pug overload

I have issues with decision making. When I go to buy deodorant, I stand in the aisle staring at all my options for an embarassingly long amount of time. I am sure the security cameras are staring at me, trying to figure out when I will make my move to steal some Secret. And then, I grab the deodorant that I buy every time. For the past five years. It is hard to even make a decision when there is no decision that needs to be made!

All that to say, this may be one of the reasons I hate editing so much 🙂 The decisions! What to show? What to cut? Oh the horror! And there are times when the anxiety of it all gets the best of me, and I just have to flood you with a stupid amout of photos. Why not make this post One-Of-Those-Posts?

Grab some water. Maybe a granola bar. We may be here a while…

It was her gotcha day. I wanted to celebrate. She loves whipped cream (don’t ask me how I know that, it has to do with frappes and theiving pugs and bad habits created…). I have a camera. And ideas. After my weekend in Miami I was filled with inspiration and some new tricks I wanted to try. And so we stepped out front for a quick little modeling session.

sigh. seriously? it’s my gotcha day, I don’t WANT to have my picture taken.

what’s that you say? you’ll feed me? OK!

geez, that sure looks good.


give me a moment please, I would like to savor this tastiness

nom nom nom

oh my pugness this is delish!

nom nom nom

wow that was GOOD!

oh my word! another one?! TAKE IT BEFORE SHE CHANGES HER MIND!

This. Is. So. Good.

nom nom nom I think I have something stuck in my teeth nom nom nom

But wait!!! There’s more! That was just our warm up session for the final prize!

Whipped cream………

please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it. please tell me I can take it.

what? WHAT? do I have something on my face???



One Comment to “pug overload”

  1. Nice little pup!!! Nice photos!

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