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September 8, 2014

well *that* took a while!

I am a sloooow crafter. I mean, really slow. I sheepishly look at photos on Instagram that start in the morning with some fabric cut out and end in the evening with an entire quilt top done. DONE! In one day. That just seems absurd in my world. I don’t know if the procrastinator in me would allow such a silly thing to happen. No. I need months. And in this case, years, so finish my projects. Thankyouverymuch.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

This quilt took me longer than any other project. In my humble defense, when I began it I was in school full time, as well as working, as well as, well….coming close to losing my mind! This project had a lot of starts and stops. I was nervous because technically this was my first gift quilt. And it was for my mom. And really people? I have No. Clue. what I am doing with this quilt stuff! No pressure. None at all. And honestly? I had a love/hate relationship with the color scheme. I still sort of do. But the pattern. The pattern! *swoon* It is so perfect for my mom, who is such a beach bum. On one of her visits I gave her a couple fabric options, and she immediately gravitated to this Heather Ross collection. And so a quilt was born.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

This has become the largest quilt I have made to date. It fits the top of a queen size perfectly. I love the mermaids in this collection so I decided to use them in each corner, as well as in my tag.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

While I was binding this beast I had a vomit-inducing moment when I happened to flip one section over….only to see that when I had machine-sewn the binding to the front of the quilt the binding did not completely cover the fabric. Basically…I had a hole. A hole. In my mom’s quilt. WHAT DO I DO?! Did I mention that I have no clue what the hell I am doing with this craft? That I fly by the seat of my pants each time I sit down at the machine *ahem* hence the hole *ahem* SO. Do I rip out 300+ inches of binding? Hmmmm. Ummmmm. NO. Do I did the best I could and made a little patch. I think it came out pretty good. Insert pat on back HERE.

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

In the end, I’m pretty happy with this quilt. And today it is supposed to arrive at it’s rightful owner. I am biting my nails waiting to hear what she thinks!

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography

A secret about each quilt I make…when I am assembling the quilt sandwich (backing + batting + quilt top) I tuck a small piece of fabric from my own baby quilt, that was hand sewn for me *cough* thirty-some-odd years ago *cough* inside the sandwich. It is not something that you can physically see in my quilts. And I like it that way. It is my little special secret. I like to think that my Bucki would be incredibly proud of me that I picked up our family tradition of sewing, and it is my way of honoring her. And so for my mom’s quilt I wanted to take it a step further and see if I could get her to let go of the only shred of fabric she had of my brother’s baby quilt. He passed when we were teenagers, and all of these years she has carried with her through various moves this one small shred of his red and blue plaid baby blanket that Bucki has sewn for him.

When I sent my fabric bit along with my brother’s to the quilter, I was secretly terrified. How would I even know if she actually had sewn these important little bits into my quilt? When the quilt was returned to me she had pinned each spot, and included a note letting me know that when I hold the quilt up to the light I would be able to see my and my brother’s fabric. And sure enough. There. They. Were. goosebump moment. I added actual safety pins and ribbon to make sure there would be no missing these spots when it arrives at my mom’s.  Knowing her, the safety pins will stay in that quilt ♥

Quilt | Handmade | Heather Ross Mendocino | Kulik Photography



79 x 72 “Shirley Sells Seashells”

Fabric: Mendocino by Heather Ross for Free Spirit

Backing: Kona Cotton Azure & White

Binding: Squared Elements in Mandarin for Art Gallery Fabrics

Quilted by: Kathy Olkowski Stitch by Stitch