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September 4, 2014

day 7 {the vacation chronicles}

The post otherwise known as This Girl Knows How to Stretch a Vacation Out!

Alright, sure, it’s been a year already. What can I say? I have a natural aversion to the computer. I admit it. I hate sitting at it. I have very poor time management skills, so while my intentions are to sit down to write a blog post, the reality is that three hours later I walk away from the computer with no blog post in sight and my brain slightly mushy from whatever it is I just wasted all that time on. But really, these photos keep knocking on the screen of my computer. Let us out! Let us out! It’s dark and dusty in here. I need to give them some fresh air, don’t I?

*also, I should point out that in my defense, this post was done a whiiiiile ago. And then this silly little blog was all “oh, you want to add photos to your photo blog? Well isn’t that sweet. NO.” And then we stopped speaking for quite some time. But my silent treatment worked, and it sent me flowers and promised to treat me with the respect I deserve.

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Day 7 was one of those lovely leisurely vacation days. Our friends met us for breakfast before we checked out of the resort, and while we enjoyed our food we were visited by the many beautiful birds of the country.

Bird | Costa Rica | Vacation Photos | Nature Photos | Bird | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Photographer

We have pined over the masks made in Costa Rica for quite some time and we were absolutely thrilled to find out that there was a man selling them roadside not too far away. You can find these masks throughout the country, but upon closer inspection you will realize many of them are not up to standard. We stumbled upon them in a few shops and after a quick moment of excitement we would realize that these were not the masks that we were willing to spend money on. I admit, hearing that there was a man selling them on the side of the road did not immediately give me hope that these were going to be the masks. But who knows? And guess what? These masks? These were the ones! While avoiding getting smooshed on the side of a busy road, we stared and stared, before finally making a selection and finally finally being able to say we were the proud owners of a boruca mask! Here’s Henry wrapping up our proud new purchase…

Costa Rica | Boruca Mask | Vacation Photos | Kulik Photography

We later went back to our friends’ house in the country, where we hung our with their neighbor’s dog, wandered around the property, and just had a perfect, relaxing day.

We spotted this toucan in the backyard. I mean. A toucan. In. The. Backyard.

Costa Rica | Chestnut Tucan | Vacation | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Phot

Costa Rica | Vacation | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Phot

I spent a lot of time chasing these bats on their porch. The bats are stealthy suckers. Imagine that! It was kind of like trying to lick your own ear. Go on. Try it.

Costa Rica | Vacation | Kulik Photography | SW Florida Phot

This is Stinky. He was the perfect fix for my missing daily interactions with dogs. He belonged to someone else…but that’s the thing about Costa Rican dogs. They do what they want. 🙂 And he wanted to spend time with the gringos. And so that is what he did.

Costa Rica | Vacation | Costa Rican Dog | Kulik Photography

We wandered the property with Stinky, and boy do Costa Rican dogs know how to live large. There are no rules. No frilly living for these guys! It is hard to get used to, coming from a country where our pups are pampered to a sometimes ridiculous degree. But it was refreshing to watch….even if some of his antics did make us lose our breath for a moment!

Costa Rica | Costa Rican Dog | Kulik Photography

And just because this one makes me giggle…when you live in the country you sometimes have to find juuuuust the right spot for the internet 🙂

Costa Rica | Vacation | Kulik Photography