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August 3, 2012

Oh, hi there!

Oh hi! Did you think I spontaneously combusted? Or was kidnapped? Or ran away from home and joined the circus?

All totally acceptable conclusions to make, considering the silence.

Nothing so exciting though. Really…I find I hate sitting at the computer anymore. I mean, I sit at it. But I accomplish NOTHING. I stare at status updates. Boards. Emails. Hours are stolen. Nothing has been done. And the guilt sets in. And then I go do something productive really quickly and pretend like I have been at it all day, and that is really where all my time went. Not to that glowing screen.

But I’m here. Alive and relatively well. I have been wallowing in a shallow little hole, mourning my summer fun. Pitiful, isn’t it?!

Summer, for me, begins and ends with the Dave Matthews Band tour. May sound crazy to you, but not to me. And so my trip to Indy is my first day of summer. And whatever my final concert happens to be, that is usally my last day of summer. And then I have the joy of knowing that next year, I get to do it all over again. Only, this year, a thief ran up behind me while I was happily walking down the street and snatched my summer greatness right out of my arms and stole it for a WHOLE YEAR! I chased after the thief. I pumped my legs as hard as I could, I yelled for help, but he got away.

I start school in three weeks (!) and with school comes some drastic changes to my life. I know I should be traumatized by some other, more important, changes but in all honesty, it makes me shudder to think next summer I will not be going to concerts. When I say goodbye to my friend, we always know when our next hello will be. Always. And this time, we do not. I don’t like that. It feels weird. And a little scary.

And so that is where I have been. It has been a bit of a whirlwind summer for me. And now it is over and I am preparing this big change and the rearranging of my life for this school thing. It’s all a little scary and exciting.

And because I never post pictures anymore, I thought I would throw a curveball at you….

my boy ♥


January 27, 2012


Happy Birthday to my most favorite first dog ever!

I wanted a big dog. I wanted a female. I desperately just wanted a dog to call my own. Koda did not match my list of wants at all.

It’s a complicated story of how we got Koda. And really, it doesn’t matter. At 7 weeks old, Koda arrived at my house in a basket. It was my birthday. It was the end of the day. I thought I had at least another week to prepare for a puppy. And then Koda arrived in a basket. And I fell in love. And I didn’t care that he was not big. Or that he was not a she. I loved him.

We call Koda the radar dog, because he flies under the radar in this house. The girls have a tendancy to outshine him with their cuteness. He sort of despises cuddling. He is incredibly aloof and at times quite distant. He can be moody and grouchy and pretty much the most stubborn creature I have encountered. But then out of nowhere he will hit you with his cuteness. He will tell you he needs some snuggle time. He is, out of all the dogs, the one that everyone claims as their favorite after they meet him.

He is a lhasa apso. He is not a big dog. He likes to bark. He was not socialized. He loves to chew his feet and prance when on leash. His favorite food is toilet paper. His face is crooked and he is missing a tooth. We are waiting for the day that his groomer tells us he is no longer welcome on her table. He goes by multiple names and happens to adore his owl sweater. He now limps and makes popping noises when he walks. He is a lhasa apso and he is not a big dog and he is all mine and I love him and he is eleven years old today.

November 19, 2011


I forget that Koda is going to be 11 years old in just a few short months. He is forever a young dog in my mind…until he gets sick. Or more recently, tears a ligament. And guess what….then tears another one. Then I am rudely reminded that my boy is getting old 😦

He was recovering exceptionally well from his knee surgery. Too well actually. He was using his bad leg far more than I, or the vet, was comfortable with. But then, after two weeks, he simply stopped using it. I was terrified that he “broke” his surgery from over-doing it. I made an appointment to visit the vet on Friday morning. And on Friday morning, while hanging out outside, my boy did the unthinkable. He tore the ligament on his OTHER leg. Really.

To the vet we went…good news= he did NOT ruin the surgery. I am still not 100% sure I understand why he’s not using the leg suddenly, but I think it has to do with overdoing it and having underlying issues with the leg due to age and wear and tear. The bad news = the other leg definitely needs surgery too.

SO…do you know what all this means? This means I have a dog that is unable to use either back leg. On top of that, he is SO stubborn….so the make-shift sling I made for him? Yeahhhhhh, not going so well.

But in case you were worried, he still manages to use his legs for stuff other than walking….

itch itch itch!!!

October 31, 2011

boring post

It seems that the blog has been a bit boring lately. The thing is…life has been relatively boring. The camera has been collecting dust. There hasn’t been much to say. But I don’t like seeing all those cobwebs up in the corners of this blog, so for the sake of blogging about something, anything, I present to you…my pitiful pup….

sad, right?!

It all started with an attempted attack on a passerby last Sunday.

Ok. He didn’t actually try to attack anyone. I mean, he wanted to. I think. Because he’s tough like that. But no, no attacks from this dog. Just some running. And barking. Ok, so I guess it does sort of sound like an attempted attack, but really it was just tough guy bravado. I think. Anyways. Running. Barking. A little sister jumping on his back. I know, random. But that is what she does.

And then he was a three-legged dog. Just like that. No crying. No wimpering. Simply, he suddenly stopped using the leg. I felt it and heard a slight snap. I though he must have dislocated it. I thought he would baby it for a bit, then be fine.

I thought wrong. By bedtime he was still rocking the three legs.

So on Monday I have the hubster bring him to the vets. Obviously, because I am a medical doctor and all, I prepared hubby for what would happen: Don’t worry, it will take two seconds. He’ll feel his leg, and then POP! He’ll pop his knee back in place and voila! All will be well in the world.

He called me after the visit.

Hey, I’m back with Koda.
How did it go? Did they pop the knee back in?
No, he is scheduled for surgery on Friday morning.
Seriously, they just popped the knee back in right? I was so right. You can just call me Dr. Wife for now on if you would like.
You’re not listening to me, he has surgery on Friday.

So he had surgery on Friday morning. Apparently he tore a tendon. Apparently this is slightly normal. Apparently, I suck at making doggy diagnoses.

This was post surgery on the way home.

While he was under the knife, we had some cosmetic surgery done on him as well. He got a little eyebrow lift.

I’m joking, I’m joking. We had them remove a cyst that has been growing over his eye. Now he looks like he is ready for Halloween, huh?!

Yesterday we removed the bandages….and relegated him to cone-of-shame status 😦

And there you have it.

I know….you envy my life. It’s ok, most people do. It’s not easy being this exciting.

August 4, 2011

lazy days

last weekend we had a lazy afternoon in the yard.

Koda enjoys lazy. Koda is good at lazy.