Oh, hi there!

Oh hi! Did you think I spontaneously combusted? Or was kidnapped? Or ran away from home and joined the circus?

All totally acceptable conclusions to make, considering the silence.

Nothing so exciting though. Really…I find I hate sitting at the computer anymore. I mean, I sit at it. But I accomplish NOTHING. I stare at status updates. Boards. Emails. Hours are stolen. Nothing has been done. And the guilt sets in. And then I go do something productive really quickly and pretend like I have been at it all day, and that is really where all my time went. Not to that glowing screen.

But I’m here. Alive and relatively well. I have been wallowing in a shallow little hole, mourning my summer fun. Pitiful, isn’t it?!

Summer, for me, begins and ends with the Dave Matthews Band tour. May sound crazy to you, but not to me. And so my trip to Indy is my first day of summer. And whatever my final concert happens to be, that is usally my last day of summer. And then I have the joy of knowing that next year, I get to do it all over again. Only, this year, a thief ran up behind me while I was happily walking down the street and snatched my summer greatness right out of my arms and stole it for a WHOLE YEAR! I chased after the thief. I pumped my legs as hard as I could, I yelled for help, but he got away.

I start school in three weeks (!) and with school comes some drastic changes to my life. I know I should be traumatized by some other, more important, changes but in all honesty, it makes me shudder to think next summer I will not be going to concerts. When I say goodbye to my friend, we always know when our next hello will be. Always. And this time, we do not. I don’t like that. It feels weird. And a little scary.

And so that is where I have been. It has been a bit of a whirlwind summer for me. And now it is over and I am preparing this big change and the rearranging of my life for this school thing. It’s all a little scary and exciting.

And because I never post pictures anymore, I thought I would throw a curveball at you….

my boy ♥



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