the obligatory post

First of all…can we ignore that little 2 month hiatus??? I am going to go with the idea that I really, really adored day 6, so I wanted to soak in it for a bit. That sounds good, right? And really, it’s pretty true. There was something about that day that will bring me warmth for the rest of my days. I promise we will get back on track over here soon. But in the meantime, we need the obligatory new year’s post, don’t you think?

I was actually feeling kind of down about this past year. I was reading other people’s posts and seeing all they have accomplished in this past year (because didn’t you know the healthiest thing you can do is compare yourself to others???) and I lamented to my husband that I had accomplished not one thing in this year. He stared at me for an uncomfortable period of time before plainly saying “What are you talking about? You barely had time to take a shit this year, you were so busy.” That. That right there people, is why I love him 🙂 Then he got up and made a very short, but very important list.

+ I passed my national certification for surgical technology.
+ I was promoted at my job.

Boom…right there are two pretty big accomplishments. The longer I sat on it, the more I realized that I did accomplish a lot in this past year;

+ I completed a year of hellish schooling, passed my national certification, and began a brand new career.
+ I began a brand new career….only to discover that that was not where my heart belonged. I was very fortunate to be presented with an opportunity to remain at my original job, which has always been where my heart lies, and is where I am now.
+ I bought myself a Brand. New. Car. This is very exciting. I am insanely proud of how hard I have worked to become financially responsible, and all of that paid off when I was able to buy myself a brand spanking new car, all on my own. ♥
+ A broken relationship has been mended, and my heart is so much fuller because of it.
+ I went through a crazy hair crisis journey (so vain, right?!). A simple hair cut actually had a lot of unexpected side effects on my life, and I kind of like where it has brought me. (blog post on that some other day, promise!)
+ In celebration of graduation we took a dream trip to Costa Rica and had the time of our lives.

And that is my year. The year that I at first thought contained nothing important. It was actually a pretty important year. So what does 2014 have in store? I’m not sure. I am hopeful for this year though. I started making a list, and had decided that this year instead of just choosing one word it would be a multiple word kind of year. And then when I sat down at my computer to create something with my list, one word slapped me in the face. More.

MORE 2014

My entire list consisted of things I wanted more of. Not in a greedy GIMME! kind of way. Just more. Well ok…maybe a little bit in a greedy way 🙂

Patience. I need to work on being a more patient person. With the world around me. With myself.

Music. My world, and my peace of mind, revolves around music. I want more music. More concerts.

Love {self}.  I need to love more. I don’t love well. I abuse it and don’t tend to it the way I should. I have a difficult time showing it to others, and an even more difficult time showing it to myself.

Craft. I have been learning (very slowly) to quilt over the past few years. This year I want to focus much more strongly on this craft. I also have vowed to learn to knit. Which, to date, has only resulted in me throwing knitting needles across the room. What was that I said about patience????

Friendship. Tough truth? I don’t do friendship very well. I am very difficult to maintain a relationship with. I am antisocial, hate the phone, have a thousand excuses why I need to stay home/not call/see you next time. I want to nurture my friendships this year. I have two incredible besties, and I don’t give them the time and attention that they deserve. I want to improve on that in this year.

Health. Would getting skinnier be great? Absolutely! But I have learned over the years. That is a silly thing to strive for. This year I have (quite slowly) been working towards a healthier me. I totally still do damage to cupcakes, but I have been working on creating a stronger body, and as you work on that I find it effects all sorts of other aspects in your life. So I will aim for health. and strength.

BOWA. This year, I will stop wishing for what is on the other side. I will stop pining for what I don’t have. I will start making the Best Of What’s Around. This might be the most important thing on this list. This effects me in so many ways. And it frustrates me. And yet I continue to live my life in the same way. There is a Dave Matthews Band Lyric that sums me up perfectly: What I want is what I’ve not got, What I need is all around me. I want to start appreciating what I do have, and finding peace in that. This will be my loftiest of goals. You cannot change a lifetime of behavior in one year…but you have to start somewhere. And the first step is hardest of all. (*Can I just do a little tap dance over all the Dave references I just poured all over this one?!)

I hope this year brings you all that you strive for. And if it doesn’t, I hope you are able to make the best of what’s around! ♥


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