it feeds my soul

Without music life would be a mistake.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

GOTR | Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of theRoad | St. Augustine Stopover

Most people think I go to concerts because, well, I like to go to concerts. Wanna know a secret? I hate concerts. Like, I efffffffffffing haaaaaate them. I hate crowds. With a passion. They push my anxiety button and don’t let up.

But music? It feeds my soul. Some people go to church. I listen to music. I have pages and pages of song lyrics written down that grab my soul and shake it up. I have to really (REALLY) like a band to want to endure hours of anxiety…and so there are a very few that I stalk, waiting for them to come near, so I can pounce. And so, when back in February tickets went on sale for Mumford & Sons, this girl pounced. Their first time ever in Florida? This girl POUNCED!

So, the girl that despises concerts bought tickets for a music festival for this past weekend.. HA! That went over well. I spent approximately 5.3 minutes on the field on Friday before I declared boredom and headed home. And then, almost kicking and screaming, I re-entered a crowded field of people the following day to see the band that I have been smitten with for years. I declared boredom once again. And then aggravation knowing that the only other band I wanted to see had cancelled. And then John Fogerty came on stage as a replacement (sigh…come ON you silly young peeps! Nothing? Nada? Creedence Clearwater Revival? No? Fine…go Wikipedia it…I’ll wait….). Then I was a happy girl. This was WAY better than the band I was hoping to see! However, I was still hot, tired, and daydreaming about how nice the hot tub back at the hotel would feel on my weary feet and achy knees.

And then. AND THEN. Mumford & Sons took to the stage. And this moment right here, this is the reason that I spend the money, that I endure the anxiety. Because then the music starts. And the crowd comes together as one incredible energy source. And I have a moment. Every time. I have a moment where I am overwhelmed. I can feel it from deep within. If I allowed it out, I would probably be the girl in the middle of the crowd sobbing. This moment here. This is my religious moment. Some people go to church. I listen to music.

*and for the record? They sound AH-mazzzzzing! I mean, mind-blowing, holy shit, ah-mazzzzzing. I mean, the BEST sounding live band I have ever EVER heard. {gasp} don’t tell Dave I just said that, k?


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