waking up in Costa Rica…

…I mean, ok, we are on day 3 already. Clearly on day 2 we woke up in Costa Rica too, but not really. We woke up in Heredia, which is on the outskirts of San Jose, which while sure, teeeeeeeechnically it is Costa Rica. It isn’t really Costa Rica. I mean, it’s a hotel on a city street. I woke up to the sounds of people in the hallway. And the air conditioner that, clearly, this foreigner had no clue how to work, because it might have been snowing in our room. No…waking up in the Country Inns and Suites is not the same as waking up in El Ferry, Costa Rica.

We arrived at the house late the night before. We couldn’t see much because, well, we were in the country. You forget how dark the world really is at night, until you go out into the country, where city lights don’t litter the sky. No, we didn’t see much. But we did see the Milky Way. And what I thought were light bugs but were actually some sort of beetle that lights up. So if that is all I got to see, I’ll take it. We also saw that we would not have air conditioning. As an a spoiled American, I’m not going to lie, this was slightly traumatizing for a brief moment. I mean, it was HOT. Like, Florida hot. With no air conditioning. But I am on an adventure and I am in Costa Rica and if that means I am going to sleep with no blankets and all the windows open, then let’s do it! I also got to sleep under mosquito netting. And not because it looks pretty and added to the effect. No. I got to sleep under mosquito netting so I wasn’t accosted by insects in my sleep. I feel like this should have creeped me out, but it really didn’t. I’M ON AN ADVENTURE!!!

So we were informed that since the windows are open, we should expect some noises that might be slightly foreign to us. There is a small group of bats that live under the roof of their patio that surrounds the house. We should expect to hear them return in the morning. There is a chicken house across the street, so we should expect to hear the roosters first thing. Oh, and don’t panic when you hear the howler monkeys. Howler monkeys? I get to hear howler monkeys???? YES!!!!

And then, at what I can only guess was probably about 3 am or so, I heard the howler monkeys. And in my sweaty, sleepy fog I felt like a 5 year old who really wanted to run into her parents bedroom and hide under their blankets. These didn’t sound like happy little monkeys swinging around in the trees. Clearly, there was a colony of DINOSAURS out there just waiting to come and drag me out of bed. I had never heard anything like it. It was so prehistoric sounding. That first night, it frightened me. But every night, and morning, after that, I woke up with a smile on my face when I heard them. Most of the world wakes up to the annoying beep beep beep of an alarm, and here I was waking up to birds that might as well have been fake for how foreign they sounded to me, and persistent roosters, AND HOWLER MONKEYS.

I present to you…my alarm clock:

Nothing to see…just the sounds that we woke up to every morning in Costa Rica


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