscience. Well that is how I feel today. It is kinda sad when you look at the contents of the shredder bag at work and think to yourself that would make one hell of a pillow.  The worst part of it…I have no reason. Nope. I am just TIRED. However, I did take the time to get some pictures out there for you…boy am I nice! Lots of the ladies at the photog message board I frequent do Photos of the Day…I am waaaay to much of a procrastinator for that, but I am going to at least shoot for Photo Every Third Day…what do you think? Can I do it?!


and since I can never decideCdp8282767alt25x72p_1 P6180880alt4x62p

this is an iguana out on boca grande (my second most favorite place…yup, if you don’t know what the #1 place is, well…you don’t really know me!) Whenever we go out there we search for these guys. On this particular day it wasn’t very difficult~they were everywhere.


some people have baby toys laying around their houses…this is what is on our floors.


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